20 Stranger Things T-Shirts for Obsessed Fans

stranger things t-shirts

Stranger Things episodes fly right by don’t they? While you sit and (not so) patiently wait for more of the original Netflix series, why not get your hands on some awesome merchandise or clothing dedicated to the show?

Whether you want to show-off your love for Eleven or keep Barb in your thoughts, we’ve gathered a list of 20 Stranger Things t-shirts that will do the job…

Check the stock for male or female versions of the shirts – they’re bound to have!

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1. Demogorgon T-Shirt

Tell the world that you’re a fan of the show with this bright and bold t-shirt. Featuring a brilliant illustration of the famous foursome as well as the show’s menacing Demogorgon monster, this top is ideal for any fan…

stranger Demogorgon shirt

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2. Friends Don’t Lie T-Shirt

Everyone has a friend who they hope is loyal and truthful, right? If this quote from Stranger Things means anything to you, nab this t-shirt! What’s more? It’s got an image of Eleven imprinted on it, too!

friends dont lie t-shirt

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3. Upside Down T-Shirt

Did you dare to visit the Upside Down? Wear your souvenir loud and proud! At least you never left the other dimension with a slug down your throat! We bet Will wishes he could say the same…

went to the upside down tshirt

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4. Stranger Things T-Shirt

Bearing the show’s signature title and iconic characters, your love for the Netflix series couldn’t be more obvious if you’re donning this fantastic t-shirt.

stranger things t-shirt

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5. What About Barb T-Shirt

Never forget about Barb! Remind fans of the show to always keep her in their hearts by wearing this t-shirt. Here’s to hoping we’ll see her in another dimension season!

barb stranger things

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6. Eleven’s Eggos T-Shirt

Not only is this top a tribute to the show’s standout character but also to Eleven’s favorite snack – Eggos! This shirt is perfect for those who like to snack on the yummy toasty treats!

eleven eggos shirt

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7. Hawkins Van T-Shirt

Remember this scene from the first series? Relive that epic moment from season one of the Netflix show over and over again with this awesome t-shirt. It’s a scene from Stranger Things we’ll never forget!

stranger things top

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8. Eleven & E.T Mashup T-Shirt

Did you spot all of those E.T references in Stranger Things? There’s even a t-shirt that blends the two together! Hands up if you’d like to see an Eleven and E.T spin-off show! As mentioned in our facts list, Eleven was indeed inspired by the infamous extra terrestrial…

stranger things et shirt

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9. Stranger Things Eleven T-Shirt

If you’re obsessed with Eleven, this t-shirt dedicated solely to her should be yours! This was certainly one of the star’s finest and most badass moments. Relive the epic season two scene by owning this clothing!

bitchin stranger things shirt

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10. Squad Goals T-Shirt

Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will have given us major #squadgoals. Even if you’ve passed your teenage years, this fivesome is still an inspiration!

squad goals stranger things

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11. Stranger Things Graphic T-Shirt

If this artwork impresses you, consider wearing it by owning this shirt! It features a stunning and graphical illustration of all the characters, ready for action…

stranger things cool t-shirt

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12. Christmas T-Shirt

Get into the Christmas spirit with a little inspiration from Stranger Things! You’ll be the talk of the Christmas dinner table this year if you’re wearing this top!

stranger things xmas shirt

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13. Be an Eleven T-Shirt

In a world full of tens, be an Eleven! Elle may be a fictional character but that doesn’t mean she can’t inspire you! This world is full of tens anyway!

world of tens be eleven

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14. Stranger Things Dustin T-Shirt

If you trust in Dustin, get your hands on this t-shirt! He stole the show and now it’s time for you to steal the spotlight at your next social gathering. Every Dustin fan will have their eyes on you!

in dustin we trust

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15. Hawkins Middle School T-Shirt

Wish you could go to Hawkins Middle School just like Mike, Will, Dustin and Lucas? This t-shirt will make you feel like you attend the same school as your favorite characters!

hawkins stranger things shirt

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16. Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Eleven & Will Shirt

Only Stranger Things fans will understand the humor behind this t-shirt! Your favorite characters’ names are vividly displayed the right side up, except for Will’s name which is understandably, upside down

stranger things character shirt

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17. Should I Stay or Should I Go T-Shirt

Love this song and love the show? What better way to show-off your passion than by wearing this t-shirt? Excuse us as we sing the tune – should I stay or should I go…

stranger things stay or go

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18. Palace Arcade T-Shirt

It doesn’t get more cooler than this! Tell the world you’re a fan of the hit sci-fi series with this creative t-shirt. The top features a logo of every kid’s favorite place – the Palace Arcade! Cool, huh?

Palace Arcade shirt

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19. Steve Harrington Shirt

Are you obsessed with Steve Harrington? This fun t-shirt should be yours. We’ll admit, the dude (and his awesome hair) is pretty much the star of the show. Wear this t-shirt and show off your love for the coolest Stranger Things character!

steve harrington shirt

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20. Character Shirt

Can’t get enough of Stranger Things? Know someone who obsesses over the show? This t-shirt makes the perfect purchase! Walk around with the faces of iconic characters including Will, Dustin, Eleven and even Chief Hopper!

stranger things characters tshirt

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There’s no better way to show support for a show than by owning its merchandise! Made a purchase? Great, make sure to slip on your Stranger Things clothing as soon as you receive it!

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