It’s safe to say Kylie’s looks (and lips) have changed drastically over the years. The youngest Jenner has gone from an adorable teen to a full-on glamour girl, social media sensation, and youngest billionaire all within the space of a few years. Kylie Jenner’s transformation and before and after photos are nothing short of mind-blowing. Check out her face, booty, hair, lips and hips transform in this timeline…

Late 1990’s – Baby Kylie

We’ll start off by presenting to you a very young Kylie Jenner. Far from her famous pout and makeup-clad face, she was certainly adorable…

kylie jenner kid

2007 – 10 Year Old Kylie

Here’s Kylie in the first season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians! Compare this look with her current one, and you’ll be surprised at how different the reality star actually looks! Where have those cute freckles gone, Kyles?

kylie jenner 2007
E! Entertainment

2011 – 14 Year Old Kylie

Jaw-dropping, I know. Long before her sexy photoshoots, this was Kylie’s idea of posing for a shot. We can’t see her donning this hairstyle again anytime soon. CRINGE!

kylie jenner 2011
kyliejenner | Instagram

2012 – 15 Year Old Kylie

15-year old Kylie will have you doing a double take! This is back when red lippy and pouting would naturally enhance her lips. Seriously, she looked so pretty!

kylie jenner 2012
kyliejenner | Instagram

We can’t imagine what she would have looked like today had she not touched-up her lips. Some would even say she’s had a chin implant and reshaped her jaw.

kylie jenner young
kyliejenner | Instagram

The booty Kylie has today was basically non-existent during her teenage years. This photo was taken long before the days of butt implant rumors. I mean, not even 1000 squats a day could lead to the booty and body she has now!

kylie jenner body before
kyliejenner | Twitter

2013 – 16 Year Old Kylie

Throwback to 2013! Is this really the Kylie Jenner we all know today? I bet teenage Kylie would have loved to have worn one her lip kits!

kylie jenner before
kyliejenner | Instagram

Keep in mind that this was just over 4 years ago when she was 16-years-old! Money really does work wonders…

Kylie Jenner small lips
Kylie Jenner | Instagram

2014 – 17 Year Old Kylie

This snapshot is one of Kylie’s best yet. Natural, with only a touch of makeup. Why did she think she needed to change her look so much? She was such a doll back here…

kylie jenner natural
kyliejenner | Instagram

And so it began. Kylie and the lip-gate kicked off in mid-2014 when she began sharing selfies like this. Her plumped up pout appeared out of nowhere and everyone knew there was more to Kylie Jenner’s lips than just makeup. Just so y’all know, this selfie was taken only 4 MONTHS after that gorgeous car photo above! That must have taken a whole lot of “lip liner”.

kylie jenner lips
kyliejenner | Instagram 

Long gone were her freckles, her “old” chin and her thin lips. A whole new Kylie Jenner was born in 2014 and the world hasn’t stopped talking about it since. What a facial evolution!

kylie jenner botox
kyliejenner | Instagram

2015 – 18 Year Old Kylie

We know it’s only a wig but seriously, how different does Kylie look in this pic? The difference between 16-year-old Kylie and 18-year-old Kylie, is CRAZY! We guess this is where she began experimenting with new hair ‘dos!

kylie jenner blonde wig
kyliejenner | Instagram

Kylie, is that you? The fashionista regularly switches up her look by putting on blue lenses.

kylie jenner blue eyes
kyliejenner | Instagram

Here she is just a few months later. Whether it’s her hair or a new makeup technique, she isn’t going to stop until she changes every aspect of her appearance.

kylie jenner blue hair
kyliejenner | Instagram

In August 2015, Kylie changed her face once again…we’re certain she revamps her look every 5 minutes…

kylie jenner pretty
kyliejenner | Instagram

A lot has changed since 2012 and Kylie’s bikini body has come a long way. What are your secrets to a bigger butt, girl? That ish grew real quick…

kylie jenner fake butt
kyliejenner | Instagram

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Come winter 2015 and it looked like the fashionista aged by a decade. The lighter hair and eyebrows made SUCH a change!

kylie jenner blonde
kyliejenner | Instagram

Who is this stranger? Kylie has transformed her look so much that she probably needs a new passport…

kylie jenner green hair
kyliejenner | Instagram

2016 – 19 Year Old Kylie

Man, we wish puberty had been this kind to us. This gorgeous photo makes us want to blow $500k on a Kylie Jenner transformation. She’s changed so much to the point that she’s turning into Kim Kardashian

kylie jenner looks like kim kardashian
kyliejenner | Instagram

We’re sure we’re not the only ones who had to do a double take looking at this photo. Kylie is almost unrecognizable on her cover for Adweek!

kylie jenner adweek
kyliejenner | Instagram

Wearing less makeup and donning a plain-but-pretty hairstyle, the reality TV star toned down her look in mid-2016. It’s only a matter of time before she transforms drastically again!

kylie jenner 2016
kyliejenner | Instagram

Making a major color change comes easy to King Kylie! The 19-year-old welcomed September with a brand new look. Being the brave experimenter that she is, the socialite bleached her hair platinum blonde. It’s safe to say this look suited her and definitely transformed her!

kylie jenner platinum blonde
Kylizzlemynizzl | Snapchat

Like we said, it was only a matter of time before Kylie made a drastic change to her appearance. Since the start of 2017, she was rumored to have gotten a secret boob job. Her revealing photo shoot with V Magazine pretty much confirmed the fact that she’d undergone a body transformation. Girl, that cleavage appeared out of nowhere!

kylie v magazine
V Magazine | Instagram

Kylie debuted a new-found face in September, leading many to assume she’d done more work to her cheeks and lips. It was later revealed that the 20-year-old was pregnant. Is this what her pregnancy glow looked like?

2018 – 20 Year Old Kylie

It’s official guys! Kylie expanded the Jenner family tree after giving birth to her baby girl on February 1st 2018! This news not only transformed Kylie’s appearance but her entire life, too. We’re looking forward to seeing what Kylz will look like as a mom – we’re certain she’ll be just as gorg!

kylie jenner pregnant

It’s safe to say Kylie’s looking a lot more mature since having baby Stormi. Here she is in early 2018 looking like the gorgeous young mother she is…

kylie jenner 2018
kyliejenner | Instagram

Kylie has experienced with all makeup and hair looks but her best is when she’s most natural. She looks absolutely breathtaking in this photo with her baby girl, Stormi.

kylie jenner stomi
kyliejenner | Instagram

From a sweet, girl-next-door cutie to a pouty, sexy selfie-queen, this hottie has changed so much in such a short time. Want more proof? Have a look at a few of these before and after photos of Kylie…

Before & After Photos

This article was originally posted on February 8, 2016. 



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  1. Lol.. even kylie’s makeup artist mentioned about her plastic surgery in her 18th birthday makeup video. Maybe she forgot about that..haha.. how come only kylie gets her booty n boobs getting popped out and making her hips thinner day by day when she is gaining weight?? And other people gets belly fats.. :p

  2. The only thing that makes me “cringe” is the fact you think she’s like this now because “puberty was kind to her.” LOOOL.

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