Worst to First! Britney Spears’ ‘Glory’ Songs Ranked

britney glory songs ranked

Britney Spears’s latest release, Glory is the ninth studio album from the singer and a far cry from her last work, Britney Jean which turned out to be her biggest flop. Glory relies on dance tracks which have always been Britney’s specialty, and the sexual innuendo is stronger on this album than on any of her previous releases.

Rather than try to be something she isn’t, or keep up with trendy sounds or collaborators, Britney went back to her no-fail strategy in this one and it certainly pays off. So what’s worth listening to? Here’s a breakdown of the Britney’s latest album, from worst to first!

12. Private Show

Britney makes no attempt in hiding the sexual innuendo in this one. It’s a catchy tune, but her vocal sounds far too squeaky to the point where it almost grates on you. In Private Show, we also hear a bit of what it is like to be Britney. Even when she thinks she is alone with her lover, there is always a crowd watching, proving yet again that her entire life is always in the spotlight.

11. Clumsy

A bit too loud and repetitive for our liking, Clumsy is one of the least best tracks on Glory. Britney saying “oops” is probably the only highlight of the song.

10. Invitation

Containing a rather racy message, Invitation is another overtly sexual track on the album. The mellow pop song is a perfect album opener and sets the tone for what’s to come next.

9. Just Like Me

A familiar theme of jealousy and competing females who are alike. This song is also very reminiscent of the Madonna track She’s Not Me.

8. Just Luv Me

This smooth record hears Britney at her most vulnerable. The mellow track comes as a breath of fresh air amongst its fellow, more lively, upbeat tracks on the album.

7. Do You Wanna Come Over?

Britney turns up the flirty invitations in the super-sexy Do You Wanna Come Over that almost sounds like a sequel to Work Bitch. All that’s missing from this track is a little bit of Robin Thicke – it’s very him, wouldn’t you say?

6. What You Need

Songs like Private Show put Britney’s vocal ability to shame. What You Need does the opposite. It’s exactly what we need to realize that Britters can actually sing at times. Giving us a Christina Aguilera vibe, this record is full of energy. It’s another side to Britney we’d never knew existed.

5. Hard To Forget Ya

Hard To Forget Ya is a fun dance track, reminiscent of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky. The popstar steps in cliche Britney territory in the album’s best upbeat, pop-filled track. The hook “hard to forget ya” guarantees to get you on the dance-floor.

4. Make Me… – feat. G-Easy

Very contemporary, radio-friendly and distinctive. Britney and G-Easy performed the much anticipated collaboration at the 2016 VMA’s which gave it even more exposure and should land it pretty high on the pop charts.

3. Man On The Moon

It wasn’t difficult classifying Man on the Moon as one of the best tracks on the album. Its happy-go-lucky vibe and tinkling background sounds lured us straight in. This one will be on repeat.

2. Love Me Down

This super catchy tune with its memorable bridge comes second place. Love Me Down is certainly going to be a fan-favorite. It was hard not placing it in first place. Excuse us as we sing-along and bust a few moves…

1. Slumber Party

Britney lets the F bombs drop on this track and we love it! This one’s definitely going to make slumber parties a whole lot funner. Here’s to hoping it’s Britney’s next single. Slumber Party promises to be a huge hit.

Britney is pushing 35 and is somehow two decades into a career that most people thought wouldn’t last longer. She’s proven once again that she shouldn’t be counted out as one of the greatest popstars of our time. Many of the tracks on Glory will undoubtedly be added to her list of mega hits.

What do you think of Glory? Were the two years Britney spent making it worth the time?


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