‘Empire’ – Ranking the Cast’s Musical Talent!

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From singers to rappers, Empire is overflowing with crazy talent. You could build a real-life record label out of the artists on this show and it would be just as successful as Lucious Lyon’s world famous company.

Whether they are guest stars, recurring rappers or singing sensations, we rank every single artist on Empire in terms of talent, leaving the best till last…

12. Elle Dallas – Played By Courtney Love

While Elle Dallas’ gripping storyline was enjoyable to watch, we felt like the former rock queen didn’t fit into the whole R&B, Hip-Hop vibe of the show. We are in no way doubting Courtney Love’s talent but we just don’t think it belonged on Empire. Compared to everyone else on our list, she really is just a washed-up rock singer…OUCH!

11. Lucious Lyon – Played Terrance Howard

There couldn’t have been a better actor to play Lucious but if only his musical abilities were a little stronger. He may be a considered a legendary rapper on Empire but we can’t bring ourselves to say the same in real life. We congratulate Terrance Howard on his acting talents but his rapping skills on the other hand are not so praise-worthy. When Lucious raps on the show, it’s almost as if we are listening to a knock-off version of DMX. He gets even more cringy when he starts to sing…

10. Valentina Galindo  – Played by Becky G

Becky G stepped onto the Empire scene as a singer as well as Hakeem’s very short-lived love interest. There’s no denying Becky G’s talent but we think she should have shown us what she’s really made of – and that’s rapping.

9. Delphine – Played by Estelle

Estelle only starred in one episode of Empire as singer, Delphine but she immediately captured our hearts with her voice. In fact, Conqueror featuring Jamal Lyon is one of our favorite tracks of the Empire season 1 soundtrack.

8. Laura Calleros – Played by Jamila Velazquez

Pretty little thing and Hakeem’s love interest, Laura not only has the cute factor but she also sings beautifully too. Laura looks like a popstar and sounds like a popstar. When she belts out songs in Spanish that’s when we adore her even more.

7. Tiana Brown – Played by Serayah McNeill

Serayah, the actress who plays R&B diva, Tiana Brown has the whole package to become a popstar. The mini-Beyonce has got some serious sass and star power! We love watching her bust a move and she can sing too!

6.  Hakeem Lyon – Played by Bryshere Y. Gray

Hakeem’s talent is officially off the scale this season! His rapping skills went from 0-100 real quick, that’s for sure. In the first season of Empire, there wasn’t really much about Hakeem’s talent that stood out for us. He’s certainly sharpened up his rhyming skills in season 2 and almost sounds like Kid Ink. Yaaz, you might just be on your way to truly becoming “the Greatest”.

5. Veronika Played by Veronika Bozeman

Season one of Empire opened with Veronika’s vocals and we immediately knew that this show was going to be filled with music magic. Even after 2 seasons of great songs, her stunning voice singing What Is Love is still remembered as one of the best. We really wish Veronika had a more developed character on the show, we feel like her talent goes unnoticed. Although she has got a great new track with Matrix Futurebound that was recently released.

4. Skye – Played by Alicia Keys

This is Alicia Keys we’re talking about ladies and gents. It’s a wonder why she isn’t first place on this list. But considering she’s not a lead character, we decided to position her at number 4. Skye’s singing skills are so on point, that Jamal Lyon has even fallen in love with her! We can’t wait to hear more from the piano-playing superstar…

3. Michelle White – Played by Jennifer Hudson

We know Jennifer Hudson only starred in a few episodes of Empire but that doesn’t mean she isn’t going to be included on this list. In fact, there’s no doubt that she is one of the most talented stars that’s been on the show. Cast as Michelle White, Jennifer’s heavenly vocals were a treat to listen to, especially on a show that often lacks a powerful female singer.  If only she was a regular on the show…playing Andre’s new love interest…

2. Freda Gatz – Played by Bre-Z

Freda is everything our hip-hop hearts have desired and more. The petite but powerful rapstress burst onto the scene and blew everyone, including Lucious Lyon away with her mad flow. Freda, known as Bre-Z in real life, is quite literally the female version of Kendrick Lamar. Her husky tone and melodic flow easily make her the second-most talented artist on this show. We look forward to hearing her rap every week and can’t wait until she one day becomes a real-life hip-hop star. Who else also thought she deserved to win that battle against Hakeem?

1. Jamal Lyon – Played by Jussie Smollett

Blend Usher, Michael Jackson and Prince together and out comes Jamal Lyon…

Of course Jamal is number one on our list! That spine-tingling vibrato and Michael Jackson-esque vocal gets us every time. The lead Lyon vocalist has proven to be one of Empire’s most talented artists. It makes us wonder where Jussie Smollett has been hiding all these years. Where was he before Empire? Jussie is exactly what’s missing in the music industry right now! He can dance, perform and sing his heart out – what more do you want in an industry full of wannabes and conformists?!

We dread the day Empire comes to an end but one thing’s for sure, Jussie Smollett will stay in the spotlight as a successful R&B artist for a very long time.

Who do you think is the most talented artist on Empire? Comment below…

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