OMG to WTF! Ranking Rihanna’s Most Shocking Music Videos

rihanna shocking music video

From flaunting drug use to cold-bloodedly murdering someone, Rihanna’s shocking behavior in her music videos has taken us on one heck of a roller-coaster ride. She’s stripped off, danced on a poll and twerked to her heart’s consent. But which video clip raised eyebrows most? You’ll start off gasping “OMG” and finish by asking “WTF” as we rank Rihanna’s most controversial music videos from least to most shocking…

12. Disturbia (2008)

If the aim of this clip was to Disturb us, it sure as hell succeeded in that! Today, you wouldn’t bat an eyelid if you watched Rihanna’s Disturbia video, but 8 years ago when it was released, she had audiences’ mouths open in shock. The Disturbia clip had dark and freaky scenery – a far cry from Rihanna’s previous music videos. She went from dancing with an umbrella to wearing creepy contacts and acting like a possessed popstar…

11. Rude Boy (2010)

Did Rihanna discover her booty in this video clip? We think so! Forget Miley Cyrus, it was this Bajan beauty that introduced the world to twerking! Rudeboy was probably the first visual that featured a much sexier side to the ANTI singer. Rihanna took a liking to shaking what her momma gave her, and so did we! In fact, a lot of fans were left speechless when this clip hit YouTube!

10. Love the Way You Lie (2010)

As if Rihanna’s history with Chris Brown wasn’t controversial enough, she goes and features in this super-heated clip with Eminem. The Love the Way You Lie video highlighted the impact of being in a tumultuous relationship. With its scenes of domestic violence and keeping Rihanna’s past with Chris Brown in mind, there’s no surprise this music video was quite disturbing and upsetting to some…

9. Man Down

Talk about shock-factor! Rihanna tackled themes of domestic abuse in her music video for Man Down, only two years after she was notoriously abused by Chris Brown. The superstar has killed a bunch of men who have done her wrong in her music videos, but her first victim was a guy who allegedly sexually abused her in the Man Down clip. In retaliation, RiRi shoots this man in the back of the head in the middle of a crowded train station. WOAH!

8. Work (2016)

By the time this video was released, we were pretty much used to seeing RiRi leave little to the imagination. Nevertheless, it’s not as shocking as her previous clips or others that were to come. Rihanna twerked, grinded and danced with Drake whilst wearing a see-through top in the super-hot video for Work. If you’re one to shy away from nakedness, we guarantee this video left you blushing!

7. S&M (2011)

If there’s a Rihanna music video that got the people talking, it was this one. S&M not only featured controversial lyrics, but a controversial video too. In an attempt to bash the media, Rihanna tied up reporters and paparazzi whilst giving them a strange, sexual and painful experience. Scenes filled with gag balls, whips and sex dolls sent shockwaves through the music industry like never before…

6. Can’t Remember to Forget You (2014)

Rihanna loves to turn up the heat! In the Can’t Remember to Forget You video clip, RiRi joined Shakira for a dose of girl-on-girl action. The dreamy duo took sexy to a whole new level in the visual that sees Rihanna and Shakira get up, close and personal. We had to cover our eyes most of the time – it was that steamy!

5. Kiss It Better (2016)

Rihanna gave no f**ks when filming the video for Kiss It Better. The NSFW clip featured RiRi writhing on the ground, wearing very little clothing and, erm, no bra as dice danced all over her body. While many deemed this video shocking, there are some who considered it beautiful. The visual brought all the sensual vibes, that’s for sure; but a half-naked Rihanna will always put the controversial stamp on it.

4. Needed Me

Not only does Rihanna openly smoke weed and bare her boobs in her music video for Needed Me, she once again kills someone in a pretty graphic sceneBrandishing a gun and using it to shoot her ex-boyfriend a staggering 3 times, RiRi clearly gave no fu**s in this video clip! Let’s not forget to mention the constant boob and twerking imagery throughout the vid! Well, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. Didn’t she tell us that she was a savage?

3. We Found Love (2011)

The music video for We Found Love definitely put the bad in BadGalRiRi! The jaw-dropping clip portrayed a reckless Rihanna, abusing drugs, thrill-seeking and engaging in a violent relationship. The visual that left many shell-shocked was even deemed “a disgrace”, by anti-rape campaigners!

2. Pour it Up (2013)

Let’s just say Rihanna isn’t afraid to get down and dirty in front of the cameras. This music video was so explicit, even mature adults had to cover their eyes! RiRi flaunted her body, her money and her twerking skills in the X-rated, Pour It Up video, leaving all viewers thunderstruck. What more did we expect from a song about strip-clubs and dollar bills?

1. Bitch Better Have My Money (2015)

By the time you got to the end of this seven minute video, there was really one question on everyone’s’ minds: WTF? The BBHMM music video (or shall we say mini-movie?) is undoubtedly Rihanna’s most shocking music video to date. What’s more controversial than torturing someone and eventually killing them? That’s exactly what RiRi did in this video clip. Twerking doesn’t seem so bad after watching Rihanna get high, violent, bloody and naked…

May Rihanna continue shocking society and leaving them speechless. It’s the shock-factor that keeps her so interesting…we’re not complaining!

Out of Rihanna’s top 10 most shocking music videos, which clip made you say “WTF”? Comment below…

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