This Is What Blac Chyna Looked Like Before Fame!

blac chyna before and after

Before she was known as “Blac Chyna”, prior to becoming a member of the Kardashian klan and long before she was dubbed a “Nicki Minaj lookalike”, Angela Renee White looked like your regular girl-next-door…

blac chyna young

Blac Chyna hasn’t always looked the way she does, folks. Before the heavy makeup and wild wigs, the 28-year-old model donned a cute and natural hairstyle and wore a lot less powder and paint than usual.

Blac Chyna plastic surgery before

It’s safe to say Blac Chyna had a more natural look back in the day. Sure, she’s grown up and she’s learnt how to apply a heap load of makeup but there’s no denying at least a few cosmetic procedures.

Some would say Blac Chyna has had a nose job and hair transplant. Those rumored artificial changes are pretty obvious in this before and after photo…

blac chyna before plastic surgery

Can you imagine a world without Blac’s BIG booty?

Way back before Tyga and Rob Kardashian came along, Blac Chyna’s famous butt was noticeably smaller, as seen the snap below…

blac chyna butt before

Despite the supposed cosmetic procedures, it’s the makeup that makes Blac look so drastically different from her younger self.

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Without makeup, she looks just as pretty!

blac chyna no makeup
blac chyna | Instagram

Natural suits you more, Chy!

This gallery of young Blac Chyna will shock you even more…

Blac Chyna isn’t the only celebrity who’s had a drastic makeover. Check out what Ariana Grande used to look like or how much Amber Rose has changed!



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  1. Blac Chyna for me as a women is an example of using the power of a lady against the men, she looks like a strong girl that will probably achieve anything she wants, I think her body is what she wanted, she actually pursued something like that and she looks amazing, shes a 10 in the scale of internet famous women but we all know that shes more than an internet model, shes part of the world famous people we can’t deny that.

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