AHS Hotel ‘The Ten Commandments Killer’ – A Visual Recap

hotel ten commandments recap

After 7 episodes of watching Lowe at his wits end, we finally discovered who was behind those 10 Commandments Killings…and boy was it a surprise…NOT!

Our American Horror Story: Hotel recap will fill in you in on this week’s episode…

American Horror Story Hotel


So, pretty creepy little Wren has officially sacrificed her life to protect the anonymous 10 Commandments killer. After telling Lowe that the killer is staying at the Hotel Cortez, he takes Wren’s word and heads straight there
for answers.

american horror story hotel wren


Poor Liz, who’s still grieving over Tristain’s death gets ambushed by Lowe when he begins demanding where the murderer is. Sally soon steps in and takes him to Room 64 where all will be revealed…

american horror story hotel ten commandments


Room 64 sure has a lot of secrets. It looks like James March’s old office has turned into the 10 Commandments killer’s sanctuary.

american horror story hotel episode 8


Behind a secret door, Lowe is surprised to find a bunch of human guts in glasses – all trophies from the killer’s crimes. There’s the hand of a thief, the eyes and tongue of a cheater and many more gruesome body parts.

american horror story john sally


The sight of these trophies suddenly trigger a wave of memories for Lowe and the 10 Commandments killer’s identity is no longer unknown. Yes, that’s right folks! The killer is John Lowe! We could have told you that 7 episodes ago, but anyway…

american horror story john james march


Lowe finally realizes that it is he who committed the murders and all of a sudden, the memories come rushing back.

At the morgue where little Wren’s body lies, Lowe tries to confess his crimes to his partner, Detective Hahn by recounting the horrific events…

Apparently, Lowe has been a regular guest of the Hotel Cortez for several years. His decent into darkness began in 2010, when he decided to have a drinking binge at the hotel bar after a rough day at work. Lowe was coaxed into attending an after-party, hosted by none other than James March.

american horror story hotel


After a few too many drinks, March began to see something in him, especially when Lowe said, “Death is the only thing in life that has any meaning.”

March became attracted to Lowe’s “jet-black aura” and so decided that he was the chosen one to continue his
unfinished project – the Ten Commandments Killings.

american horror story hotel cortez


In order to convince him to go on a killing spree, Lowe had to be pushed over the edge and so March arranged for the Countess to kidnap little Holden.

american horror story


After losing his son and constantly arguing with his wife, Lowe would “find peace” at the Hotel Cortez.

american horror story john lowe


He formed some kind of disturbing bromance with March and was mentored into committing his very first crime.

american horror story lowe march


Lowe made his first killing at the Hotel (what a surprise). He brutally slaughtered an alleged pedophile with an Oscar but he soon felt guilty and attempted to hang himself. March was able to cut the rope in time and so continued training Lowe’s inner monster.

american horror story hotel john lowe


american horror story


Back in the present, Detective Hahn refuses to believe Lowe’s story (especially when he talks about having an affair with Sally, a woman who died back in 1994).

american horror story lowe sally


Lowe gets aggravated and ends up accusing Hahn of having an affair with his wife, Alex.

american horror story hotel american horror story hotel

In a quick turn of events, Lowe launches an attack on Hahn and slaughters him by stabbing him more than once. Poor dude…

american horror story hotel the ten commandments killer


Lowe, finally at peace with himself, returns to the hotel with a blood-soaked bag in his hand and is greeted by Iris who’s relieved to see that he’s accepted his dark side. Like a proud child with his homework complete, Lowe presents Hahn’s dong in a glass jar to James. James is pleased to see that his murderous minion has found clarity…

So Lowe has completed his 8th commandments killing. That means two more remain. Everyone but Scarlett (Lowe’s daughter) and Liz Taylor is already dead. Could they be John Lowe’s future victims?

Next Episode: She Wants Revenge

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