‘Suicide Squad’ – 8 Deleted Joker Scenes That Should’ve Been Included


Fans left theaters disappointed after watching the highly anticipated villainous team-up film, Suicide Squad with complaints that it featured undeveloped characters, too many scenes of the Enchantress and not enough of the Joker.

Considering the Clown Prince was painted as one of the main characters in much of the movie’s promotional material, there were an awful lot of Joker scenes that never made it to the finished movie – many that gave him more character depth and others that correctly portrayed his relationship with Harley in correlation with the comics.

Want to know what you missed out on? According to this Reddit user, here’s a list of every deleted Joker scene that was removed from the final theatrical cut of Suicide Squad

1. “I Can’t Wait to Show You my Toys”

We all have a guilty pleasure of watching the Joker interrogate his victims so when we saw him grill Captain Griggs, we couldn’t wait for the crazy drama to unfold. But it didn’t. The scene was even more of an anti-climax because the Joker’s line “I can’t wait to show you my toys” – which was seen in every trailer, was cut out!

joker toys

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2. Harley Maddens the Joker

There could have been a few more minutes of action if this scene wasn’t deleted. After shooting up a restaurant, the Joker and his men escape with Harley following behind on a motorcycle. She manages to intercept the Joker’s car, leaving him frustrated and banging his head against the glass.

joker bangs head

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3. Harley Holds Joker at Gunpoint

In one particular scene that was caught being filmed by paparazzi, Joker and Harley get into a fight, which ends with Harley pointing a gun at his head. Joker sweet-talks Harley into moving the gun but then he slaps her across the face. He charms her again and the scene ends with a kiss. This scene would have shown Joker and Harley’s relationship for what it really was – abusive yet passionate.

joker harley gunpoint


4. More Dialogue From the Joker

Was the Ace Chemicals scene one of your favorites? There could have been more! Apparently, there’s an extended version of this moment which included more dialogue from the Joker. We would never get tired of the Joker talking – why cut it out?!

joker harley chemicals

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5. More Interaction Between Joker and Harley

We could have been treated to more interaction between Joker and Harley if parts of the Batmobile chase scene hadn’t been deleted. As seen in the trailers, this was the moment Joker punches the roof of his car. Yet again, this clip was nowhere to be seen in the movie.

batmobile suicide squad

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6. Disabling Harley’s Neck-Bomb

Just a few minutes more of the Joker would have satisfied the viewers. There was almost a longer scene of Joker breaking into the Nano bomb manufacture facility to disable Harley’s neck-bomb. Heck, just a cackle or a conniving smile more would have been enough! But hey, too little Joker, too late, Suicide Squad.

joker suicide squad

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7. Joker Tries to Kill Harley

Wanted to see more of the Joker and Harley’s screwed-up relationship? You could have had this particular scene not been changed. We may have seen Joker being loving and affectionate to Harley in that helicopter scene but in the early cuts of the movie, things were different, and more true to the comics.

Apparently, Joker and Harley originally fought in the helicopter. He pushed her out to kill her before the helicopter got shot down. The scene was later reworked to show the helicopter get shot down first and the Joker pushing Quinn out to save her instead.

joker harley quinn

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8. Joker Throws a Grenade at the Squad

We almost had a glimpse of one of the Joker’s “toys” but unfortunately this awesome-sounding scene was removed from the final-cut. During the final battle in the subway station, the Joker with his face half-burnt from the helicopter crash confronts the Squad and tries to persuade Harley to escape with him. She refuses so she can help her friends which angers the Joker and leads him to throw a live grenade at the group to cover his escape. Why, oh why was this scene cut-out? It would have been a few more minutes of Joker-joy!

joker burnt face

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There could have been an extra 15-minutes of the Joker had these scenes not been deleted. It would be interesting to watch an alternate cut of Suicide Squad, a version that includes all these scenes. Here’s to hoping for an uncut DVD version!

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