Worst to First! Drake’s ‘Views’ Songs Ranked

drake views songs ranked

Drake experiments with straight-up rap, emotional R&B and dancehall-inflected hits throughout his fourth studio-album, Views. There are a handful of songs that fans can relate to, a selection that they can rave to and a few that they might skip through. What’s worth keeping and what’s worth dropping?

Here’s a list of Views songs ranked from worst to first…

20. Summer’s Over Interlude

All 19 tracks on Views are pretty solid, it was tricky pointing out the “worst” one. We were left with no choice but to class the interlude as our least favourite, simply because Drake is nowhere to be heard. Summer’s Over isn’t bad; Majid Jordan’s vocals are soothingly smooth and there’s a sexy vibe all over it. It’s just a little underwhelming, moody and well, Drake-less…

19. Grammys – feat. Future

After hearing Drake and Future’s hit mixtape What a Time to Be Alive, you’d think their next collaboration would be just as good. Nope. Grammys is listenable at first but it gets rather grating, especially Future’s hook. Sorry Drizzy, but Grammys just doesn’t quite do it for us. You can skip through this one, guys.

18. Pop Style

No Kanye West? No Jay-Z? Pop Style has gone right down in our estimation. Not that it was a real banger before, but it was a whole lot better with Ye and Jay’s verses. We appreciate Drake’s cheesy one-liners though – “Got so many chains they call me Chaining Tatum”.  LOL!

17. Still Here

Drake raps about someone doing him wrong – “Oh, you just went and turned your back dog / I thought that we were family / You showed me that we can’t be” in Still Here which is dense with rhymes and heavy with hip-hop vibes. Compared to the upbeat, livelier hits on the album, we can’t help but snooze throughout this one. Still Here is no standout track.

16. 9

9 is certainly one you can chill and bob your head to. Drake pays homage to his hometown (“I turn the six upside down, it’s a nine now”) and claims he wants to do “major things” like “MJ in every way” in the eerie and dreary rap song. 9 has definitely got a spot on our playlists but it won’t get as many plays as its rival tracks.

15. Keep the Family Close

Drake bears his soul and gets introspective about someone who’s let him down and erm, friendzoned him in Keep the Family Close. Could it be about Nicki Minaj? Whoever this girl is, she’s betrayed Drake and put him in a real vulnerable spot. It’s a somber way to kick off the album, but we’re not complaining. This is the Drake we like to hear.

14. Fire & Desire

Drake’s smooth vocals reign over a perfect, slow-jam beat in Fire & Desire. If you thought Keep the Family Close was about Nicki Minaj wait until you hear these lyrics – “Look, you know I’m a writer, nothin’ left to hide / Your other nigga tired, Talk about you like you’ll never leave his side / But I don’t really buy it” Let’s not forget Nicki’s fiancé, Meek Mill once slammed Drake’s song-writing skills. Drake says he no longer speaks to Nicki, and this song’s made it pretty clear.

13. Feel No Ways

Damn, these girls keep breaking Drake’s heart. In this one, Drake dry-cries about a girl who’s “talking down on his name”. Despite the emotional lyrics, we’re feeling the crunchy 80s beats and tingling piano keys. Although it’s in 13th place, Feel No Way is cool and enjoyable to listen to.   


Drake sounds dominant and focused in the rap-orientated, album title-track, Views. Spitting bars about running through the 6 again and giving shout-outs to his ma, Drizzy raps in full swing over a hard core hip-hop beat.

11. Hotline Bling

This easy-to-love, sing-along song will always be classed as a Drake fave even after it’s been repeatedly played on the radio. As much as we love it, Hotline Bling still doesn’t compete with its fellow Views tracks. There are much stronger contenders on the album…

10. U With Me

Kanye West is on production on this one. Rapping and reflecting about an unappreciative girl (who wouldn’t appreciate Drake?!), Drake samples DMX’s How’s It Goin Down in this feel-good, R&B tune. The track improves on the last verse when Drizzy sounds more energized.

9. Hype

The 6 God is very omnipotent in this one! Drake demonstrates his chops as a rapper in the energetic and dramatic hip-hop number, Hype. Drizzy is boastful only 5 songs deep into the album – “Views’ already a classic”; He fires shots at his rival, Meek Mill, “You shouldn’t speak on me, period / You try to give ’em your side of the story / They heard it, but they weren’t hearing it / Don’t get along man, we tried it”; and he shouts out Rihanna, “Don’t you see Riri right next to me?” This hit definitely lives up to the Hype.

8. Redemption

Redemption will be a favorite among Take Care fans. Drake stays true to his sound in this emotional number. Wrestling with his feelings and singing with emotion, Drizzy sounds the most vulnerable and honest in the melancholy slow-jam.  Who doesn’t love soppy Drake?!

7. Child’s Play

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from this track, it’s to never embarrass Drake at the Cheesecake Factory. Other than the dancehall-inspired hits on Views, Child’s Play is most certainly the catchiest and most effective song on the album. Excuse us as we “Bounce that s**t like wo”…

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6. Controlla

We heard Controlla before the release of Drake’s fourth studio album, and we still love it. He may have removed Popcaan’s verse but that hasn’t stopped us from getting on our feet and channeling our inner dance vibes.

5. Faithful – feat. Pimp C & dvsn

Thanks to songs like Faithful, Views has drawn in many comparisons to Take Care. Is this a sexy ode to Rihanna? It’s about a love interest who’s been “Working, working, working, working” after all. Faithful will be leading listeners to the bedroom, for sure. We won’t forget to mention how great dvsn’s vocals are towards the end. Very old-school R&B.

4. With You – feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR

PARTYNEXTDOOR’s vocals take the lead in the fun, upbeat and cool With You. Turn this one up, this summery anthem deserves to be played loud. In fact, we predict With You will be the ultimate soundtrack to every car journey this summer.

3. Weston Road Flows

Once again, Drake relies on his personal issues as subject matter in the R&B favourite, Weston Road Flows. Rapping about friendships, Toronto and his past over a sample of Mary’s Joint by Mary J Blige, Drizzy gets a lot off his chest. Drake spits honest bars and gets deep in what we call, the third best track on the album. There’s no denying the stunning composition and beautiful melody on this one.

2. One Dance – feat. Wizkid & Kyla

Even after hearing a bunch of brand new Drizzy tracks, we still can’t help but favor the tropical, dance-floor filler that is One Dance. It doesn’t get better than a song that incorporates sounds of reggae, Afropop and U.K. Funky all in one! It’s official, One Dance is the dance-hall hit of summer ’16. We think Drake has produced a classic here, guys…

1. Too Good – feat. Rihanna

From the moment we heard Too Good, we immediately saw it being a favorite among Drake and Rihanna fans. Not only are AubRih dueting once again, but it also sounds like a sequel to their ground-breaking hit, Take Care. The island-flavored track is fun, infectious and catchy. Too Good is without a doubt, the standout moment on the album.

Considering Views dropped a few days after the masterpiece that is Lemonade, it’s safe to say it certainly didn’t disappoint. The 20-track run is a fine presentation of hip-pop at its best. Drizzy did good!

What’s your favorite track on Views? Tell us in the comments below…

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