Lady Gaga’s Best Vocal Performances – Hear Her Amazing Range

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For those who had no idea that Lady Gaga could sing – now’s the time to wake up and smell the coffee. Behind the extravagant costumes and bubblegum pop hits, is an extraordinary singer. Since the release of her latest album, Joanne, Mother Monster has dropped the outrageous outfits and wild antics and chosen to show her true colors as a true, talented artist and it’s about time.

With a Mezzo-Soprano vocal type and a vocal range that varies across F#2 – G5 – C6 (E7) according to Critic of Music, Lady Gaga undeniably has one of the best voices in music today. Don’t believe us? Watch these 9 stunning performances…

1. National Anthem at the Super Bowl 2016

Whitney Houston, in our opinion, is the only artist to ever slay the American national anthem. Gaga came close to dethroning the top female artist when she too, performed the national anthem at the 2016 Super Bowl. Gaga showed everyone how it’s done as she effortlessly sang one of the hardest songs to sing. We hadn’t heard her full range, until we heard this.

2. ‘Edge of Glory’ from A Very Gaga Thanksgiving

Some of you only know the auto tuned pop version of Lady Gaga. Her talent shined throughout her piano version of Edge of Glory. Who would have thought a pop hit could turn into a stunning ballad? It’s time some of you saw past her mainstream music and recognized Lady Gaga as a talented vocalist…

3. The Sound of Music Tribute at the Oscars 2015

There are many who were blind to Mother Monster’s vocal talents until she took to the 2015 Oscars stage to perform her tribute to The Sound of Music. Showing off her mezzo soprano voice with hints of operatic quality, Lady Gaga’s voice shone through and she finally began receiving the praise she’s always deserved.

4. ‘Speechless’ At VEVO Launch Event

Lady Gaga’s music sometimes fails to showcase her singing abilities. Her performance at the VEVO Launch Event left us Speechless (pardon the pun) and showed that she really is a legit vocal superstar. If you haven’t noticed that yet, you’ve obviously been living under a rock all this time…

5. ‘New York New York’ Live From Sinatra 100

Lady Gaga’s voice can soar through multiple genres, including ballads, pop, country, rock and jazz. Gaga’s vocal range and powerful pipes were put on display when she covered New York New York at the Frank Sinatra tribute event. That wide vibrato and effortless control is simply flawless.

6. ‘Do What U Want’ on Chatty Man

Can we all just take a moment to applaud this woman’s insane talent? Lady Gaga absolutely excelled whilst treating fans to a piano-led version of Do What U Want, to the point where she moved us to tears. We can feel the passion through our computer screens, especially when she reaches that F#5 high note!

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7. ‘The Lady Is a Tramp’ With Tony Bennett

Forget Poker Face or Telephone. To really appreciate Gaga’s talent you need to listen to her jazz album with the iconic Tony Bennett, which showcases her theatrical, smooth and controlled singing abilities! FYI, she actually won a Grammy Award for this album! Her ability to switch genres is yet another reason why we love Lady Gaga.

8. ‘Million Reasons’ for Carpool Karaoke

Lady Gaga proved that she can spontaneously sing flawlessly in James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. Listen to her live version of Million Reasons – you’ll be taken aback by her stunning vocal, just like James is! Her ability to hold pitches for extended periods, live, will blow your mind.

9. Shallow – A Star is Born

Gaga’s role in 2018’s A Star is Born really elevated her as a truly talented and powerful singer. Minus the jaw-dropping costumes and stripped back with hardly any makeup on, the superstar’s singing abilities shone bright throughout this movie. What impressed people most however, was how all singing scenes were performed live. Only Gaga could pull off such a move.

Just by watching these 9 video clips, we sincerely hope people can finally appreciate how vocally talented Lady Gaga is. When Gaga sings, she pours her heart and soul into every performance – something very few singers do today. I’m certainly proud to be one of her Little Monsters…

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This article was originally posted on February 10, 2016



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meng meng mok
4 years ago

Without a doubt, she is one HUGE TALENT!!! There is no artist like her. Even though Whitney might have the best vocal ever, but she is limited to pop/rhythm and blues and gospel, but Miss GAGA has done a lot more!!! She collaborated/sang with a lot of legendary artists!!!! (Rolling Stones, Yoko Ono, Stevie Wonder, Tony Bennett, Sting, and many more that I could not think of right now)

M Kerstner
5 years ago

I couldn’t stand Lady Gaga, till I heard her performance at the Oscars. I was blown away by her great singing talent that doesn’t show in the cr@p she normally sings. On the weekend I was blown away again when I saw A Star is Born. Lady Gaga is a wonderful actress and the movie is a little masterpiece. Now, if I could only learn to like her regular „music.“

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