The Walking Dead ‘Heads Up’ – A Visual Recap

walking dead heads up recap

Glenn is alive!

That’s right ladies and gents! After weeks of tears, grieving and mourning, The Walking Dead has revealed that Glenn is alive and kicking! Thank you, writers. Thank you for healing our broken hearts!

walking dead season 6 recap


It turns out that it was in fact Nicholas’ guts that we saw spill out at the end of episode 4, not Glenn’s. Taking us back to that precise moment, we see Glenn pull himself underneath the dumpster, away from the grasp of those horrendous walkers.

the walking dead glenn


the walking dead glenns alive


He manages to kill a few then waits for the herd to disperse before climbing out from underneath the dumpster.

He immediately sees Enid on top of a roof. She throws him a water bottle but she runs away before he can say thank you. Glenn follows her, determined to ask her why she’s outside Alexandria.

the walking dead heads up

Glenn follows Enid to where she has been living. When he asks her questions about what happened at Alexandria, she is very hesitant to answer. Glenn wants to know if Maggie’s okay but Enid immediately runs, and he gives chase, determined not to lose track of her. While frantically trailing Enid, Glenn finds a walker, and a note made out to Betsy. It was the guy that died while trying to climb over the fence with Michonne! How sad!

Back at Alexandria, Rick joins Maggie on top of the guard post where she is keeping a look out for Glenn. He’s confident that Glenn (and Daryl, Abraham and Sasha for that matter) will all be back home soon, and in the meantime, they can try thinking through ways to draw walkers away from the walls for when they return.

Later, Rick and Carl are still trying to teach Jessie’s son/Enid’s boyfriend, Ron how to shoot. This kid is pretty eager to learn! We wonder why…

the walking dead


There’s some serious tension between him and Carl, and Carl is being really passive aggressive. It’s already noticeable that Rick is making a huge mistake teaching this kid how to use a gun…

Meanwhile, Enid thinks she has evaded Glenn. She’s hiding in a little diner when Glenn finds her. He tells her that she doesn’t have a choice- he’s taking her back to Alexandria. Glenn reaches for her, when all of a sudden she pulls a gun on him.

the walking dead enid glenn


the walking dead enid glenn


He knows she’s bluffing when she says she’ll shoot him, so he takes the gun out of her hand, and reinstates the fact that he is going to take her back home. She cannot stay out here alone…eating turtles

On their way back, Enid and Glenn come across green balloons. They take them to draw the walkers away somehow. Glenn takes this as an opportunity to talk to her but a heart-to-heart that soon turns into an argument. Wow this girl has a serious chip on her shoulder!

As the pair approaches Alexandria, they discover it surrounded with walkers. The sight makes Enid turn on her heel back into the woods, but Glenn stops her. Though Enid is convinced that “the world is trying to die,” Glenn combats her opinion and tries to encourage her to be brave. He points out that the walls and the houses are still standing in Alexandria, so there’s still hope for them both. Glenn’s little pep talk seems to cheer Enid up a little bit. At last!

the walking dead enid

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Back inside the walls, Rick is trying to reinforce a weak spot when he sees Spencer trying to leave the community. He has used a wire he threw onto a nearby roof to climb over the walkers. This guy is super crazy!

The hook that’s on the other roof starts to slip, and Spencer isn’t even halfway across the wire yet! Tara tries to help by shooting walkers with the other hand. The cord slips, and Spencer falls back against the wall. Rick and two others help pull Spencer back over the wall into safety, but Rick is disgusted with his idiocy. “If you have an idea,” he yells, “you come to ME!” You hear that, Spencer?!

the walking dead rick


While all of this is happening, Ron is busy stealing ammo. What is he up to?!

the walking dead season 6


Later, Morgan goes to Denise, the nurse, asking for help. He says he needs to treat a wound. Denise offers to do it for him, but Morgan tells her that it’s not his wound that needs treatment, it’s someone in his home – the Wolf leader of course.

Carol, being suspicious of Morgan, follows them into his house. She confronts him, demanding to know who he is hiding in the cell.


the walking dead the walking dead

As Morgan gives her a stern look, the scene cuts to Ron. He now has a loaded gun and he’s following Carl…

Back outside, the community looks up to see a bundle of green balloons floating into the clouds. They all know that this is a sign from Glenn and everyone’s stoked, especially Maggie who’s ecstatic. Yes, our favorite Walking Dead couple will reunite!

the walking dead maggie


Before they can do anything though, a watch tower that the wolves caught on fire during their attack finally crumbles to the ground, and smashes a wall on its way down.

the walking dead heads up


Horror and panic fills everyone’s eyes, and the episode ends leaving us with a sense of awful dread- how are they going to defend themselves against that large herd of walkers?!

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