Worst to First! Ariana Grande’s ‘Dangerous Woman’ Songs Ranked

ariana grande dangerous woman songs ranked

Forget Rihanna and Miley Cyrus! Ariana Grande is the new good girl gone bad, ladies and gentlemen. The pop princess has refined her sound, offering a mature and sexier sound throughout her third-studio album, Dangerous Woman. Of course, there’s still a heavy dose of bubble-gum pop but this time round, Ariana has managed to throw in some great R&B, EDM and reggae hits.

Wondering which tracks you’ll be listening to this summer? Here’s a list of Dangerous Woman songs ranked from worst to first…

15. I Don’t Care

We love it when Ariana goes all old Hollywood on us. The finger-snapping I Don’t Care is a sultry and seductive ballad indeed however it has the potential to be a little tiresome and forgettable at times.

14. Moonlight

Moonlight may be classed as our second-least favorite song on the album but that’s not to say it’s bad. The blissful love song is simply upstaged by stronger contenders on Dangerous Woman. Sounding like Honeymoon Avenue part two, Moonlight is actually endearing; especially Ariana’s sweet, Disney-like vocals.

13. Touch It

We can’t help but feel like this song sounds like something pulled straight out of the Eurovision song contest. The radio-friendly, EDM-tinged track might need a few more listens to become a grower. We’re totally loving Ariana’s sexed-up vibe, though!

12. Thinking Bout You

Dangerous Woman’s Grande finale is yet another enjoyable sweet love song delivered by the pint-sized popstar. Thinking Bout You is a mellow but slick song that fittingly closes an album full of upbeat, dancefloor-filling tracks.

11. Sometimes

Ariana has a new man in her life and she’s certainly not letting him go. Despite singing about heartbreak throughout a lot of this album, it’s great to hear Ari sound positive throughout this R&B production. Her crisp and raspy vocals are superb, too!

10. Leave Me Lonely – feat. Macy Gray

In what is probably the most unexpected collaboration of the year, Leave Me Lonely hears Ariana’s smooth vocals combined with Macy Gray’s raspy tone. Both ladies have never sounded rawer as they croon about “a dangerous love” in this jazzy number.

9. Greedy

After mature preceding tracks, Ariana finally lets her hair down in the infectious, fun and groovy cut – Greedy. We won’t be surprised if this disco-inspired hit is Ari’s next single. There’s no doubt it’ll be a favorite among fans.

8. Knew Better/Forever Boy

Skip through Knew Better because, the second-half of this song is WAY better! Forever Boy is our favorite love anthem right now. The record showcases Ariana’s perfect, flawless vocals and is a perfect combination of R&B and pop.

7. Let Me Love You – feat. Lil Wayne

This is what we meant when we said Ariana’s sound has matured. She’s sexy! The dainty diva’s breathy and sensual vocals hypnotize us throughout this dark, sexy and hot production. Let Me Love You is the bedroom ballad you’ve been waiting for!

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6. Everyday – feat. Future

Ariana dishes out her sexuality once again and is joined by Future in this addictive R&B pop-production. Turn up the volume, the EDM-twist in the chorus will have you wanting to bust out all of your favorite dance moves!

5. Into You

Ariana uses her vocal prowess to bring the sass and sexiness in the club-minded hit, Into You. Who’d have thought little Ari would one day be singing about lust and infatuation? Into You is a fun and lively balance of EDM, R&B and pop. It’s a fave! Let’s not even begin to mention the awesome remix featuring Ariana’s ex-boyfriend Mac Miller! Have a listen!

4. Bad Decisions

Bad Decisions was a favorite from the get-go. We can almost see a huge crowd of Arianators singing every lyric and bopping to every beat. This sassy pop number is definitely on our playlists and it’s there to stay. Turn up the volume, folks!

3. Dangerous Woman

Dangerous Woman is the only moment on the album where Ariana’s jaw-dropping, powerhouse vocals shine. That’s why the catchy hit is ranked high on our list. The starlet sounds sure of herself and her new-found sexuality, inspiring us to find our very own inner Dangerous Woman. We’ll never get tired of listening and singing along to this one! It even made Ariana’s relationship with Justin Bieber stronger – he shouted out the song and is a huge fan!

2. Be Alright

Ariana puts us in a party mood throughout the incredible club-hit, Be Alright. It’s great to hear the pop princess turn to house music trends for a change. With Ariana’s impressive riffs and runs as well as the song’s upbeat and summery vibe, Be Alright was immediately classed as our fave song on the album – until we heard Side to Side, of course…

1. Side to Side – feat. Nicki Minaj

That’s right, Side to Side came into play and it instantly transcended all other tracks on Dangerous Woman. The Nicki Minaj collab is without a doubt, the best song on Ariana’s third studio album. We can’t help but bounce along as we take in all the delicious tropical flavors this banger delivers. Side to Side is a clear example of reggae-pop perfection, folks. We’ll be hitting the replay button for days on end…

We have a feeling Dangerous Woman might just be bigger than Ariana Grande’s infamous ponytail. It’s a great piece of work, guys! What’s your favorite track on the album?

Tell us in the comments, below…

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4 Responses

  1. You really have no taste…or at least not at all similar with me who I am an Arianator!
    My favs.
    1.Touch It (the one you ranked that low..)
    4.Be Alright
    5.Side to Side
    7. Bad Decisions
    10.Into You
    13. Let me Love You (would be wayyyy up in the ranking but Lil wayne destroyed the song for my ears at least)
    14.Knew Better/Forever Boy (dislike)
    15.I don’t Care (ew, hate that)

  2. thinkin’ bout you, touch it, and sometimes should not be that far down and side to side definitely doesn’t deserve to be #1 lmao like wyd? but i agree with i don’t care, it’s a bit boring and forgettable. AND KNEW BETTER IS *BETTER* THAN FOREVER BOY! as much as i love forever boy, knew better is just amazing. my ‘worst to first’:
    15. leave me lonely
    14. i don’t care
    13. be alright
    12. into you
    11. dangerous woman
    10. moonlight
    9. side to side
    8. let me love you
    7. knew better/forever boy
    6. greedy
    5. everyday
    4. bad decisions
    3. thinkin’ bout you
    2. touch it
    1. sometimes

    1. A lot of people prefer Knew Better, which is interesting. I just like Forever Boy so much more. I guess it’s all down to taste. But OMG Be Alright is definitely one of the best songs!

  3. This list is very very .. wrong the moment i knew it was wrong is when you said knew better was irrelevant to forever boy when Knew better is a better song than a lot of the songs on here. none of the songs on this album are bad but side to side was definitely not the best nicki’s verse felt like she was reading it off a piece of paper there was no personality to it at all. Personally my top five are
    1. Knew better /forever boy
    3.Bad decisions
    4. Greedy
    5.Into you/ Be alright – because i can’t choose between them I can still listen to be alright and enjoy it

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