Worst to First! Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’ Songs Ranked

justin bieber purpose songs ranked

Justin Bieber has finally released his fourth studio album, Purpose and beliebe us when we say it’s a record full of certified bangers. Bieber mulls over his past, apologizes for his mistakes and croons about his love life in an album crammed with EDM influence, R&B rhythm and moments of pop.

Here’s a list of Purpose songs ranked from worst to first…

19. Trust

Like we said, all 19 tracks on this album are excellent. There hasn’t been a single one that’s disappointed. Trust features Bieber’s impressive vocals singing over a bassy R&B beat and tingling piano. Although it ranks the lowest on our scale, we’re not saying Trust is a bad song. It’s quite simply, the least best song on an album full of 19 other brilliant hits.

18. We Are – feat. Nas

Bieber is joined by Nas in We Are, an R&B anthem that is fairly decent but not half as good as its predecessor tracks. But as cool as the tune is, it’s pretty forgettable. It’s not a disaster, but it we’re not sure if it would make it on our playlist.

17. All In It

Like Bieber’s other track, Recovery, All In It sounds like it belongs to Craig David. The pop jam is solid, but doesn’t compare to other, more distinctive tracks on the album. It’s a bit of a snooze-fest to be honest.

16. Company

Company comes on early on the album. It’s an electro-R&B hit that’s awesome, but offers not much more than similar songs like Sorry or I’ll Show You. It’s not a classic, but it’s by no means a flop either.

15. What Do You Mean Acoustic

Beliebers are surprised to hear a mellow, toned down version of What Do You Mean. Although not as great as the original, this acoustic rendition is yet another captivating production.

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14. Been You

Purpose features a mixture of EDM, pop and R&B. Of course it needs to include a bit of disco music. Following in the footsteps of Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars, Bieber also treats us to a groovy hit that could almost be taken as a song pulled straight from the 80s. Excuse us as we hit the dancefloor…

13. Children

You may disagree with us on this one. Does it belong higher up in our rank? You either love or hate what is perhaps the most energetic track on the album. Children featuring Skrillex is not terrible, but let’s just say, it’s not our most favorite out of the 19 tracks. Bieber tries to motivate the younger generation in this one but we can’t help but feel like it’s inappropriate coming from a 21-year-old who’s notoriously been up to no good in the past.

12. Purpose

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of a million Beliebers crying their hearts out. Purpose, the album title track finds Bieber crooning over a piano-led, emotional ballad. If you’re here to hear Bieber’s new-found EDM/pop sound, then you’ll find yourself hitting the next button with this tune.

11. No Sense – feat. Travi$ Scott

Bieber returns to his Journals roots and throws in a few good high notes over a heavy beat in No Sense. Wait for Travis Scott’s verse; the R&B track gets better when he steps in.

10. The Feeling – feat. Halsey

Female vocal breaks up the album a little bit in The Feeling. Indie pop singer, Halsey lends her voice in the great chorus of this EDM-inspired tune.

9. Get Used To It

Heads bop and feet tap in this fun, upbeat number on the album. Get Used To It is cheery and upbeat – a cure for Beliebers who are having a not-so-super day. It’s a decent track, making it to the halfway mark in our ranking list.

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8. No Pressure – feat. Big Sean

It’s like listening to Journals all over again. Which isn’t a bad thing. Journals was a great album. Bieber reclaims that signature R&B sound he had in 2013 with No Pressure featuring Big Sean.

7. Life Is Worth Living

Bieber gives a genuine and emotional delivery in Life Is Worth Living. It’s safe to say that this stunning, inspirational ballad is one of the singer’s best vocal performances to date. Beliebers hearts have melted for sure…

6. Love Yourself

Unsurprisingly co-written by Ed Sheeran, Love Yourself hears a stripped-back version of Bieber beautifully crooning over a guitar-accompanied melody. The ballad comes as a fresh of breath air in an otherwise, upbeat album. It’s also throws shots a certain ex-girlfriend. *Cough* Selena *Cough. Let’s not forget that Selena Gomez has the words “love yourself first” in Arabic tattooed on her back, too!

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5. Mark My Words

It might just be an interlude but Mark My Words, this short track sure grabs your attention and makes you want to hear more. The emotional introduction, based on his on-and-off relationship with Selena Gomez is beautiful. If only it were a full track.

4. I’ll Show You

Bieber’s latest music is beyond brilliant. He’s releasing hit after hit and his latest number is incredibly superb. I’ll Show You is one of many introspective tracks on the album which hears Justin reflect on his public image. His spine-tingling vocals, the vulnerable lyrics and slight EDM production sets this track apart from the rest of Purpose.

3. Sorry

We can’t stop listening to this! Can we just chill on the beach with a cool cocktail? That’s what Sorry does to us. It makes us want the summer all over again. The pop track is a strong contender on the album bringing a tropical atmosphere and strong dance vibe.

2. What Do You Mean?

Although it received a lot of criticism for its controversial lyrics, the tropical flavored What Do U Mean is in our opinion, the second-best track on the album thanks to its contemporary and fresh sound along with its sing-along lyrics.

1. Where Are U Now

Where Are U Now is indeed our favorite track on the album. Not because we’ve heard it time and time again but because it quite literally is the most exceptional song Justin’s ever released. The chart-topper stands out above all 19 tracks simply for its catchy sound and distinctive EDM tinges. As long as Bieber continues to release this fresh pop/electric sound, he will reign.

There’s literally not a bad word to say about the album and we have a feeling a lot of people would agree. Purpose is certainly one of Bieber’s freshest offerings as an artist. It’s brought in a new wave of listeners; listeners that were too proud to listen to Bieber before. Keep up the good work, Biebs! Thanks to Purpose, your fandom is about to grow!

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8 years ago

jb u r the best in the world

Melissa Phillips
8 years ago

Justin Bieber in my inspiration.
I love him.
I worship him.
He is my #1.
Him & his music is my life.