Brad and Angelina Split: The Funniest Jennifer Aniston Reactions

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Brad Pitt and Angelina have officially split, folks. Hollywood’s hottest couple has pulled the plug on their marriage, breaking many hearts worldwide. Among the tears and despair were also a few cries of laughter. Not only did the internet break with talk of Brangelina’s divorce but also with Jennifer Aniston memes. That’s right. Brad’s ex-wife has become the center of attention in the midst of his shocking split from Angelina.

Brad and Jennifer were married from 2000 until 2005 when Brad left her for Angelina. Now that Brangelina have split, the internet’s got jokes and memes. At this time of heartache, crack a smile and enjoy…

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Jennifer Aniston is now married to Justin Theroux and is probably the happiest she’s ever been – we doubt she’s reacting in the way the internet wants her to. Heck, it’s been a decade since she divorced Brad.

Nevertheless, we have a feeling Jennifer must somewhat feel that justice was served. Brad really broke her heart. After publicly getting cheated on by Hollywood’s heartthrob, Jennifer was left embarrassed and distraught. Now she’s happy and in love and the man who cheated on her and the woman he cheated with, have just split up. We won’t be surprised if she’s a little bit smug.

Karma can be a bitch…

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