Behind the Scenes Photos of Movies That’ll Make You Spit Out Your Popcorn


Ever wondered what the cast of movies get up to behind the scenes? Want to know what your favourite film looks like without all those impressive special effects?

We’ve gathered a bunch of snapshots from behind the scenes of movies that are so funny, incredibly surprising and amazingly mind-boggling, they’ll make you spit out your popcorn in shock and amusement.

You’ll never watch the likes of Harry Potter or Titanic in the same way again after seeing these behind the scenes photos…

1. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

We didn’t think Chewie had it in him! We’re going to have trouble unseeing this.

star wars funny


2. Harry Potter

OMG! Voldemort has a nose…and he’s getting along with Dumbledore!

voldemort dumbledore behind scenes

Warner Bros.

3. The Dark Knight Rises

Batman and Bane can get along after all…

dark knight rises behind the scenes

Warner Bros.

4. Silence of the Lambs

A cannibal likes the occasional French fry…

hannibal behind scenes

Strong Heart/Demme Production

5. Les Miserables

The Les Miserables characters get to enjoy hot coffee in a flask once in a while…

Les Miserables behind scenes

Universal Pictures

6. Titanic

Titanic was very sad… but not anymore…

titanic behind scenes

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

7. Lord of the Rings

The Fellowship would have saved themselves a lot of stress had they traveled by helicopter!

lord of the rings behind scenes

New Line Cinema

8. Jaws

Jaws’ mouth sure looks comfy!

jaws behind scenes

Zanuck/Brown Productions

9. Marvel’s Avengers

The Hulk isn’t as muscular or as huge as you thought!

hulk behind scenes

Marvel Studios

10. A Nightmare on Elm Street

Freddy and crew giving us #squadgoals!

freddy krueger behind scenes

New Line Cinema

11. Harry Potter

Is Belatrix searching Google for the latest spell? The wizarding world makes use of technology so it seems!

harry potter behind scenes

Warner Bros.

12. Titanic

We feel deceived after seeing this behind-the-scenes photo of Titanic!

titanic behind the scenes

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

13. James Bond: Goldeneye

This photo from Goldeneye will have you doing a double take!

james bond behind scenes

MGM Studios

14. 300: Rise Of An Empire

Damn, these movies really know how to trick your mind! 

300 behind scenes

Warner Bros.

15. Lord of the Rings

Gandalf…with an umbrella! We never thought we’d see the day!

gandalf behind scenes

New Line Cinema

16. Star Wars

There was always something “human” about R2-D2 and C-3PO…

star wars behind scenes


17. E.T

We can’t figure out if this is cute or disturbing! Spielberg giving E.T a bath!

e.t behind scenes

Universal Pictures

18. Star Wars

Luke Skywalker and the Muppets? What otherworldly stuff is this?!

star wars muppets


19. The Life of Pi

You’re telling me the tiger from this movie wasn’t even real?! It was a stuffed bear all along, dammit!

life of pi behind scenes

Fox 2000 Pictures

20. Titanic

Here it is. PROOF that the wooden board DEFINITELY would have fit Jack Dawson! Selfish, Rose, selfish…

jack rose selfish

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

21. The Shining

The haunting twins from The Shining aren’t as creepy behind the scenes. They do smile!

the shining twins behind scenes

Warner Bros.

22. The Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-Man – Have some decency!

spider-man funny

Columbia Pictures

23. Harry Potter

Hermione, what on earth have you done to Dobbie? Why is he white?!

harry potter behind the scenes

Warner Bros.

24. Marvel’s Avengers

Iron Man, you’re not supposed to just reveal your identity in a public space like that!

iron man behind scenes

Marvel Studios

25. Lord of the Rings

Hobbit feet are detachable!

hobbit feet

New Line Cinema

26. Harry Potter

Harry and Belatrix getting a little too close for comfort…

harry potter funny

Warner Bros.

We’re sure you’ll be looking at your favorite movie in a whole new light after scrolling through these awesome snaps!

minion popcorn

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