5 ‘Breaking Bad’ Hidden Easter Eggs in ‘The Walking Dead’

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It’s no coincidence that The Walking Dead has made some pretty obvious references to television’s most talked-about series, Breaking Bad. Both shows do belong to the same network after all.

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There are so many Breaking Bad Easter Eggs in the zombie-filled series, they’ve even led some to believe that Walter White’s story is a prequel to The Walking Dead. Crazy, right?

Check out these four Breaking Bad Easter eggs that are hidden in The Walking Dead

1. Blue Sky in Merle’s Bag

That’s right folks! Walter White’s meth not only made it across Europe but also into the apocalypse. It’s that legendary.

In the second episode of The Walking Dead season 2, we learn that Daryl’s brother, Merle was a drug dealer before the walkers took over. When Daryl attempts to bring T-Dog’s fever down in this episode, we see him rummage through Merle’s stash bag. What’s in this bag? Oh it’s only Heisenberg’s trademark meth, Blue Sky.

walking dead blue meth

Some fans have even gone so far as to wonder if it was Walter’s drug that triggered the whole apocalypse in The Walking Dead. In other words, Breaking Bad is The Walking Dead’s prequel. Not really convincing, right? That fan theory is a bit far-fetched. We see this as just a fun little connection between the two iconic shows.

2. Walt Jr and Glenn’s Car

More connections between Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead came in the second episode of TWD season one. Remember when Glenn stole a car to escape a herd of walkers? To eagle eyed Breaking Bad fans, this red Dodge Charger is very familiar.

Let’s take it back to season 4, episode 7 of Breaking Bad. Not only does Walter buy his son a red Dodge Charger, but he also returns it to a certain “general manager” named “Glenn”. Now we all know that TWD’s Glenn was only a pizza guy before the apocalypse, which once again proves that the two shows do not take place in the same universe but that doesn’t mean this Breaking Bad Easter Egg isn’t super cool. Of course Breaking Bad was simply nodding to its fellow show on the same network.

3. Jesse Pinkman – Merle’s Drug Dealer?

AMC has been quietly and cleverly hiding these Breaking Bad Easter eggs in The Walking Dead for years now. In season 4, episode 12 of The Walking Dead, you might be able to recall the moment when Daryl opens up to Beth about Merle’s drug supplier. “Merle had this dealer. This janky little white guy. He says “I’m gonna kill you, bitch”.

walking dead breaking bad easter egg

Well, well, well. Only one “dealer” comes to mind and that’s Jesse Pinkman. I mean, what other drug dealer likes to use the word “bitch”? This is more than just a coincidence, right? It’s easy to assume that Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead are a part of the same universe, but let’s not overthink things…

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4. Gale’s Coffee Machine

Here’s where we might have overstretched things a little. But who’s to say this isn’t yet another cool Walking Dead Easter Egg? Remember Gale’s bizarre, extravagant coffee maker in Breaking Bad? It made a cameo appearance in The Walking Dead, too! In season 3 of TWD, Gale’s strange device shows up in Milton’s lab. So this coffee machine is either sold in stores or AMC just decided to reuse the same prop from Breaking Bad. Either way, we bet your jaws have dropped! How did you miss that?!

walking dead gale coffee machine

5. Lydia’s Ringtone

Another Breaking Bad and Walking Dead connection! Keep an ear out during episode 9×10 and you’ll hear quite a familiar song! During Alpha’s backstory, we see the Whisperer villain sing a song to her daughter, called Lydia, the Tattooed Lady. True fans would have noticed that this is the very same song used as Todd’s ringtone for Lydia in Breaking Bad! It seems the two worlds have music in common, too!

lydia's ringtone walking dead

We’ve already confirmed that these few links between The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad are purely Easter Eggs. As much as it disappoints you, the shows belong to two completely separate universes, so don’t keep your hopes up for a potential crossover series!

But it would still have been awesome if we caught a small glimpse of Walter or Jesse lurking through the streets as walkers in The Walking Dead, right?

breaking bad Walking Dead

This post was originally published on February 2nd, 2016.



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  1. To quote Comic Book Guy: Worst article ever. The bias of opinion is strong, the logic used changes with each topic, to a point of contradicting itself. It asserts itself as correct even while you’re jaw dropped at the disappointing reasoning. I genuinely want to slap the author.

    1. At first we also thought the RV was another link between the two shows. But after some research, we realized the RVs were actually different kinds in each show. They look very similar, though. If only The Walking Dead used the same one as Breaking Bad’s!

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