20 Best Drake Gifts For You and Your Woes

drake gifts

Obsessed with Drizzy? Know someone who can’t get enough of the Hotline Bling rapper? From unique shirts to funny pillows, we’ve compiled a list of Drake gifts that you can treat yourself with or even one of your woes…

1. Hotline Bling Pillow

Need a pillow to lie on, late night when you need his love? This pillow case will do the honors. If you’ve got a sense of humor and you’re a Drizzy fan, purchase this epic item…

hotline bling pillow

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2. Drake T-Shirt

If you really want to profess your love for Drizzy, bag this colourful t-shirt! With the rapper’s face printed all over as well as the OVO owl logo, you’re bound to turn heads with this top!

drake shirt

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3. Prayer Hands Hoodie

Add a subtle touch of Drake to your wardrobe with this mega warm hoodie dedicated to the Views star. This red hoodie is recommended for all fans and supporters of the One Dance rapper…

drake prayer hands hoodie

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4. Hotline Bling Phone Case

Looking for Drake inspired gifts? You can represent the rapper with this stylish Hotline Bling iPhone case! We’re sure it’ll get plenty of admirers calling your cellphone!

hotline bling iphone case

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5. Drake Mug

Sip your favourite hot beverage out of this awesome mug! With Drake’s signature face imprinted on it, there’s no other mug to brighten up your morning more!

drake face mug

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6. Santa Do You Love Me Sweater

Featuring a great print of Drake’s epic pose with a great twist of his iconic lyrics, this Christmas sweater is ideal for the winter season.

drake christmas gift

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7. 6 God Prayer Hands Necklace

Call yourself a dedicated Drizzy fan? Wear this Drake-cessory to show off your love for the Toronto rapper. This 6 God prayer hands pendant is so sparkly; it will definitely make your Hotline Bling. You can also get your hands on a silver version of it too…

6 God drake necklace

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8. Drake and Kanye Shirt

Looking for some Drake clothing? It doesn’t get funnier than this. If you’ve got an attitude like Kanye and loads of feelings like Drake, then get your hands on this fab shirt. We promise it will be an addition to your wardrobe you won’t regret…


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9. Drake Pin

We found the only thing you’ll need to add to your outfit or backpack this year! Make a statement with this dope Drake pin! This makes a great buy for any fan of the 6 God…

drake pin


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10. Drake Socks

These socks easily make the perfect gift for that Drizzy fan in your life! With the likes of Take Care and Shot For Me, Drizzy knows exactly how to warm your heart. With these awesome socks, he’ll be warming your toes, too!

funny drake socks

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12. YOLO Necklace

Looking to gift a Drake fan who swears by this acronym? Want to treat yourself? Why not consider getting a hold of this badass necklace inspired by Drake’s hit track, The Motto? If the 6 God prayer hands necklace wasn’t your style, then this Drake-cessory might do the job.

gold yolo neckalce

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13. Drake Travel Mug

If Hotline Bling made a big impact on you just as it did to the charts in 2015, then this travel mug should be yours. Declare your obsession with Drizzy loud and proud by drinking your coffee straight outta this flask!

drake travel mug

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14. Drake Poster

Who wouldn’t want a Drake poster on their wall? Proudly hang this hot photo of Drizzy on top of your bed or anywhere else in your home so you can see his face on a daily basis!

drake 2016 poster

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15. 6 God Blessed T-Shirt

Want to show some love for your favorite rapper in a simple and subtle way? This t-shirt is the ideal gift for you! Score this 6 God clothing item and feel cool, comfy and blessed…

blessed 6 god tshirtBuy the T-Shirt

16. 6 God Prayer Hand Earrings

Out of the many gifts for Drake fans are these earrings! Wear these 6 God prayer hand earrings with pride and let your friends know how much you support Drizzy. The stud bling earrings are of a decent price, too!

6 God earrings

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17. With My Woes Sweater

Get warm 0-100 real quick with this cool sweater. If one day you decide to run through the 6, make sure you’ve slipped this sweater on…

with my woes hoodie

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18. Drake Coloring Book

Who would have thought? Your very own coloring book dedicated to the one and only Drake! Makes for a perfect activity whilst listening to that Drizzy playlist on Spotify.

drake coloring book

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19. Drake Pillow

Make your guests laugh by decorating your sofa with Drizzy’s face. Who wouldn’t want to see their favorite rapper every time they Netflix and Chill, right?

drake face pillow

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20. Champagne Mami T-Shirt

Know someone who wishes they were Champagne’s Mami? Nab this funny t-shirt and let them pretend their Drake’s girl for a while!

Champagne Mami

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Don’t think about it too much…we guarantee these items are great gift ideas for Drake fans!

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