Create the Perfect Harley Quinn Costume With These Accessories

harley quinn costume

Hey Puddin, want to look like Harley Quinn for your next fancy dress party? Want to ace her outfit for Halloween? Look no further, Tell Tales has gathered a list of accessories that will make you look exactly like Suicide Squad’s clown princess of crime.

Whether you’re in need of her baseball bat or super-cool choker, there are a variety of items that will help you master Harley Quinn’s outfit. You’ll be calling people ‘puddin’ in no time…

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1. Puddin Choker

You won’t be done with this choker after your fancy dress party! You could even wear it on a daily basis, especially if you have a special Puddin in your life.

harley quinn choker

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2. Spiked Cuff Bracelets

Add that extra sparkle and shine to your Harley Quinn costume by wrapping your wrists with her signature golden spiky cuffs. You’ll definitely look like someone you don’t want to mess with!

harley quinn cuffs

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3. Property of the Joker Jacket

It doesn’t get cooler than this! Become the very own property of the Joker by donning this vibrant, Harley Quinn jacket! All eyes will be on you, we promise!

Harley Quinn Jacket

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4. Harley Quinn Shorts

Dare to wear a sexy Harley Quinn costume? Margot Robbie wore the skimpiest shorts imaginable in Suicide Squad and you could, too! If you find these hot pants to be a little too naked, opt for these longer ones instead!

harley quinn shorts

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5. Good Night Baseball Bat

You’re no Harley Quinn without her weapon in hand! Make sure to hold yourself back from using the bat in action, though!


Buy the Bat

6. Daddy’s Lil Monster Shirt

Share this in common with Harley? If you too are Daddy’s Lil Monster, then you have no choice but to get your hands on this shirt. Not only could you wear it at your costume party, but on a regular basis too!

daddys lil monster

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7. Harley Quinn Wig


Don’t feel like dying the tips of your hair blue and pink? Are you a natural brunette? This wig should be yours! Complete the perfect Harley Quinn look by donning the same hairstyle!

Buy the Wig

8. High-Heeled Boots

Time to look like you’ve been pulled straight out of the 2020 movie, Birds of Prey! It’s guaranteed that there will be others dressed as Harley this Halloween but we bet you’ll be the only one wearing her boots! How hot are these?!

Harley Quinn Boots

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9. Harley Quinn Socks

Perfect the Harley Quinn look by slipping on these super-cool socks pulled straight out of her wardrobe. They’ll look even better with the boots!

harley quinn socks suicide squad

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10. Harley Quinn Tattoos

It’s all in the detail! If you really want to look like Harley then it’s time to get tatted just like her! These temporary tattoos will do the job!

harley quinn tattoos

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11. Suicide Squad Mallet

If you like your toys just as much as Harley Quinn does, make sure you have this mallet in hand! It’s made of plush fabric, so don’t bother using it on your enemy!

harley quinn Mallet

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12. Knapsack Backpack

You can’t go to party without a bag! Carry this Harley Quinn-themed backpack to match your costume, although we can’t guarantee it’ll fit your bat or mallet!

Harley Quinn Knapsack Backpack

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13. Original Harley Quinn Costume

According to some interesting DC trivia, the comic’s writer received death threats over Harley’s newest costume. If Suicide Squad’s version of Harley Quinn also doesn’t take your fancy, then you could dress up as the original Clown Princess. This full jester outfit nails Harley’s classic look to a T.

original harley quinn costume

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Bagged a few costume pieces? Ready to arrive at your party looking as crazy and colorful as the Joker’s side-kick? With these items, you’ll be the best-looking Harley Quinn there!

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