Deadpool is certainly a Marvel superhero that deserved his own movie! This isn’t your usual Marvel film or superhero flick, ladies and gents. Along with awesome action, spectacular scenes and great graphics is an abundant amount of jokes, blood, profanity and sex. The comedy and craziness in this movie was nothing short of entertaining and strictly unmissable!

We’ve listed the 20 best Deadpool moments that made us laugh and almost vomit in GIFs…

1. When Deadpool shot one bullet and it consecutively went through three guys’ heads… Yes! You don’t see this much blood in other superhero movies.


2. When we found out that unicorns aren’t the only things that turn Deadpool on. The smoke from his own guns also make him feel some type of way…

deadpool funny

3. When Deadpool told this guy not to “swallow” and we knew this film was going to be funny AF…


4. When he actually looked through the bullet hole in his arm…


5. When he was literally like #killandchill…



6. When the movie showed us Ryan Reynolds from all the best angles…

deadpool ass

7. When he pretended to have nothing to do with that falling guy…


8. When Colossus put Deadpool in his place and hilariously shattered all of his bones…

deadpool colossus

9. When this superhero movie pushed the boundaries and gave us this sex montage. Did we mention how beautiful Vanessa was?

deadpool sex

10. When Deadpool threw major shade at the Green Lantern…

deadpool green lantern

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11. When Wade was so horrifically tortured to the point where he became a superhero…


12. When Deadpool and Ajax battled it out and Ajax thought he’d killed him…

deadpool francis

13. When Weasel made such an accurate comparison and proved he probably had some of the best lines in this movie…

deadpool avocado

14. When Weasel gave everyone friendship goals. At least he was honest, right?

deadpool weasel

deadpool weasel

15. When he totally understood a teen’s priorities…even in the most manic of moments…


16. When Deadpool predicted that Angel Dust would do a superhero landing…and she did a superhero landing…

deadpool landing


17. When Angel Dust knocked the crap out of Colossus…there’s a part of us that almost ships these two…

Angel Dust Colossus

18. When Negasonic Teenage Warhead proved she doesn’t only have the coolest name but the coolest powers too…

Negasonic Teenage Warhead

19. When it was finally Deadpool vs. Ajax! If only we had a GIF for the moment Deadpool killed him right after Colossus’ great speech…

deadpool ajax

20. When we were at the edge of our seats like Deadpool and Vanessa were at the edge of this collapsing building…


Deadpool was undeniably great, it was really tough to pin down just 20 best moments. What was your favourite scene? Let us know in the comments below…

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