The Best Zayn Malik Gifts For Zquad Members

zayn malik gifts

From his beautiful brown eyes to his heavenly vocals, it’s pretty easy to fall Zayn-gerously in love with Mr Malik. If you find yourself obsessing over the former One Direction heartthrob or if you know someone who’s infatuated with him, consider bargaining for one of these awesome Zayn Malik gifts…

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1. I Love Zayn Bracelet

Every Zquad member should be wearing this cute bracelet around their wrists! Profess your love for Zayn by showing off those very words, in a glitzy and glamorous way! If you’re looking to buy this for a loved one, we promise you can’t go wrong!

i love zayn bracelet

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2. Zayn’s Autobiography

If you really want to get up, close and personal with Zayn, then make sure you get your hands on his latest autobiography. The singer talks leaving One Direction, his split with Perrie Edwards and his candid feelings on fame!


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3. Zayn Malik Pillow

Want to Pillowtalk with Zayn? Your dreams could somewhat come true with this pillow case! Cuddle up to his face, hold it close to you and be in the bed all day, bed all day, bed all day with your dream guy!

zayn pillowcase

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4. Tattoo Sweater

Got a thing for Zayn’s tatted torso? Slip on this awesome sweater that’s got his tattoos printed on it. It might not have all of his tattoos, (since he updates them regularly) but it has the majority, which is good enough for fans of his stunning bodily artwork!

zayn malik tattoo sweater

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5. Zayn Malik Necklace

Know someone who adores Zayn Malik? Are you one of those people? Nab this super-cool necklace that features his name engraved on it.  Wear it religiously and never go a day without Zayn’s name being close to your heart…
zayn malik necklace

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6. Zayn Clock

Only dedicated Zayniacs deserve this clock! Count down the days until Zayn’s next single or album release with this unique home accessory. It’s a must-have for every Zquad member!

zayn 93 clock

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7. Zayn Purse

Store all your precious belongings in this precious purse imprinted with a silhouette of Zayn’s precious face. The Mind of Mine singer promises to keep all your necessities safe!

zayn pouch

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8. I Love Zayn Cap

Zayn’s beautiful brown eyes, fit body and heart-melting singing voice can drive you inZayn. If you’re a victim of his perfection and if you find yourself going a little crazy over him these days, get hold of this cap.

zayn cap

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9. Zayn Mug

If you’re not one to wear fan-made items, drink from one! This mug is ideal if you consider yourself a member of the Zquad. If you’re not looking to treat yourself, but rather a loved one, this mug would make the perfect gift.

artistic zayn mug

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10. Mrs Malik T-Shirt

Zayn may be dating Gigi Hadid at the moment but it’s not certain she’ll marry him. If you want to be the future Mrs Malik, slip this t-shirt on, and claim your spot at the wedding alter!

mrs malik shirt

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11. Zayn-Geoursly in Love T-Shirt

Do you eat, sleep and breathe the heartthrob that is Zayn Malik? If you’re Zayn-Gerously in love with the Mind of Mine singer, then you have no choice but to declare your passion with this cool t-shirt.

Zayngerously In Love tshirt

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12. Zayn Malik Phone Case

Carry Zayn everywhere with you by owning this incredibly cool phone case. Forget Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, flip your phone around and remember which zquad you’re truly apart of!

zquad phone case

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13. ‘Pillowtalk’ T-Shirt

If Pillowtalk is still the most-played song on your playlist, score this cool t-shirt! Pulled straight out of the smooth and sexy song, the lyrics “It’s our paradise and it’s our warzone” are imprinted on this simple but slick t-shirt that could be yours NOW!

paradise warzone zayn t-shirt

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14. Zayn Unisex T-Shirt

Any Zquad member would appreciate this fab t-shirt dedicated to their king, Zayn. Who wouldn’t want to walk around with Zayn’s face all over them?

zayn t-shirt

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15. Malik 93 Unisex Pullover

Make a Zquad member’s day by gifting them with this cool and comfy pullover. It’s got the singer’s name and birth year on it. If you, too were born in 1993 and obsess over Zayn, this item should be yours!

malik 93 hoodie

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16. Zayn Bag

If you have a Zquad member in your life, treat them to this great Zayn Malik bag. The bag printed with his face on it, promises to turn heads. Gift someone with it now!

zayn malik tote bag

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17. Zayn Poster

Make sure that Zayn fan in your life owns this super-hot poster of their fave. This gorgeous photo of Zayn’s face will compliment and light up any room!

zayn poster

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18. Desktop Standee

Face it, you can’t have the real Zayn Malik, so why not buy a pretend one? Place this cardboard desktop standee on your table and have Zayn close to you, tonight and always. Let the popstar encourage you to do your homework and get that paperwork done!

Zayn Desktop Standee
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Whether it is a poster or a t-shirt, getting your hands on some Zayn merchandise will please that Zayn-beating heart of yours…

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