24 Stranger Things Jokes That’ll Turn Your Frown Upside Down

stranger things jokes

We get it. You’ve binged through eight episodes of the hit Netflix series; you’re so obsessed with the show, you’ve probably bought a Stranger Things t-shirt and now you’re faced with months of waiting until the next season. Upset? We bet! No worries, though – we’ve got a bunch of memes and funny things that will turn that frown upside down (get it?).

Need to get over Eleven’s death? Feel traumatized by that awful Demogorgon? Take a look at these Stranger Things jokes…

1. You’ll have to do a double take to realize this isn’t a still from E.T!

stranger things e.t meme


2. If Britney Spears was cast as Eleven…

stranger things britney spears


3. Steve could have been a bigger jerk but to everyone’s surprise, he wasn’t!

steve stranger things joke

Tumblr | sagihairius

4. Who wore it better? Barb or Ms Doubfire?

barb ms doubtfire

Instagram | strangermemes

5. OMG how much do Will and Fabienne from Pulp Fiction look alike?!

stranger things pulp fiction

Instagram | liveforfilms

6. The Fresh Prince of Hawkins!

fresh prince of hawkins

Instagram | strangermemes

7. Dustin’s future wife – Chocolate Pudding!

dustin stranger things meme

Instagram | strangermemes

8. Some of us can’t even get a text back!

stranger things funny

Instagram | shitheadsteve

9. This Eleven GIF basically describes me…

eleven funny

10. Stranger Things has even become an Arthur meme!

arthur meme stranger things


11. If Barb was missing in real life…

barb missing poster


12. When somebody tells you they couldn’t get into Stranger Things…

one does not stranger things


13. If Barb had a pet…

barb meme

Instagram | strangermemes

14. Could Eleven, Negasonic and Furiosa be the same person in different universes?

eleven negasonic furiosa

Tumblr | sun-hat-dont-give-a-fuck

15. The resemblance is uncanny!

jonathan stranger things meme


16. On a scale of 1-10, how stressed are you? 11!

stranger things meme


17. In case you need to do a disappearing act…

mike stranger things joke

Instagram | millieeggobrown

18. Did anyone else realize Eleven had a cameo in The Simpsons?

stranger things simpsons

Instagram | xx_catastrophic_xx

19. When you realize that Steve and Jean-Ralphio from Parks And Rec are the same guy…maybe…

Jean-Ralphio Steve Harrington


20. If Eleven was a teen with an Instagram account in 2016…

eleven meme


21. Who’d have thought talking to Christmas lights would make an ever-lasting mark on TV?

stranger things lol

Reddit | BlackRaster

22. Who did this?!

Demogorgon meme


23. If Stranger Things took place in 2016…

stranger things joke


24. In a world of 10’s, be an ELEVEN!

eleven joke

Instagram | strangermemes

We knew you’d crack a smile! Here’s to hoping these jokes and Stranger Things memes will keep you laughing until next season…

funny stranger things

Instagram | strangermemes

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