12 Zayn Facts All Zquad Members Should Know

zayn malik facts

There are hundreds, thousands, probably millions of you who have been fans of Zayn ever since 2010 when he walked onto that X Factor stage and rocked the world with One Direction. You probably know every nitty gritty detail about him. There are a few however, who we can bet are only just beginning to take a liking to Zayn Malik since he became a solo artist. His music has taken a whole new turn, after all.

If you’ve only recently joined Zayn’s “Zquad”, and want to learn more about him, here are 12 Zayn Malik facts that you might want to educate yourself with…

1. Zayn’s Name Isn’t Spelled With a “Y”

You’ll never guess what! Zayn’s name isn’t spelled with a “Y”, it’s actually spelt with an “I”. “Zain Malik” is the name you’ll probably find on his birth certificate! Apparently, the Pillowtalk singer wanted a more original stage name and so he decided to swap the letters around…

2. Zayn’s Dated a Bunch of Famous Girls

With Zayn’s good looks, it’s no surprise that he’s had a bunch of famous ex-girlfriends! In 2011, when Zayn was 18, he dated his fellow X Factor star, Rebecca Ferguson who was 24 at the time. They lasted four months. It’s well-known that he got engaged to Little Mix superstar, Perrie Edwards. The two were a couple for 2 years but Zayn broke up with her soon after he quit One Direction. He later dated stunning model, Gigi Hadid and boy, did they make a gorgeous couple but they split after more than two years of dating!

3. “Malik” Has a Special Meaning

Ever wondered what “Malik” means? In Arabic it means “king” or “chieftain”. A title that couldn’t have been more fitting for Zayn…

4. Zayn is Half Pakistani, Half English

Wondering where Zayn got those beautiful brown eyes and his gorgeous olive skin from? The Nobody is Listening star was born to his British Pakistani father, Yaser and English mother, Tricia Malik. Damn, they make beautiful babies!

zayn malik parents

5. Zayn Brushes His Teeth Before Performing

If you really want to know the ins and outs of the heartthrob that is Zayn Malik, check this fun fact out – he has a strange pre-gig superstition! Zayn once revealed that he always brushes his teeth before performing on stage. He even admitted to The Hits Radio that this habit “is a little bit weird.” Well, at least we know that he keeps clean! And hey, I guess clean teeth contribute to his amazing smile!

6. Zayn Wanted to be an English Teacher

What if Zayn hadn’t auditioned for The X Factor? What if he never won The X Factor? Or what if he didn’t take the musical path? Believe it or not, Zayn would have been an English teacher! Yes, that’s right. The hottie might have been teaching you your theirs, they’res and theres in another life! He once told MTV that if he wasn’t in One Direction he’d have liked to have been an English teacher.

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7. Zayn Had Never Traveled Before One Direction

Being a member of One Direction brought more than money, fun and fame for Zayn. It also brought new experiences like getting on a plane! Apparently, he’d never owned a passport or even boarded a plane before he joined the group! Oh em gee!

8. Zayn Suffers From Aquaphobia

He can sing, he can dance and he can get your heart racing. Zayn’s a man of many talents but one thing he can’t do is swim. In fact, the ex-One Directioner is scared of open water (also known as Aquaphobia)! You’ll never guess what his favourite animal is – a hammerhead shark! Isn’t it ironic?

9. Zayn Has Many, Many Tattoos

Zayn might be afraid of water but he’s certainly not afraid of a tattoo gun! He’s got over 25 tattoos inked on his body including a Zap logo, a lotus flower and a gun. When Zayn was a participant on The X Factor, his grandfather passed away. As a tribute, the singer tattooed his granddad’s name on his chest in Arabic. He’s even got an embarrassing tattoo of his ex-fiancé, Perrie Edwards on his arm! If there’s one thing Zayn’s taught us, it’s to never get a tattoo of your boyfriend or girlfriend!

10. Zayn Spends a Lot on His Loved Ones

What a sweetie! Zayn doesn’t keep all his money to himself. He spends it on his loved ones. The Mind of Mine popstar has actually bought his mom and sisters a new house! Last year he gave $107,000 to fly his mom, Trisha Malik, and his sisters Doniya Malik, Waliyha Malik, and Safaa Malikout for an epic Los Angeles vacation!

zayn malik sisters mum

11. Zayn Originally Applied for The X Factor in 2009

Did you know that Zayn originally applied for The X Factor in 2009? He avoided auditioning due to nerves and in the end he auditioned in 2010. Apparently, he only auditioned for “experience”. From being in the biggest boyband in the world to going on to become a solo artist with a number one record, The X Factor sure gave Zayn a lot of experience!

12. Zayn Admitted He Hated One Direction’s Music

When Zayn quit One Direction, millions of hearts were broken worldwide. He revealed a few shocking truths in an interview with Fader last year, which possibly made him lose a chunk of his fandom. He told the magazine that he basically hated One Direction’s music and that he wanted to quit the band from the very start. In fact, his anxiety was so bad whilst in the band that he developed an eating disorder! Yep, our hearts broke a little when he admitted that!

Read all 12 facts about Zayn? Great! Truly consider yourself a member of his Zquad!

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