30 Best ‘Walking Dead’ Gifts for Fans

walking dead gifts

Know a fan of The Walking Dead? Are they totally obsessed with the zombie-fest, hit-TV show

Whether it’s a trivia game to keep them busy or a blanket to help them keep warm, here’s a list of the best Walking Dead gifts that every die-hard fan will appreciate…

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1. The Snacking Dead Cookbook

Nachos of the Living Dead, Sweetish Fleshballs or Elbows Casserole, anyone? This parody cookbook for fans of The Walking Dead is filled with snacks for every occasion. Gift-wrap The Snacking Dead for someone who loves to cook and read…

The Snacking Dead Cookbook

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2.  Here’s Negan Mug

Negan may have changed his ways in later seasons, but there’s no forgetting where he started on the show! If you’re not ashamed to admit that you’re a Negan fan, than you should be drinking your favorite beverage out of this!

here's negan mug

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3. Character Pillow

Rest your head on this awesome pillow featuring cartoon head-shots of your favorite Walking Dead characters. Not only are the likes of Rick, Michonne and Daryl there, but Glenn and Hershel, too!

walking dead cast pillow

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4. “I’m Fine” T-Shirt

Some fans are so wrapped up in a show, they start to believe they’re apart of it. If you know someone who’s desperate to be part of this series, treat them to this hilarious, gruesome t-shirt. Great for your boyfriend, dad or bestie!

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5. Walking Dead Trivia Game

How many facts about The Walking Dead do you really know? If you have nothing to do or find yourself bored easily, compete for a game of Walking Dead trivia with over 500 questions about your favorite television show!

walking dead trivia game

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6. See, Hear, Speak No Evil Set

Staying positive and out of harm’s way is necessary in a doomed world. With this zombie set of shelf sitters, you’ll be reminded daily to hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. This figurine ornament mimics the iconic three wise monkeys and will look perfect on any zombie-fan’s shelf.

Walking Dead See Hear Speak No Evil Set

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7. ‘The Walking Dead’ Blanket

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a home like Alexandria or the Hilltop, you can keep warm with this Walking Dead blanket. Even in the coldest of temperatures outside in the woods or out on the roads, the soft, cozy blanket guarantees to take the chill off your shoulders…

walking dead plush blanket

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8. The Walking Dead Glass Set

Those Walking Dead fans are well-accustomed to blood-spill and gruesome images. If your friend doesn’t squirm at the sight of walkers, this merch should be theirs! Only the boldest and bravest of fans should drink out of these!

walking dead rick daryl glass

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9. Rick and Daryl T-Shirt

This t-shirt will help that obsessed fan show off their support for TWD’s most beloved characters. Even if the show is dead and gone, you can keep Rick and Daryl alive forever with this clothing that makes a great gift for Walking Dead fans.

rick daryl merch

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10. Daryl Dixon Figure

If you agree that Daryl is the best character on show, get your hands on this highly articulated figure that will remind you to stay strong and badass every day. The detail is so fine, it will be as though you have your very own Daryl in your life.

daryl dixon action figure

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11. Dead Inside Bath Robe

This bath robe is necessary if you want to survive the cold winter months. It’s soft, it’s snuggly and it’s ideal for fans of the hit television series. It’s even features zombie scratch marks as well as an iconic quote on the back!

walking dead robe

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12. Walking Dead Light Clock

The Walking Dead can be quite depressing to watch at times. Light up those dark evenings with this awesome light clock which features iconic characters. This clock is superb for that Dead Head in your life! Treat them with it now!

walking dead light clock

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13. Daryl Dixon Funko Pop Figure

If only we had Daryl’s backbone during hard times. Let this mini version of your favorite character offer you some inspiration, even in a world gone wrong. Sit it on your desk, bedside table or kitchen counter…

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14. ‘Fight the Dead Fear the Living’ Mug

The Governor and the Saviors have taught us that the living can be just as dangerous as the dead. “Fight the dead, Fear the living” – now that’s a motto to go by living in a world infested horrid humans! This Walking Dead mug will thrill any Dead fan! Super-cool and “totally necessary” for survival on a cold winter’s day!

Fight The Dead mug

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15. Walking Dead Keychain

If Negan inspires you to get through this world using violence (we hope not), grab this keychain. Seriously, how cute is this (in the weirdest of ways)?

walking dead keychain gift

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16. Walking Dead Hoodie

If there’s nothing to keep you warm and comfy, then opt for this hoodie! This awesome and graphic pullover is a great gift idea for a Dead fan, or even for yourself.

walking dead hoodie pullover

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17. Charm Bracelet

Who knew being a fan of this show would be so fashionable? This charm bracelet is one of the perfect gifts for Walking Dead fans – especially those fighting to survive in a walker-infested world! Treat this as a birthday present to your mom, sister or best friend!


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18. Rick Grimes Action Figure

Want to be the leader of your gang? Keep this Rick Grimes action figure close to you at all times to get some inspiration from the show’s lead character. The incredibly detailed figure would make the perfect gift for a loved one who’s a serious Walking Dead devotee.

rick grimes deluxe figure

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19. Daryl Dixon Wings Messenger Bag

The Walking Dead comics differ from the show drastically – Daryl doesn’t even exist in them! So, to keep his character alive, we’ve found the ultimate Walking Dead gift for Daryl fans. If you know someone who eats, sleeps and breathes Mr. Dixon, then perhaps it’s time you treated them with this replica of his bag – how cool!

daryl dixon wings bag

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20. Eeny Meeny Miny Moe Negan T-Shirt

Admit it, you love to hate this villain! Some of Negan’s sayings go down as the funniest in television history. If you have the guilty pleasure of liking one of the show’s deadliest villains, then purchase this great t-shirt!


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21. The Walking Dead Apron

Disguise yourself amongst the undead and recreate some of the TWD’s greatest moments with this awesome apron. All avid fans should be clothed in this whilst prepping a delicious meal. Plus, if you’re having a dinner party, it’ll make your guests laugh (or run).

the walking dead apron

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22. Walking Dead Bracelet

If you’re a fashionable fan of the show, opt for this infinity love bracelet which has an arrow and bow charm hanging off it! Make sure you stay stylish in this broken world by wrapping it round your wrist. Or even better – make it a stocking filler for someone this Christmas!


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23. Dead Inside Poster

Does that fan in your life have an obsession with walkers? Let them hang this merch on their door to warn guests of the looming danger inside!

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24. Walking Dead Board Game

Let that TWD fan test their survival skills in this ultimate board game! Following an ‘escape room’ theme, this game pushes players to try and break into a room rather than out!

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25. Mrs. Dixon Pouch

If you know someone who has a thing for Daryl and wishes they were his, treat them to this fantastic zipper pouch that will make all their romantic dreams come true! A Walking Dead gift only swooning fans would appreciate!

mrs dixon pouch

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26. Abraham Funny Shirt

Abraham may be dead and gone, but fans can keep him alive with this hilarious t-shirt. With his signature beard and infamous quote imprinted on it, this is the greatest Walking Dead present a fan could receive.

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27. Walking Dead Shirt

This epic Walking Dead shirt is ideal to wear during a show marathon. Emblazoned with Michonne’s sword as well the show’s logo, this shirt would make a tantalizing gift!

twd gift idea

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28. Carol Funko Pop Figure

It doesn’t get cooler than this! All fans should own this Carol figure to remind themselves to channel their inner warrior at all times. If she was your favorite character on TWD, you know exactly what to treat yourself to this Christmas.

carol walking dead funko

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29. Carl Grimes T-Shirt

If you’re favorite character from the show is none other than Carl Grimes, what are you waiting for? Own this t-shirt now (available in men’s, too) and wear it loud and proud to show-off your support for the little man!

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30. The Walking Dead Monopoly

It can get boring in a post-apocalyptic world. This Monopoly game will keep you and your gang busy. Purchase it now, enjoy hours of horrors and fun and see which one of your friends or family can survive the longest…

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Our list of Walking Dead merchandise is superb if you’re looking to gift-wrap something for that Dead fan in your life. Keep their obsession thriving by treating them with an item here today!

If you’re a huge fan of the show, check out our list of hidden Walking Dead Easter Eggs – if you haven’t found them already!

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