That’s right. Niall Horan of One Direction has released his first ever solo single – without warning! The blonde heartthrob has wowed listeners and melted Niallators’ (yeah that’s a thing now) hearts with his latest acoustic work of art.

This Town hears Niall’s stunning vocals over stripped-back guitar strings – similar to what we heard during One Direction’s track, Little Things. Call us crazy, but we think Niall’s new song has earmarks to the band’s beautiful love song.

It isn’t just the song that sounds eerily similar. Niall’s newest music video is literally part two for Little Things. I mean, here he is, strumming his guitar and singing into the mic, in black and white!

niall horan this town

Are we hearing things? Are we simply too hung up over One Direction? K’mon, we can’t be the only ones who think of Little Things when we hear This Town!

Listen to Little Things below:

How are we meant to get over One Direction’s break-up when Niall is releasing music that sounds exactly the same?!

That doesn’t stop us from loving it, though. This Town is undoubtedly beautiful. It’s great to hear Niall’s vocals shine. Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes better watch out. This song has potential!

The track was written by Niall himself alongside Jamie Scott, who wrote 1D’s hit Story of My Life. Niall has been signed by Capitol Records and he officially has an album on the way. EEK! Nevertheless, we have a feeling not all tracks on this album will be like Little Things This Town. Niall told Billboard that the album will feature more “rugged” songs as well.

Catch us crying listening to This Town all weekend. Excuse us as we cry ourselves a river…

Buy This Town:




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