30+ Ariana Grande Facts all Arianators Should Know

ariana grande facts

So you enjoy Ariana Grande’s music, hey? You know the lyrics to every song of hers? Cool, you’re one of the dainty diva’s true fans!

But it actually takes a lot more to be dubbed an “Arianator” and that includes knowing the ins and outs of the Thank U, Next singer.

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Being an Arianator means knowing every single piece of trivia about Ariana from her first-ever crush to the names of her dogs…

Want to determine if you’re a true fan of the diva? How many of these Ariana Grande facts do you know?

1. Ariana’s Hair Isn’t Naturally Straight…

She may wear the same signature hairstyle all the time but did you know Ariana’s natural hair is curly? Look how different she looks!

ariana grande natural hair
arianagrande | Instagram

2. She Has Mediterranean Blood!

Ever wondered what Ariana’s nationality is? Where did she get her big brown eyes and beautiful dark curls from? Her Italian ancestry, of course! The Dangerous Woman is half Sicilian and half Abruzzese, although she was born and raised in Florida! We would love to hear her talk, or even better, sing in Italian! Who’s with me?

ariana grande italian
Instagram | ArianaGrande

3. Ariana’s Name is Inspired By Felix the Cat…

Ari’s parents have a great imagination! Her name “Ariana” wasn’t a random choice. Mommy and daddy Grande were inspired by the name “Princess Oriana” from Felix the Cat. Ironically, Ariana is actually allergic to cats! Oh and bananas…

ArianaGrande | Instagram / Felix the Cat Productions Inc

4. She Has a Sibling who also Loves Showbiz…

You might have seen this guy around quite a bit. Well, that’s because he’s Ariana’s brother! Frankie Grande is her older half-brother. He is a musical theater actor and producer. Showbiz really does run in the family!

ariana grande frankie grande
Instagram | ArianaGrande

5. Her Parents are Successful Business People

Indeed, success truly does run deep in the Grande family! Ari’s mother, Joan Grande is the CEO of Hose-McCann Communications, a manufacturer of communications and safety equipment, while her father, Edward Butera owns a graphic design business in Boca Raton!

ariana grande parents
arianagrande | Instagram

6. Ariana Has Seven Dogs, Two Named After Harry Potter Characters!

If you follow Ariana on Snapchat and Instagram, you’ve probably had the honor of meeting her cute canine companions! Ariana has seven dogs called Lafayette, Coco, Toulouse, Ophelia, Strauss, Cinnamon, Fawkes and Sirius Black. Yes, that’s right, she’s named her doggies after Harry Potter characters because she’s a huge fan! Bonus fun fact? Ariana also has a pet pig named Piggy Smalls!

ariana grande dogs
ArianaGrande | Instagram

7. She Was Once a YouTube Star

Before her days as a superstar, Ariana’s childhood was spent on YouTube. The Positions starlet used to cover several famous songs including the likes of If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys and If I Were a Boy by Beyonce. It’s here where Ariana started showing off her amazing impressions, too!

8. Ariana Has Dated Many Famous Guys

She may be a busy bee, releasing music all the time, but aside from work, Ariana has had plenty of time for boyfriends! Her dating history includes the likes of Mac Miller, Nathan Sykes, Big Sean and Jai Brooks! She was even briefly engaged to Pete Davidson for a mere 5 months.

9. Her First-Ever Crush Was Justin Timberlake!

Despite her many dates, Ariana’s first ever crush was…wait for it…Justin Timberlake! It seems we have more in common with Ari than we thought! It was pretty hard not to fall for Justin’s cute curls in the 90’s!

justin timberlake curls

10. She Used to Open for Justin Beieber

Talking of Justin – Ariana and Justin Bieber’s adorable relationship started all the way back in 2013 when she used to open for his U.S. tour dates. Before the release of Yours Truly, Ari tried to get her name and music out there as much as possible, and what better way than to do it at Bieber’s Believe tour?

ariana grande believe tour

11. Ariana Grande is Hypoglycemic…

Here’s some trivia you probably didn’t know about the star – Ariana is hypoglycemic. That means her blood sugar gets low and she has to eat something to help overcome it. Even Ariana has to battle health issues from time to time!

ariana grande

12. She’s Inspired By Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hebburn

You’d think Ariana was from a different era when it comes to her fashion icons! While many admire the Kardashians or Beyonce, Ari is instead inspired by the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn!

ariana grande marilyn monroe

13. Ariana Can Impersonate Britney Spears, Rihanna, Celine Dion & More

She’s a girl of many talents! Not only can Ariana sing and act like a pro but she can also make brilliant impersonations! From Britney Spears to Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Ariana has wowed all with her incredible impressions!

ariana grande impressions

14. She Was Videotaped Licking Doughnuts On Display In a Store…

Ariana isn’t one to be regularly caught up in shocking scandals. The one time she was, it wasn’t pretty. The popstar was once videotaped licking donuts in a food store and being rude to the cashiers. The incident was so controversial, Ariana had to apologize to fans for her shocking behavior.

15. Ariana’s Mom Thought She’d Become a Serial Killer!

Believe it or not, as a child, Ariana was obsessed with horror movies. She would even wear Halloween masks around the house! To be exact, she enjoyed having her face painted as a skeleton and roaming the streets with a hockey stick and donning a Freddy Krueger’s mask! It was so terrifying, Ariana’s mother thought that she’d grow up to become a serial killer! LOL!

ariana grande serial killer

16. She’s a Nickelodeon Star

Some of you were only introduced to Ariana when she debuted her single, The Way. In fact, she was well-known long before that – to Nickelodeon fans, of course. The Love Me Harder starlet played Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon TV sitcom, Victorious and later reprised the role on the spin-off, Sam & Cat.

ariana grande nickelodeon

17. Gloria Estefan Predicted Ariana Grande Would Be a Star

One particular person who saw the superstar in Ariana Grande was the legendary Gloria Estefan. After watching her on Nickelodeon, Gloria told Ariana that she’ll make it big one day. Of course, she predicted that accurately. Can we get Ms Estefan as a coach on The Voice please?

ariana grande gloria estefan

18. Her First Single Wasn’t ‘The Way’

If you thought Ariana’s first single was The Way, you’re totally mistaken! As a matter of fact, the popstar released a single in 2011 called Put Your Hearts Up which even had an accompanying music video. Dubbing it “inauthentic”, fake” and “straight out of hell”, Ari disliked the song so much to the point where she had it pulled from Vevo. It’s actually not as bad as it sounds. Have a listen below:

19. Ariana Wears a Ponytail Because of Hair Loss…

You may be fed-up of seeing Ariana wear the same old ponytail but there’s actually a reason why – to hide hair loss. When she starred in Victorious, Ariana was forced to dye her hair red on almost a weekly basis for an astonishing four years.

ariana grande ponytail
arianagrande | Instagram

20. She Suffers From Bad Eyesight…

Along with hair loss, Ariana also suffers from bad eyesight which causes her to wear contact lenses. Remember her interview on Jimmy Fallon? Now you know why she was squinting so hard. She obviously wasn’t wearing her lenses at the time!

ariana grande eyesight

21. Ariana Constantly Curses!

This information about Ariana makes us love her even more! If you follow Ari on Snapchat or Instagram, you would have noticed that she uses the F-word A LOT! The dainty diva has even admitted that she curses a great deal, calling herself a “sailor mouth”. You better cut that down, Ari! It’s not a pretty habit!

ariana grande middle finger

22. Her Vocal Range is Very Much Like Mariah Carey’s!

There’s a reason why many say Ariana Grande is the “new Mariah Carey”. She has a four octave light lyric soprano vocal range. She can slay those high notes and Mariah’s signature whistle tone to a T!

ariana grande mariah carey

23. She Quit the Catholic Church Over LGBTQ Rights

In 2014, Ariana revealed that she quit the Catholic church over LGBTQ rights. The tough decision came after her brother, Frankie was told that “God didn’t love him” by the church. In defense of her brother, the singer walked away from the religion and chose to follow Kabbalah instead. Go Ari!

frankie and ariana grande

24. She Started Her Career In Musical Theater!

Ariana kicked-off her career through musical theater. Her childhood was a Broadway bonanza with her first role as Annie and she went on to star in The Wizard of Oz and Beauty and the Beast! By the time she was 14, Ariana was ready to release an R&B album but was told, ‘Um, that’s a helluva goal! Who is going to buy a 14-year-old’s R&B album?! She had to wait 5 years to finally release some music!

ariana grande annie

25. Ariana Only Likes To Shoot The “Left Side of Her Face”

There’s a reason why everyone calls Ariana a “diva”. She’s known to have a list of demands including only to shoot from the left side of her face because that’s the angle she prefers. You diva, you!

ariana grande left side face
arianagrande | Instagram

26. She Prefers Her Fans To Be Named “Loves”

A lot of you may enjoy calling yourselves “Arianators” but in actual fact, Ariana prefers to call her fans “loves”. You’ll notice that on her Twitter page! “Arianators” sounds a lot better TBH!

ariana grande arianators
arianagrande | Instagram

27. Most of her Videos are Inspired by Other Stars

Most of Ariana’s music videos are amazing indeed, but did you know some of them are inspired by the likes of Britney Spears and Beyonce? The Break Free clip was somewhat a copy of Britney Spears’ Oops I Did It Again. Watch it and you’ll notice that the diva went on a very similar sci-fi trip to outer space just like her pop predecessor Britters, did back in 2000. Ariana’s video for Santa Tell Me was also inspired by Beyonce’s 7/11 visuals (I mean, who isn’t inspired by Queen Bey, right?).

ariana grande break free

28. Fake Nude Photos of her Leaked

In 2014, fake nude photos of the dainty diva circulated on social media. The snaps of Ari allegedly posing nude were immediately dismissed by the singer – “It is invasive, but at least it wasn’t me. I don’t take pictures like that. I swear I don’t. I promise.” Well, there you have it, folks. Stop scanning the internet for Ari’s sexy selfies. They’re no where to be found…except maybe on Mac Miller’s phone…

29. Ariana Raised Over £2 Million following the Manchester Attack

On May 22nd, a suicide bombing occurred outside Ariana’s Dangerous Woman concert in Manchester, England, killing 22 people and leaving dozens wounded. Ari, being the angel that she is, offered to pay for the victims’ funerals, visited the injured in hospital, and arranged a benefit concert that successfully raised more than £2 million for the victims. Weldone, babes!

ariana manchester victims
arianagrande | Instagram

30. She Suffers from Anxiety

Ever since the tragic Manchester Attack, Ariana has admitted that she suffers from PTSD and anxiety. In fact, she was so torn up after the event that she was forced to postpone her tour back in 2017. “When I got home from tour, I had really wild dizzy spells, this feeling like I couldn’t breathe,” Grande told Elle magazine. The singer has been open about her battle with mental health and has even released a song dedicated to fighting anxiety called Breathin’.

ariana grande breathin

31. People Think She’s Had Plastic Surgery

Ari’s face has changed so much to the point where people have slammed her for getting plastic surgery. Although her before and after photos are drastically different and her nose has considerably shrunk, there’s been no confirmation on Ariana’s behalf that she’s gone under the knife. What do you think?

ariana grande victorious

32. She’s One of the Most Successful on Spotify

2018 was all about Ariana! Not only was she ranked as the third most popular celebrity of 2018, but also the third most-followed person on Instagram and the tenth most-streamed artist of all-time on Spotify. Indeed, the little diva beat the likes of Beyonce and Adele thanks to her big hits and album, Sweetener released that year.

ariana grande spotify

33. She Has Several Meaningful Tattoos

Ariana’s certainly a fan of getting inked! Believe it or not, as of 2019, she has a total of 34 tattoos on her body (including one gone wrong)! Ari has the word “Bellissima” on her ribs – a name given to her by her late grandfather. She also has “Honeymoon” on her fingers, dedicated to her single of the same name, and she got a “8418” tattoo on her ankle to honor her ex, Pete Davidson’s father who was a firefighter during 9/11.

ariana bellissima tattoo
arianagrande | Instagram

34. She has a Net Worth of Millions of Dollars

It’s no surprise that Ariana is a millionaire, what with her successful albums and history of acting. You might be interested to know that the popstar actually has a net worth of $50 million as of 2019. Ching ching, girl!

ariana grande 7 rings

So, how much of this trivia did you already know? If you knew all of these facts about Ariana Grande, consider yourself a true Arianator! In fact, you deserve one of these awesome Ariana gifts – it’s time to add them to your shopping list!



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