How Many of These Drizzy Drake Facts Do You Know?

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So you know the lyrics to Headlines and Jumpman back to back and you follow his every move on Twitter and Instagram but did you know that Drake once wrote a heartwarming letter to the late Aaliyah or that he grew up considerably “poor”? If you truly consider yourself a die-hard Drizzy fan, then you’d already be well-informed of the 16 Drake facts we’ve listed below…

1. “Drake” Is Just His Stage Name

We’ll be surprised if you didn’t know this one. “Drake” is actually the rapper’s stage name. Forget “Champagne Papi” or “6 God”, his name in full is actually “Aubrey Drake Graham”. We’re guessing only his nearest and dearest call him by that name…

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2. Drake is Jewish

Wondering where Drake is from? The Controlla artist was born to his African American father, Dennis Graham from Memphis, Tennessee and Jewish Canadian mother, Sandi Graham. That’s right, Drake is Jewish. It now makes sense why he’s releasing Views From the 6 on April 29th – to treat his fellow Jewish fans during Passover!

drake parents

3. He Has Music in His Blood

He can sing, and he can sure as hell rap. Drake has bags of musical talent, but where did he get it all from? Well, his father, Dennis Graham was a drummer who worked with Jerry Lee Lewis while his uncle, Larry Graham, played bass for Prince. Drizzy has been raised loving and listening to music…

drake dad


4. Drake Spent 7 Years in a Wheelchair…Sort Of

Well, not literally. Drake spent seven years in a wheelchair as the character, Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi: The Next Generation. He played the character from 2001 until 2009 and even earned a 2002 Young Artist Award for best ensemble in a TV series!

drake jimmy brooks

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5. Drizzy Has Written Songs For Big Artists

Drake really is a man of many talents. Not only is he a rapper, singer and actor, Drizzy is also a song-writer, for other superstars too. He wrote Un-Thinkable for Alicia Keys and co-wrote Fall For Your Type for Jamie Foxx.

drake jamie foxx

6. Drake Once Had a Crush on Nicki Minaj

Drake admitted back in 2010 that he had “a crush” on Nicki Minaj. He told MTV that his song Unthinkable was actually inspired by her: “I’ve always really, actually, really had a crush on her, always really loved her, and she’s always just looked at me as, like, her little brother,”

Nicki Minaj may have friend-zoned Drake several times in the past but at least he was lucky enough to have her twerk on him. What other guy can say that about his crush, hey?

nicki minaj drake

7. He’s Had Public Feuds

Drake might rap about feelings and relationships and come across as a cry baby to some but in actual fact, he’s no stranger to beef and brawls! Apparently, the OVO rapper landed Chris Brown in hospital with a gashed chin back in 2012 after a fight over Rihanna in a nightclub. Let’s not forget Drake’s beef with Meek Mill and Kanye West!

Chris Brown Drake


8. Drake Began His Career By Releasing Mixtapes

Budding rappers, take note. Drake began his rap career through a series of self-released mixtapes. He began releasing them in 2006 but it wasn’t until 2009 when he was officially signed to Universal Motown.

drake room for improvement

9. Drake Really Did Start From the Bottom

Apparently, when Drizzy was young, his father was constantly in trouble with the law. His parents divorced when he was 5-years-old, leaving Drake to move out with his mother. Sandi Graham was unable to work due to rheumatoid arthritis and had to live off disability cheques and depended on financial help from her brother. Drake and his mother moved several apartments before renting a room in a basement.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Sandi admitted that they “were poor” – “I think Aubrey realized that he didn’t have an inheritance he could depend on, and that he was going to have to do it himself.” she told the magazine. Drake’s Started From the Bottom lyrics now make a whole lot of sense…

drake and mom


10. Drake Has an Aaliyah Tattoo and He Once Wrote a Letter To Her

Drake’s love and appreciation for Aaliyah runs deep. The rapper once revealed that the late songstress has had the biggest influence on his career. What has he done to commemorate her? Not only has Drake featured on her song Enough Said but he’s also got a huge tattoo of her face inked on his back alongside his mother, grandmother and uncle.

drake aaliyah tattoo

Grab a tissue! On the ninth anniversary of her death (Aug. 25, 2001), Drake took to Rap Radar to write a letter to Aaliyah.

“Dear Dana,

I’ve never lost a parent, a friend, or a lover but I will never forget this day for the rest of my life. I remember getting the news that you had passed and it connected with my heart like a clean shot from Muhammad Ali. I was crushed. Not only was I one of your biggest fans but I was truly in love with you. I loved the way you carried yourself, the way you dressed, the confidence with which you addressed passion and relationships in your music. I said to myself that even if we never met, I wanted a woman in my life just like you. I am pained that we will never get to connect now that music ended up being my career path. But you should know, we all listen to you everyday and we remain inspired and moved by all that you’ve given the world. I hope I make the right life choices so I can end up in heaven where I know you rest your head. I’ll continue to make music in your honor until the day we finally meet. Dinner’s on me!

Love you always and forever,


 11. Drake Is Always a Victim of an Internet Joke

After Drake released the music video for Hotline Bling, his bizarre dance moves took the world by storm. Fans sparked a social media frenzy by creating a bunch of hilarious Drake memes online. Not just that. There’s a Twitter page that mocks Drake’s softer side called “Drake the type”.

hotline bling funny

12. He’s the Second Artist To Make a Chart Record

Drake wasn’t lying when he rapped “I just wanna be successful”. He’s the second artist (first was Nelly Furtado) to have his first two top ten hits in the same week. On the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2009, both Best I Ever Had, and Every Girl by Young Money Entertainment entered the top ten at positions 3 and 10.


13. Drake Always Sets Himself Money Goals

Drake likes to shoot for the stars! When Drizzy first started his career, he aimed to make $25 million by the age of 25, and so he did. Once he made that big amount of money, he set a goal to make a whopping $250 million by the age of 29. Well, Drake, did you reach your goal?

drake millions

14. Drizzy Has Allegedly Dated a Bunch of Famous Ladies

We all know that Drake likes to sing about past and failed relationships but none of us really know which exact ex-girlfriend his heartbreak hits are about. The 6 God rapper has been romantically linked to a selection of famous, beautiful women like Rihanna, Serena Williams, Zoe Kravitz, Teyana Taylor, Blac Chyna, Tyra Banks and Karrueche Tran.

rihanna drake

15. Drake’s Ex-Girlfriend Sued Him Over Marvin’s Room

Marvin’s Room might be your chill-out tune but it definitely isn’t Drake’s! The song brought on a lot of stress for Drizzy. The girl whose voice is heard on the telephone is apparently Drake’s ex-girlfriend. She allegedly ended up suing Drake for using her voice without her permission and not getting paid promised royalties.


16. Drake Has Been Signed to UK Grime Label Boy Better Know

Drake’s UK fandom were mega-hyped when the rapper collaborated with grime artist, Skepta on their song Ojuelegba but they went even crazier when they found out he’d signed to Skepta’s label, Boy Better Know. Like he said on Instagram, Drake is officially “the first Canadian to be signed to BBK”.



So, how many of these Drake facts did you actually know? Be honest and tell us in the comments below…

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