7 Things Jaime Lannister and Luke Skywalker Have in Common

Jaime Lannister and Luke Skywalker

Who would have thought two characters from two distinct fictional worlds had so much common? You might think Jaime Lannister, from Game of Thrones and Star Wars’ very own Luke Skywalker are worlds apart but they actually share more similarities than you could ever imagine. In fact, if they ever came face to face in an alternate universe, they’d have plenty to talk about!

We bet you never knew how much these characters had in common. Check out Jaime Lannister and Luke Skywalker’s similarities below…

1. They Both Lose Their Hand

Being hand-less is one of the most noticeable similarities between these characters! Luke’s hand was chopped off during a battle with Darth Vader while Jaime’s hand was chopped off by Locke. Jaime’s disfigurement was more detrimental, of course. At least Luke got a replacement; Jaime had to carry on living with a metal hand, which forces him to sword-fight with only one arm.

Believe it or not, there are a bunch of Marvel characters who also have their arms cut off in tribute to the Star Wars icon!

jaime lannister luke skywalker hand
HBO/Lucas Films

2. They Both Get Prostheses

Luke Skywalker had a cybernetic hand made for him and Jaime Lannister was only given a golden steel hand. I guess that’s the difference in living in a sci-fi world rather than a medieval world, hey? We’re officially convinced that George R.R. Martin based his character on the iconic Jedi. Wait until you see just how much more these two have in common…

jaime luke prosthetic hand
HBO/Lucas Films

3. They Both Have Tough Twin Sisters

Both Jaime and Luke have forceful and confident twin sisters. Cersei Lannister and Princess Leia are forces of nature. They’re in no way similar in terms of personality but there are a few factors that make these two female protagonists alike. Cersei and Leia are both tough, powerful and know how to take the lead. A lot of men fear them and they sure know how to put up a fight.

cersei lannister princess leia
HBO/Lucas Films

4. They Both Have Evil, Manipulative Fathers

Is it a coincidence that Luke Skywalker and Jaime Lannister are sons of major villains? Luke’s father is Darth Vader and Jaime is son to Tywin Lannister. Not only are both these daddies dangerous, devious and evil, they’re both after one thing – power and domination. Darth Vader wants to rule the galaxy and Tywin wants (his family) to rule Westeros. They’ll do anything to make sure the power is in their hands and they’ll kill anyone who gets in their way…

tywin lannister darth vader
HBO/Lucas Films

5. They Both Play a Role in Their Fathers’ Deaths

If it weren’t for Luke or Jaime, perhaps their fathers would still be alive. While they didn’t directly kill Darth Vader and Tywin Lannister, they did play some part in their deaths. In Return of the Jedi, Luke battled Darth, weakened him and disarmed him by chopping off his hand. If this iconic duel between father and son hadn’t happened, Vader’s hand would still be intact and his suit wouldn’t have malfunctioned.

Jaime helped free Tyrion Lannister from a dungeon and soon after that, Tyrion murdered his father. If Jaime hadn’t let Tyrion escape, Tywin would still be up to mischief today…

tywin darth death
HBO/Lucas Films

6. They Both Love Their Sister…in a Gross Way

We don’t know if Luke actually had the hots for his sister, but it sure seemed that way early on in the Star Wars series. Before each sibling knew that they were related, it was as if the two fancied each other. Remember when Leia kissed Luke in The Empire Strikes Back? As first-time viewers, we thought these two were going to be an item, before Hans stepped in and the ultimate plot-twist was revealed, of course.

It’s no secret that Jaime and Cersei have a disturbing, sexual relationship. These twins are actually in love. Thank goodness Star Wars didn’t drag on such a creepy incestuous-love story. Today, the incest story-line is simply ridiculed – like in this funny Star Wars meme.

luke leia jaime cersei
Lucas Films/HBO

7. They Both Have Douche-bag Nephews

Not only do Luke and Jaime have similar sisters and fathers, their nephews are pretty much the same, too. Jaime had the spoiled, villainous and douche-bag nephew, Joffrey Baratheon (also his secret son), who once wanted to rule Westeros while Luke had Kylo Ren. If you’ve watched The Force Awakens, there’s no forgetting the main villain who ended up being the son of Hans Solo and Princess Leia. He also wanted to rule, dominate and kill and he too was a total douche-bag…

joffrey baratheon kylo ren
HBO/Lucas Films

Are Luke and Jaime the same person living in two different worlds? Does this comparison prove that George R.R. Martin may have based Jaime on the legendary Luke Skywalker? Or are their similarities just one huge coincidence? Here’s some fan-art in case  you were wondering what it would look like if Luke Skywalker and Jaime Lannister ever met…

luke skywalker jaime lannister fan art

This connection between Jaime and Luke isn’t the only cool thing Game of Thrones producers have sneakily thrown into the show. There are also 16 other Easter Eggs that you may have missed throughout the fantasy television series…


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Narses the Armenian
8 years ago

– They both have dwarf-sized advisors they should better listen to

– they both have sisters having married a mercenary and born 3 children, two of them already dead

– they both have a crush on an amazone-like guardian who still wants to take revenge for the murder of her former Monarch

– the amazone blames them for slaying the former Monarch, though it was their father who betrayed the Monarch after 20 years of being his second in command

– they both don`t want to be involved in politics

– they both inherited great force from their father which they don`t really want to use