We Explain That ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 6 Ending

pretty little liars season 6 ending

Pretty Little Liars ended its 6th season with more mind-boggling plot holes and confusing cliff-hangers. Just as we thought we had tied up all loose ends, we were bombarded with more inconsistencies, plot twists and burning questions. We’ve attempted to answer a few that will hopefully settle your mind a little bit…

Who Is the Mysterious Twin?

For years now, speculation has been rife over a possible twin theory and in season 6’s finale, all was finally revealed. No, Alison does not have a twin and it’s certainly not one of the Liars. Believe it or not, it’s Jessica DiLaurentis who has a carbon copy of herself, running around Rosewood and getting up to mischief.

According to the file that Spencer, Toby and Mona found, 25 years ago, a Radley Sanitarium patient by the name of Mary Drake gave birth to a baby boy named Charles – AKA Charlotte DiLaurentis/A. This woman wasn’t fit enough to take care of the baby and so she gave it up for adoption to Jessica and Kenneth DiLaurentis. It turns out; Charlotte was not the DiLaurentis’ biological daughter, after all.

At the end of the finale, we saw that Charlotte’s real mother (Mary Drake) is in fact identical to Jessica, except with darker hair. In other words, Mary Drake is Jessica’s evil twin sister.  That would explain why Alison was seeing her dead mommy everywhere. It was actually Mary Drake taunting her, leading her to admit herself into a mental institution. But why would Mary want to do that? We’ll get to that in a minute…

What Are Elliot and Mary Drake Up To?

In a shocking twist, we learnt that Elliot, Alison’s husband was not the sweet, innocent dude we all thought him out to be. The creep has actually been fooling Alison all along. He’s even been wearing Detective Wilden masks to terrorize his wife, with the help of Mary Drake. So what are their motives? Why have they both been working against Alison?

mary drake elliot

Apparently Elliot and Charlotte used to date and we now know that Mary Drake is her birth mother (it now makes sense why Charlotte chose the name, CeCe Drake!). Now, remember the Carissimi Group – the financial group that helped Charlotte fund her terror over the Liars? Well after Charlotte died, Alison was deemed a stockholder in the company and she decided to start using all of Charlotte’s money to “help people.” It now appears that Mary Drake and Elliot want financial control over it. “Did she [Alison] sign the papers”? Mary asks “Yes, I control 51% of Carissimi now”, Elliot replies while Mary utters “I’m finally taking back what’s supposed to be mine. That’s what our Charlotte would have wanted”.

That would explain why Elliot married Alison in the first place and why he and Mary Drake drove her crazy with dead people visions. They want to get rid of Alison so they can take control of Charlotte’s money. Elliot is Alison’s next of kin, after all.

Who Is A.D?

Gone are the days when mysterious messages and mastermind plans were signed by none other than the anonymous “A”. The Liars are now being stalked by yet another creepy, unidentified pursuer, known as “A.D”. All fingers point to Alison DiLaurentis, of course, but that’s a little too obvious for Pretty Little Liars’ standards. We can at least assume that the “D” stands for DiLaurentis or Drake. Could it be Mary Drake? We doubt it, since she was elsewhere while Hanna was being kidnapped. The mystery never ends. Can the Liars just call the police, already?!

Is Hanna Dead?

At the very end of the season 6 finale, we saw Hanna’s body get dragged across the floor by an unknown kidnapper, who we assume is A.D. Is Hanna really dead? We’d hate to think so but she very much looked it, especially with those flowers propped in her hands.

Nevertheless, there’s a huge part of us that doubts our favorite blonde bombshell is gone. The flash-forward clip we saw in the mid-season finale, has yet to take place. It’s obviously set in the future and thankfully Hanna is very much alive.

pretty little liars future

Just a few months left until we get more answers, and hopefully final, resolute ones that help this entire show make sense. Pretty Little Liars will air its final season in June 2016.

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  1. Umm, why did Charlotte name herself Cece Drake if she didn’t know that she is not a Dilaurentes ?

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