30+ Spider-Man Gifts For The Web-Slinger In Your Life

spiderman gifts

Do you have a fan in your life who wishes they were Peter Parker? Do they eat, sleep and breathe the Web-Head? I’m guessing they know every single Spidey fact and trivia about the superhero, too.

50+ Cool Marvel Gift Ideas for Fans

We’re sure you’re always struggling to find the perfect gift for this wannabe web-slinger. Whether you need something for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or even yourself, we’ve found 31 of the best Spider-Man gifts – for adults and kids alike!

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1. Spider-Man Meme Mat

Only die-hard fans know about this running joke in the Spider-verse and only those would appreciate this hilarious and unique gift. Step out of the bath with a smirk by owning this soft and spongy bath mat. It’s the best gift idea for a fan with humor.

spider-man gift idea

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2. Bifold Wallet

Keep track of the cash you have to spend on comics with this bi-fold wallet. Made of faux leather, this awesome wallet has a web pattern throughout and a cool drawing of the web-crawler’s logo front and center.

spider-man wallet

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3. Spiderman Hat

If the fan in your life wants to show-off their fandom loudly and proudly, this cap is the way to go. This comicthemed hat features the superhero’s logo in black stitched onto the front. The cap suits any outfit ranging from casual to anything Spider-themed!

spider-man snapback

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4. Spider-Man Canvas Poster

Want to display your love for the web-crawler? With this poster, you can! This eye-catching piece features a bright and bold image of your favorite superhero in action. Guests won’t be able to take their eyes of it!

spiderman canvas

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5. Funko Pop Figure

Add this super-cool Spider-Man figure to your Funko Pop collection or start a whole new line-up of Marvel heroes! This little man depicts the coolest Spider-Man of the spider-verse thus far!

spiderman endgame funko pop

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6. Spider-Man Toaster

You can start warming up your toast with a superb Spider-Man logo imprinted on the bread! What’s more, this kitchen item is decorated with a cool print of the Marvel hero. This makes a great gift for any fan of the character as well as those who like the odd slice of bread.

marvel spider man toaster

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7. Spider-Man Headphones

Listen to your favorite music whilst showing off your support for the most adventurous of heroes in the Marvel Universe. These comfortable earphones are most suitable for kids, making them jump for joy upon unwrapping them! A piece of Spidey merch any fan would appreciate!

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8. ‘No Way Home’ T-Shirt

Can’t get enough of Spidey? All three Spideys? Show your love with this awesome t-shirt, which features a brilliant graphic of the three Spider-Man actors, reminding you of No Way Home

Want more options? Check out these highly-rated Marvel t-shirts!

no way home shirt

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9. Color Head Keychain

This metal keychain, which features the hero’s costumed head is shiny and gleaming enough to turn heads. A perfect way to remind you to channel your inner hero, just hook this keychain to your car keys and home keys and go.

spiderman keychain

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10. iPhone Case

Peter Parker may prefer an old-fashioned camera to take photos, but anyone will love their smartphone all the more with this case. With your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man swinging mid-sky, this case would make another great gift that’s awesome and way cool.

spider-man iphone phone case

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11. Spiderman Watch Band

Your fellow web-slinger friend will never miss another breaking news story again when they have this awesome smartwatch. Its red band with the hero’s mask will almost make them feel like shooting webs out of their hands when they check the time.

marvel spiderman smartwatch

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12. LED Light Hand

Even if the recipient of this gift isn’t afraid of the dark, this Light FX Hand nightlight would still look awesome in any room. With its unique design, this light makes a wall look like it’s busted open and Spidey’s illuminated hand is popping right out.

Spiderman Light Hand

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13. ‘No Way Home’ Pin Set

This pin set makes the perfect Spiderman gift – it is of course dedicated to one of the best Spider-Man films! Place these on your handbag or backpack and let Spidey (and Dr. Strange) watch over you. Start your Marvel pins collection by making this official set the first of many!

no way home pin set

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14. Spiderman Pillow

The perfect accessory for your web-head’s home! This bright pillow features the famous silhouette of your friendly local Spider-Man and promises to add some Marvel-ous decor to your room.

spider-man throw pillow

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15. Spiderman Coasters

Do you know a web-head who loves their hot beverages? Gift them with this coaster set for their birthday or Christmas. Guaranteed to vamp up any person’s home, this item makes the perfect and most stylish present for dads, brothers and even sisters!

spider-man coasters

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16. Spider-Man Blanket

Scanning the internet for Spider-Man stuff? Decorate your bed or couch with this blanket featuring a cool image of your favorite web-crawler. It promises to add some color and coolness to any room.

spider-man throw

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17. ‘No Way Home’ Clock

Spruce up a fan’s home by letting them pin this epic clock on their wall. Whether it’s hung in the living room or bedroom, this is one funny way to tell the time. Wrap it up in time for Christmas or gift it as a memorable and unique birthday present.

spider-man no way home clock

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18. Zipper Pouch

Men aren’t the only fans of this Marvel hero. For the special lady in your life, get her this zipper pouch which features Spidey’s face imprinted across its soft material. Carry this around – it might just get a girl confused for Mary Jane.

spider-man pouch

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19. Snuggy Sleeved Blanket

If you’re going to lounge around the house, look awesome doing it in this snuggy. You too can dress like a web-crawler in this plush polyester garment, which also doubles as a comfy blanket. You may never want to wear anything else ever again.


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20. Men’s Character Cufflinks

There are multiple gifts for Spiderman fans out there, but these are a must. Every fan should go to work wearing these super-cool cufflinks. They’ll spruce up any smart look and add that extra-special super-hero touch. Great gift idea for adults!

spider man face cufflinks

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21. Spiderman Necklace

It doesn’t get cooler or more stylish than this! Hang this necklace around your neck and show-off your support for Marvel’s best superhero!

spider-man jewelry

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22. Cookie Jar

What better person to protect your cookies than Spider-Man? Store your favourite goodies in this fantastic jar and ensure that no one takes a bite! This cookie jar will look awesome on any kitchen counter!

spiderman cookie jar

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23. Spider-Man Ring

Add a little bling to your web-slingers with this super-cool ring! Whether it’s for your boyfriend or a friend, who knew being a Peter Parker fan could be so fashionable?

spiderman tom holland ring

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24. Heat Changing Mug

Make sure your web-slingers are sipping from the coolest cup around! This mug reveals the superhero as it gets warmer. Pour in the coffee or tea and wait for Spidey to reveal himself!

spiderman heat mug

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25. Spider-Man Earrings

Nab these for the fashionista in your life. Bearing Spidey’s distinctive symbol, these are a great but subtle way to tell the world you’re a fan of the web-crawler!

marvel spider man earrings

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26. Spider-Man Fitness/Activity Tracker

Made for kids, this fitness activity tracker will measure every step and exercise they do. Including an interactive app experience, this is the greatest gift a wall-climber could want during his spidey-adventures.

spider-man fitness tracker

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27. Spider-Man Coffee Maker

Want things to buy for that web-slinger? This makes a perfect gift idea for Spiderman fans! Let them make their coffee in this unique and cool coffee maker made specifically for those who want to taste a bit of Spidey every morning!

spider man merch

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28. Far From Home T-Shirt

If you’re looking to treat a fan with a good old traditional t-shirt, consider purchasing this one that features a superb graphic of the superhero movie, Far From Home.

far from home shirt

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29. Spider-Man Sweater

Know someone who would totally wear this sweater? Not only will this piece of clothing keep you warm, but it will also make you the most fashionable one in the crowd!

spiderman logo sweater

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30. Waffle Maker

What better waffles to have for breakfast than ones that are shaped as Spider-Man?! This kitchen appliance is ideal for any fan of the hero who also has a sweet-tooth!

spiderman waffle maker

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31. ‘No Way Home’ Wall Art

What a way to show-off your love for the three Spider-Men. This gorgeous canvas print features a stunning illustration of that epic scene from No Way Home, reminding fans of their undying love for the hero. Arty and vibrant, this makes a perfect gift for anyone who wants to spruce up their home decor.

spider-man wall art

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Please any web-slinger friend in your life with these awesome items, or even treat yourself.

Even though you can’t be Peter Parker, with all this cool Spider-Man merchandise, you’re pretty much as close as you can get. These gifts are great for all Spidey collectors!

This post was originally published in April 2015.



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