26 Pretty Little Liars Memes Only Fans Will Find Funny

pretty little liars memes

It’s not often that we crack a smile whilst watching Pretty Little Liars. Most of the time, we’re anxious, nervous and confused, wondering what the heck is going to happen next in this action-packed, drama-filled television show.

A mystery becomes even more mysterious, a character almost always dies and at least one of the Liars is always crying. We can’t seem to catch a break. That’s why we’ve gathered a bunch of memes, just to cut the tension a little bit.

It’s time to put the mysteries, puzzles and theories aside. If you feel emotionally tormented or confused AF after watching an episode of PLL, check out these Pretty Little Liars memes just for laughs…

1. Pretty Little Liars getting some Scooby Doo inspiration…

pretty little liars scooby doo

 2. This is pretty much how the fandom ALWAYS feels…

pretty little liars fans be like

3. Hands up if you also felt the same as Aria after the season 6 finale!

pll twins reveal meme

4. Ezra had the best A reveal of all time…

pretty little liars lol

5. We’re still lost. Are you?

pretty little liars joke

6. Alison’s got a lot to be sorry for…

alison pretty little liars
alison sorry meme pll

7. No wonder they couldn’t find A…

Aria upside down phone

 8. Yolo doesn’t apply to Alison…

pretty little liars you only live once

9. Someone got a little creative…

pretty little liars funny

10. Wait, girls – let A take a selfie…

pretty little liars memes

11. The paranoia kicks in!

pretty little liars am i A

12. Is this the best Pretty Little Liars meme ever created?

pretty little liars a joke

13. At one point we thought Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars would merge…


14. Can anyone do the math?

pll writers be like

15. Facebook, Twitter and Apple have got nothing on A…

pll meme

16. The awkward moment Alison realizes CeCe Drake and Charles DiLaurentis…

pll joke

17. You never know when your next stalker might pay you a visit…

one does not watch pretty little liars joke

18. We’re kinda used to Mona being a bad friend now…

mona pll harry potter

19. Damn…we feel for you, Emily…

emily can't win joke

20. We may already know who A is but this would have probably made more sense…

alvin pretty little liars meme

21. Damon Salvatore would defeat A any day…

vampire diaries pretty little liars

22. #Cute

pretty little liars relationship joke

23. Are we watching PLL, The Walking Dead or Scooby-Doo?

pll jokes
Instagram | plltyler

24. When you try and figure out how Charles became CeCe…

charles cece pll

25. Peter Hastings needs to keep it in his pants. His family tree is SO confusing…

hastings dilaurentis family tree

26. When Toby had to play spot the difference…

pll finale meme

Being a Pretty Little Liars fan can be a tough job. Hopefully these hilarious memes have given you a break and cut you some slack…

Now let’s go back to playing detective. We need to figure out who’s stalking Emily, Spencer, Hanna and Aria now…

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