Kylie Kyshadow: Best Dupes For Each Palette

kyshadow dupes

Got the best dupes for Kylie’s lipkitKylighters and blushes? Great! Now it’s time to treat yourself to Kyshadow alternatives!

Kylie Jenner can’t stop releasing new eyeshadow palettes, thrilling makeup lovers worldwide. The fashionista’s collection of stunning shades are to die-for.

Consider yourself a “chosen one” if you managed to get your hands on one of her products – Kylie’s cosmetics sell out SUPER fast. If you’re struggling to purchase Kylie’s eyeshadow palette, look no further than our list of Kyshadow dupes. There’s no need to stress about her next restock or breaking the bank, we’ve scanned stores for palettes with identical bronze, burgundy and peachy shades…

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The Bronze Palette 

kyshadow bronze palette

Anself Warm Eyeshadow Palette

As revealed in our Kylie facts post, she doesn’t actually like wearing makeup. But when she does, she likes going nude using a palette like this. Anself’s complete shade range guarantees to build the same look as Kylie’s Bronze Kyshadows. You’ll find various dupes for Bronzite, Topaz, Jasper and more!

anself warm eyeshadow palette

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The Burgundy Palette

kyshadow burgundy palette

BH Cosmetics Marble Collection Warm Stone Palette

Adore Kylie’s LA eye shadow? Love the New York shade? You can fill in your eyes with the equivalent shades BH Cosmetic’s palette offers. You’ll even find dupes for Dubai and Almond in there, too!

marble collection warm stone eyeshadow

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The Holiday Palette

holiday palette

Sleek Enchanted Forest Eyeshadow Palette

This might as well be Kylie’s Holiday Palette because the eye-shadows included are identical to hers! Who knew you needed Kylie Cosmetics to get beautiful shades like Gingerbread, Mittens and Nutcracker?!

sleek enchanted forest

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The Royal Peach Palette

kyshadow peach palette

UNKE Star Eyeshadow Palette

UNKE Star’s Eyeshadow Palette is a dead ringer for Kylie’s most colorful Kyshadow collection. You’re guaranteed dupes for Sandy, Queen Bee, Royal, and Mojito!

UNKE star Eyeshadow Palette

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Kylie’s Diary

kylie's diary kyshadow

De’Lanci Glitter and Warm Natural Palette

Make your eyes pop this Valentine’s Day with these beautiful pigments by De’Lanci. Love Me Not and Love Potion are two of Kylie’s standout shades and guess what? There are replicas for them in this palette!

delanci Glitter Warm Eye Shadow

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Take Me on Vacation Palette

Take me on Vacation

BH Cosmetics Supernova Baked Palette

Not only will this Vacation Palette dupe create infinite looks but it will also help you apply each shade with ease. It’s an ideal alternative for tones including Pina Colada, Island Girl and First Class!

BH Cosmetics Supernova Baked Palette

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I Want It All Palette

i want it all birthday palette

Tmalltide Professional Meet Matt(e) Palette

Pretty yourself up with Tmalltide’s Professional Meet Matt(e) Palette! This collection of shades is a dead-on dupe for Kylie’s beautiful Birthday palette. You’re guaranteed identical shades for Party Time, 1942 and Forever Young!

Tmalltide Meet Matte Palette

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The Purple Palette

the purple palette kylie

NYX Glitter Eyeshadow Palette

If you’re not looking to buy a large palette, then this one by NYX will do the job. Find alternatives for Trophy, a glittery version of Amethyst and Turning Violet in this stunning and sparkling eye shadow Palette!

NYX Glitter Eyeshadows Palette

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The Naughty Palette

naughty palette

Beauty Glazed Rose Gold Palette

Prefer being naughty this Christmas? Kylie’s Holiday Collection has the perfect eyeshadow palette that’ll suit your naughty needs. If you haven’t managed to get your hands on it, opt for this great replica by Beauty Glazed. There are identical dupes for shades like Ho Ho Ho and Jingle in there!

beauty glazed rose gold palette

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The Nice Palette

nice palette

Lumer Eyeshadow Palette

You can’t go wrong with Lumer’s eyeshadow palette! You’ll be giving Kylie’s Holiday Nice Palette a run for its money. Made up of perfect alternatives for shades including Gingersnap and Macaroon!

lumer palette

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The Blue Honey Palette 


DE’LANCI Nocturne Eyeshadow Palette

Love a mixture of shimmers and mattes? Kylie’s gorgeous palette features shades ideal for all skin tones and a complete, glamorous eye look. If you didn’t manage to get your hands (or shall we say “lids”) on her product, opt for this alternative by De’lanci.

delanci eyeshadow

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Calm Before the Storm

calm before the storm

Sleek i-Divine Mineral Based Palette

If you’re looking to create that ideal spring makeup trend, go ahead and get your hands on this palette by Sleek. With alternatives for Kylie’s Northern Light, Heaven Sent and Sunshine, this palette is cheap, convenient and totally pretty!

Sleek Mineral eyeshadow

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Eye of the Storm

eye of the storm

Maybelline The 24K Nudes Palette

If you’re more on the dark side, opt for this dupe for Kylie’s more sinister (but sexy) palette, Eye of the Storm. This collection by Maybelline will help you find the equivalent of Dream Catcher, Stargaze and more!

Maybelline The 24K Nudes Palette

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Kourt x Kylie Palettes

The Pink Set

kourtxkylie pink set

Etude House Orange Party Palette 

If Kourtney’s collaboration with Kylie have you desperate, look no further than this product by Etude House. With identical shades from The Pink Set, this adorable eye shadow palette is the perfect alternative to turn to this summer.

Etude House Orange Party

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The Green Set

kourtxkylie green set

L’Oréal Haute Hazel Palette

If blues and glitters tickle your fancy, you have the option to purchase this set by L’Oréal. The shades in this palette are the closest you’re going to find for a Green Set dupe.

L'Oréal Haute Hazel

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The Blue Set

kourtxkylie blue set

Physicians Formula Classic Nudes Palette

Kourtney loves a bit of glitter and gold. So does Physicians Formula! This set has identical dupes for shades including 1944, In the Reign, Bible and Calabasas!

Physicians Formula Classic Nudes

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Kris Eyeshadow Palette

kris eyeshadow palette

Ucanbe Glittering Cosmos Eyeshadow Palette

If you think Kris Jenner’s eye game is always on point, you can get your hands on this palette by Ucanbe which features similar shades to the Momager’s collection. The shades 10% and Gorgeous are already guaranteed!

Ucanbe Glittering Cosmos Palette

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The Sorta Sweet Palette

sorta sweet palette

Jacob & Eli Top Influencer Professional Palette

Kylie released the Sorta Sweet Palette to help bring out your eye color and define your eye shape with shades of browns, beiges and golds. Well, it looks like Jacob & Eli done it way before her because this palette is as good as the real thing!

Jacob & Eli palette

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The Summer Palette

summer palette kylie 18

Beauty Glazed Sunset Dust Palette

If you’re looking for a high-pigment, colorful, eyeshadow collection, check out this palette by Beauty Glazed. You’ll find hues in there that look a lot like Melon and Juicy from Kylie’s Summer Palette 2018!

Beauty Glazed Sunset Palette

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Birthday Eye Palette

kylie birthday palette 18

Shouhengda Starry Sky Palette

Discover this long-lasting eyeshadow collection which includes florescent colors of pinks and blues as well as sultry hot reds and oranges that’ll recreate looks from Kylie’s 21st Birthday Eye Palette.

Shouhengda starry sky palette

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Eat Cake

If you’re drooling over Kylie’s illuminating liquid eyeshadows, this dupe by jane iredale is the way to go. This product is a lot more affordable than Kylie Cosmetics’ Eat Cake and still offers the same timeless glittery pink effect.

eat cake kylie dupe

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Born to Sparkle

Were you Born to Sparkle but haven’t been able to grab the liquid eyeshasow by Kylie? It’s your lucky day because this glitzy and shiny metallic eye shadow by stila is a great possible dupe!

born sparkle kylie dupe

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Fine Wine

If you’re one to paint your eyes with vibrant colors, then we bet Fine Wine is on your wish list. We’ve managed to find a much more affordable dupe by stila which will deliver a purply glittery effect like no other.

fine wine kylie dupe

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Jordyn Palette 

jordyn palette

Pozilan Eyeshadow Palette

If you’ve always envied Jordyn’s eye game, now’s the time to get your hands on a dupe for her very own palette! This collection features shades that are ever so similar to the Kylie x Jordyn eyeshadow palette, you’ll be busy recreating their looks all day.

POZILAN palette

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Halloween 2018 Palette

halloween palette kylie

Ucanbe Vitality Palette

Get dark and down with this eye set that’s almost a doppelganger for Kylie’s Halloween 2018 palette. There are guaranteed replicas for Bat S**t Crazy and Hex on Your Ex in there!

ucanbe Vitality palette

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Witch and Famous Glitter Eyes

Paint your upper eye with this hot orange eyeshadow glitter and turn a few heads at the party! This product by e.l.f promises an intense shimmer and shine just like Kylie’s Witch and Famous delivers.

witch famous kylie dupe

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Hello Ghordeous Glitter Eyes

If you prefer a gold eye on your next night out, try out this perfect product by essence which is a great alternative for Kylie’s Halloween Glitter Eyes shade in Hello Ghordeous.

hello Ghordeous kylie dupe

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Chill Baby Palette

Chill baby palette

Bat Habit Aphrodite Eyeshadow Palette

Christmas and Chill by coloring your eyes with this multicolored palette. With warm chestnut colors of browns and reds, glittery pinks and pinks and matte shades to suit any look, this eyeshadow set is definitely the way forward this winter season.

Aphrodite Eyeshadow Palette

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Slay Bells

You’ll be the life and soul of the party if you’re wearing this eyeshadow! Make sure you’re shining from afar and looking hot as hell by blending this cute gold shade with some black eyeliner!

kylie slay bells dupe

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Get Kylie’s million dollar look by painting your eyelids with this super soft and creamy eyeshadow by L’Oreal. The creamy item looks just like Snowflake, we can promise you that!

kylie snowflake dupe

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Northern Lights

Kylie’s pink creme product from her Holiday Collection is gorgeous, but you’ll be shining brighter than any star this Christmas once applying this eyeshadow by Maybelline.

kylie northern lights dupe

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Roses are Red Glitter Eyes

Want something new to add to your makeup collection? Looking to spice up your eyeshadow game this Valentine’s? Kylie’s Roses are Red Glitter Eyes is a great option! If you didn’t manage to grab it, check out this similar alternative by Lime Crime!

roses are red kylie dupe

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The Valentine Palette

the valentine palette

Maybelline New York The Blushed Nudes

Kinda Classy, Pink Problems and Princess are certainly some of the best shades found in Kylie’s Valentine Palette. You can find replica shades in Maybelline’s Blush Nudes palette and even more to spice up your sexy look this Valentine’s!

Maybelline Blushed Nudes

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Koko Palette

koko palette

Beauty Glazed Blendable Eyeshadow Palette

Shimmer and shade your eyelids with a little bit of inspiration from Khloe Kardashian using a dupe for her eyeshadow palette with Kylie. Beauty Glazed’s palette is a great alternative for the Koko Palette and even includes similar colors to Always True and Must be True.

Beauty Glazed Blendable Eyeshadow Palette

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Under the Sea

under the sea palette

AFU High Pigmented Eyeshadow Palette

If you’re planning on looking like a pretty mermaid this summer, make sure you use this palette to shadow your eyes. It’s got similar glittery shades to Mermaid Mama and Can I Kelp You in there and warm matte hues to compliment any look under the sea.

AFU High Pigmented Eyeshadow Palette

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Ocean Child

Serve looks by wearing a shimmery gold eyeshadow like this one. Who says you have to splurge on Kylie’s Under the Sea item when you can grab a more affordable version like this?

ocean child kylie dupe

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Night Swim

Make your tan stand out even further with this bronze eye powder. You’ll be the talk of the beach if you’re wearing this dazzling product by Revlon!

night swim kylie dupe

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Deep Sea Dreams

Talk about perfectly pink! Kylie’s Shimmer Eye Glaze eyeshadows are straight out of summery heaven. This is the closest dupe to the pink creamy shade you’re going to get!

deep sea dreams kylie dupe

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Aqua Mama

Paint your eyes greener than seaweed with this glittery eyeshadow powder by Maybelline. This product promises a long-lasting wear and shine that will even make Kylie jealous!

aqua mama kylie dupe

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You’re so Money Baby Palette

you're so money baby palette

UCANBE Magic Spell Eyeshadow Palette

If Kylie’s You’re So Money Baby eyeshadow palette has you drooling for all those perfect pinks and purples, opt for this dupe by Ucanbe. It promises similar hues to the gorgeous On a Budget and Breaking Records!

UCANBE Magic Spell Eyeshadow Palette

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Balmain Palette

balmain palette

Prism Interstellar Palette

The Kylie x Balmain Palette is everything a fashionista dreams of. With its perfect matte and shimmery shades of purples, limes and pinks, this eyeshadow collection is gorgeous indeed. You can get similar looks using this palette by Prism Makeup!

prism interstellar palette

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Ulta Holiday Palette

kylie ulta holiday palette


Charmcode Ucanbe Glitter Pressed Pearls Palette

Kylie’s gorgeous palette, part of the Ulta Holiday Collection is as pretty, pink and pristine as it gets. You can find similar sultry rose, gold and bronze shades in this eyeshadow palette by Ucanbe, too!

Charmcode Ucanbe Glitter Pressed Pearls Palette

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Brown Sugar

Spread this eyeshadow across your lids and get that Brown Sugar look you’ve been after. It’s just as sweet and bronze-full as Kylie’s eye shimmer glaze.

brown sugar kylie dupe

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Coffee Bean

If you want to go as dark as a natural Coffee Bean, opt for this shimmery eyeshadow by Milani that’s a superb alternative to Kylie Cosmetics darkest eye glaze, yet.

coffee bean kylie dupe

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More Pie Please

Add a little pink and pearly sparkle to your makeup this winter using this item by Stila It’s the closest you’re going to get to Kylie’s product in More Pie Please.

More Pie Please kylie dupe

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Burnt Sienna

Although not completely identical to Burnt Sienna, this product by LA Splash is undeniably stunning and perfect for a similarly metallic crimson red hue.

Burnt Sienna kylie dupe

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Holiday Pressed Powder Palette 

holiday pressed powder palette

Beauty Glazed Perfect Mix Palette

Kylie’s eyeshadow palette from her 2019 Holiday Collection features gorgeous shades of reds, browns, and pinks – ideal for the winter season! Can’t get your hands on it? Try out this dupe by Beauty Glazed!

beauty glazed Perfect Mix palette

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Icy What You Mean 

This silvery and white shimmery hue is exactly what you need to make your eyes glisten under the mistletoe this Christmas. It looks just like Kylie’s Icy What You Mean, too!

icy what mean kylie dupe

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Stormi Mini Palette

stormi palette

Catkin Morandi Palette

Kylie released a palette dedicated and named after her very own baby girl, Stormi. Featuring stunning golds, purples, and pinks, this mini palette is the fashionista’s girliest collection, yet. If you never managed to buy the real thing, try out this dupe by Catkin!

Catkin Morandi Palette

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Kendall Pressed Powder Palette

Kendall Palette

Nuview Fall in Love Palette

If you’ve ever wanted eyes like Kendall, the palette from the Kendall x Kylie Collection will sort you out. But if many you haven’t been able to get your hands on the real thing from Kylie Cosmetics, try out this dupe by Nuview which has similar shades!

fall in love nuview palette

Buy the Palette

Sailor Palette

sailor kylie palette

Wet n Wild Color Icon Palette

Kylie’s Sailor Collection eye shadow palette truly has some tempting, enticing shades. From Got the Blues to Don’t be Salty, you can find similar hues to powder up your eyes in this gorgeous collection by wet n wild.

wet n wild Color icon palette

Buy the Palette

Born to Be Wild Shadow Stick

Grab this gorgeous eyeshadow stick by NYX and truly nail that same shimmer and shine as Kylie’s shadow stick, Born to Be Wild.

born be wild kylie dupes

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Catch Me If You Can Shadow Stick

It sure is hard to catch Kylie’s cosmetics when anyone and everyone wants a piece! If you’ve struggled to nab her gold shadow stick, try out this one by Maybelline!

catch me can kylie dupes

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On The Wild Side Powder Palette 

wild side powder palette kylie

NYX Warm Neutrals Palette

A stunning palette with wild shades that will make any makeup lover swoon. With identical shades for Feline Fine, Golden Speed and more, this collection is the closest you’re going to get for a dupe.

nyx warm neutrals palette

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Lil Grinch Shimmer Eye Glaze

Kylie’s aqua green shimmer eye glaze from her KYLIE X GRINCH collection is everything your makeup look needs this Christmas. If you can’t get your hands on this holiday item, then try out this brand by Giselle Cosmetics which provides a similar lime hue.

lil grinch kylie dupe

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Stealing Christmas Shimmer Eye Glaze

This deliciously gold shade is the definition of the Christmas spirit. Paint your eyes a golden hue for the festive season using this product by Giselle Cosmetics which is almost identical to the Grinch Collection’s item, Stealing Christmas.

stealing christmas kylie dupe

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Kylie x The Grinch Palette 

kylie grinch paletteL.A. Colors Sweet Palette

When Kylie and the Grinch come together, these are the wonderful colors you get. We’ve found this alternative eyeshadow collection by L.A. Colors which may not be super identical to Kylie’s holiday palette, but it surely features a few similar hues like Dah Who Doraze and Stocking Full of Coal.

L.A. Colors sweet palette

Buy the Palette

24K Birthday Collection Palette

O.TWO.O Basic Makeup Palette

Kylie dropped this magnificent collection of 24 shades for her – you guessed it – 24th birthday. And boy did she impress! With shimmering hues of golds, greens and browns, there’s no better palette to use for the autumn months. Lucky for you, we’ve found a much more affordable dupe on Amazon!

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A Nightmare on Elm Street Palette

Go To Palette

If you want your Halloween makeup to look just as divine as Kylie’s, try out this palette which treats you to different moody yet stunning colors. You’ll find dupes for Bad Dream, Stay Up Late and Dream Demon in there!

Buy the Palette

Valentine’s Pressed Powder Palette

valentines pressed powder palette

Tinktark Peach Please Palette

Love will certainly be in the air if you’re wearing these shades by Tintark. With colors in there that resemble 4Ever & Ever and Can’t Compete from Kylie’s Valentine’s Pressed Powder Palette, you won’t think twice about getting your hands on this collection.

TINTARK Peach Please

Buy the Palette

Kendall Pressed Powder Palette

kendall powder palette

Profusion Cosmetics Professional Artistry Pro Palette

Replicate Kendall’s most prettiest looks with this powder palette by Profusion Cosmetics. It’s got all the lavender, rosy and creamy shades to match Kylie’s latest Kendall Pressed Powder Palette!

Profusion Cosmetics Professional Artistry Pro Palette

Buy the Palette

Stassie x Kylie Palette

stassie x kylie palette

Urban Decay Naked Cyber Palette

These bubblegum shades are everything a girl (or guy) could want. You can find similar mattes and shimmers in this Cyber collection by Urban Decay. There are dupes in there to match Stassie and Kylie’s ‘Gemini’, ‘Blondie Baby’ and more in there!

Urban decay cyber palette

Buy the Palette

Mauve Pressed Powder Palette

mauve powder palette

Urban Decay Naked3 Palette 

It doesn’t get prettier than this collection of eyeshadows. Kylie Cosmetics’ Mauve Palette is certainly a treat for the eye, but this set by Urban Decay is just as sweet and sexy, too.

Urban Decay Naked3 Palette

Buy the Palette

Bronze Pressed Powder Palette

bronze pressed powder palette

Urban Decay Naked Reloaded Palette

Urban Decay do it again! You can always rely on this brand to deliver the goods! Their Reloaded Palette is a fantastic dupe for Kylie’s Bronze Pressed Powder Palette and in addition, has an extra bunch of shades in there, too!

Urban Decay Naked Reloaded Palette

Buy the Palette

Always In Szn

This liquid eyeshadow by Rimmel is the closest thing you’re going to get to Kylie’s ‘Always In Szn’ matte liquid eyeshadow. Equally and deliciously brown in hue, this soft cosmetic will bring out every shade of hazel in you.

always in szn kylie cosmetics dupe

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It’s Her World

Kylie’s pinkiest matte liquid eyeshadow is certainly her world. If you’re looking for a similar dupe, this product by Wet n Wild might just do the job. Rosy and vibrant, soft and matte, get your hands on this alternative for Kylie Cosmetics’ eyeshadow today!

its her world kylie cosmetics dupe

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It won’t be long until Kylie Jenner releases her next batch of eyeshadows. We can’t wait to tempt you with more dupes! For now, check out our list of the best Kylie merch!



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