Worst to First! Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ Songs Ranked

beyonce lemonade songs ranked

Queen B is back ladies and gents. She’s stopped the world once again with her most recent digital drop, Lemonade. Giving the Beyhive a feast for their eyes and ears, Beyonce released her surprise visual album consisting of 12-powerful tracks. The album that has helped Bey become one of the best-selling female artists is full of honest lyrics about personal and political issues over R&B rhythms, beautiful ballads and even country sounds…

So, what’s our favorite track on the album? Which one isn’t worth listening to? Here’s a list of Lemonade songs ranked from worst to first…

12. Forward – feat. James Blake

The James Blake-assisted track, Forward had SUCH potential to be an incredible track if it were longer. Seventy-nine seconds just isn’t enough for a Beyonce and Blake duet. Unless we hear a full version of this short and somber interlude, Forward will always be ranked as the weakest contender on the album.

11. Don’t Hurt Yourself – feat. Jack White

Beyonce goes in hard in Don’t Hurt Yourself. Releasing all the demons she seems to have stacked up, Bey sings (or shall we say “screams”?) with passion at her cheating man. “Who the f**k do you think I am? / You ain’t married to some average bitch, boy! / You’re gonna lose your wife” (Jay, take cover!). Beyonce’s ferocious, distorted vocals reign over heavy drums in this rock/R&B record. We totally feel Bey’s passion in this song but that doesn’t stop us from pressing the next button half way through.

10. 6 Inches – feat. The Weeknd

The Weeknd lends his iconic vocals in the female empowering track that is 6 Inches. Beyonce snarls through the mid-tempo song, singing about hard-working women, making money and drinking Hennessy. She doesn’t need a man to get any job done and she works damn hard for her money. Preach it, girl! Excuse us as we slip on our six inch heels…

9. Love Drought

Beyonce lets her guard down in the sensual and poignant love song, Love Drought. Instead of bashing this so-called adulterer in her life, Bey forgives him and questions his cheating ways. Love Drought is in fact a beautiful ballad, just not impressive enough to outrank other contenders on the album.

8. All Night

All Night treads on traditional Beyonce territory. It’s a song that probably sounds most familiar to the Beyhive. The R&B record that will have concert crowds swinging and swaying could almost be taken for a track off Beyonce or I Am Sasha Fierce.

7. Formation

Of course Formation is the closing anthem on the album! After putting listeners through an emotional 11-song journey of personal issues, Beyonce finally lets them break free and turn up to the fun, bouncy and hit record, Formation. A great track all-round and one you can replicate Beyonce’s workout routine to!

6. Pray You Catch Me

No one sings a ballad quite like Beyonce. She reigns when she unleashes those breathy vocals over stunning orchestral strings in this gorgeous opening ballad. Lemonade comes into play and Bey is already wearing her heart on her sleeves. Pray You Catch Me is just the beginning of this heartbreaking personal narrative she’s so bravely shared with the world…

5. Sandcastles

After feeling emotionally drained having listened to Love Drought, Beyonce puts us through more heartbreak in the piano-driven ballad, Sandcastles. A stripped-down and emotional Beyonce croons about her relationship and forgiving her cheating husband in this gut-wrenchingly, raw track. We struggle to hold back the tears when we hear her vocals crack with emotion mid-song. Sandcastles is deep, y’all.

4. Daddy Lessons

Beyonce reminds us she’s a Texas, Houston girl in Daddy Lessons. Unafraid to expose her love/hate relationship with her father, Beyonce gets introspective in what is possibly her first country-sounding song ever to be released. This one will have fans clapping and bopping along, for sure. We won’t be surprised if Bey goes ahead and snatches all the Country music awards after this big hit!

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3. Freedom

Join us as we put our hands in the air and shout SLAY QUEEN! Beyonce teams up with Kendrick Lamar to give a powerful statement in the motivational, inspirational and empowering track, Freedom. Dropping her personal crises and reflecting more on racial and social issues, Beyonce and Kendrick give us all the feels in this soulful and gospel-like hit. Excuse us as we play this track loudly, all day long!

2. Sorry

If there’s one song fans will be quoting on Twitter, it’ll be the ultimate girl anthem, Sorry. When you’ve had enough and you want to tell a boy “bye”, just blast this up-tempo, fun track through your speakers and don’t forget to put your “middle fingers up”. Sorry is definitely one of the faves. You’ll be raving to this one with your girlfriends in the club!

1. Hold Up

Beyonce gets all kinds of deep throughout the entire run of Lemonade, so a song like Hold Up comes as a breath of fresh air. Its reggae beat along with its fun and cheerful vibe is exactly what we’ll need this summer as we sip on a refreshing lemonade. There’s no doubt about it, Hold Up is officially the stand out hit on Beyonce’s sixth studio album.

Tell us your favorite track on the album in the comments below…

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