12+ Best Beyonce Gifts Every Fan Will Love

beyonce gifts

If you came to slay, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s a t-shirt, mug or a poster, we’ve listed 17 flawless Beyonce gifts that are great for any fan of the Queen…

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1. Queen B Mug

Do you eat, sleep and breathe Beyonce? Do you go about your day as if you are Beyonce? Do you feel every lyric Bey sings and relate to every word Bey says? Sip tea or coffee from this mug and remind yourself to channel your inner Queen B, always.

queen b mug

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2. I Slay Cap

Cute, right? Caps are always in fashion so why not join the trend by wearing this “Slay” one! This piece of merch will be the cutest addition to your outfit this summer!

slay beyonce hat

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3. Beyonce Quotes Book

If you need some daily inspiration, what better place to find it than by scrolling through this perfect little book of Beyonce quotes? That’s right! Liberté Egalité Beyoncé brings Queen Bey’s most inspiring and empowering quotes when you need them the most!

beyonce quotes book

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4. I Am Beyonce Cushion

Always feel inspired and motivated at home by adding this super-cute cushion on your bed or couch. This Beyonce gift will remind you to always channel your inner Bey when feeling down on a bad day.

beyonce cushion


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5. “What Would Beyonce Do” Desk Plate 

Whether at work or at your desk at home, this plate is all the motivation you’ll need to work harder on a daily basis. When times are rough, question yourself – “what would Beyonce do”?

What Would Beyonce Do Desk Plate

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6. Beyonce Poster

A little Beyonce inspiration never hurt nobody. This poster of Queen Bey will help you remember to always slay to the best of your abilities. You’ll never lose touch of your self-confidence every time you step into the room…

beyonce singing poster

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7. I Woke Up Like This Mug

Looking for Beyonce birthday gift ideas? This mug will let you drink coffee in style! You’ll never run out of flawlessness if you’re sipping a hot beverage from this piece of merch! 

beyonce flawless mug

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8. Beyonce Clock

Some people put religious icons on their walls, the Beyhive put their queen. This clock featuring a colorful silhouette of Beyonce’s face makes a perfect gift, especially for those about to celebrate a birthday.

beyonce clock beyday

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9. Be Yonce Shirt

If something’s getting you down, wear this shirt and always remember to Be Yonce. Queen B wouldn’t worry and neither should you. Put your middle fingers up, put them hands high and Be like Yonce all day, every day…

don't worry be yonce shirt

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10. Woke Up #Tired Mug

There are so many Beyonce themed presents, but this one stands out! Let’s be honest, we can’t all be Queen Bey. In actual fact, we don’t always wake up flawless. To be frank, sometimes, we wake up #tired. If you’re one to laugh at yourself, get a hold of this funny mug.

woke up like this tired mug

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11. Beyonce Tote Bag

Beyonce should be part of every moment of your day. Carry this artistic bag with you everywhere you go and store your fave bits and pieces inside it. Merchandise to make any fan proud to be part of the Beyhive.

i slay beyonce bag


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12. Boy Bye Sweater

Had your heart broken a few too many times? Tell him boy, bye. If he doesn’t listen, wear this sweater, hopefully he’ll get the message. You might inspire others to tell their boys bye, too. You won’t be Sorry

boy bye sweater

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13. Flawless Pillow Case

Wake up feeling Flawless by adding this cushion case to your set of pillows. If you woke up looking hella flawless and fly, this pillow case will confirm it.

beyonce pillow

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14. Slayonce T-Shirt

Coz you slay? Get what’s yours and truly feel like a star by slipping this t-shirt on. You gon’ slay, all day by adding this to your outfit. In fact, there’s no better way to get in Formation

slayonce shirt

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15. Flawless Hoodie

Wake up, flawless, post up, flawless and ride round in it, flawless when donning this awesome hoodie. Once you’ve done all that, say “I look so good tonight”. You catch our drift…

flawless hoodie

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16. Boyonce Shirt

Who said Beyonce is only loved by girls? If you know a boy who loves Yonce, make sure he’s wearing this unique t-shirt. He’ll be standing out in the crowd!

boyonce shirt

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17. Hot Sauce Bag

Do you, like Beyonce enjoy a drizzle of hot sauce with your meal? Perhaps you carry it around with you everywhere you go? This bag says it all. If you have hot sauce in your bag (swag) and you drink lemonade on the regular, consider yourself a true Bey fan!

hot sauce bag

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There are several gifts for Beyonce fans on our list, we’re hoping you made a purchase. You did? Oh great! Okay ladies, now let’s get in Formation

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