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After years of watching the James Bond movie series, fans of the suave secret agent have learnt a few good things about him. We all know that he likes his Martini shaken, not stirred, his favorite exotic car is an Aston Martin and his original preferred choice of weapon was the Beretta 418. But there are a few things about James Bond that fans don’t know…

We’ve gathered up 24 James Bond Facts (yes, 24 to celebrate the 24th Bond film) that all fans of the 007 franchise should know…

1. Sean Connery Wore a Toupee!

Sean Connery started balding at the age of 21 which meant he had to wear a toupee when playing the role of James Bond. After performing stunts and maneuvers, we’re surprised it didn’t fly off! In fact, while filming Diamonds Are Forever, actor Joe Robinson accidentally pulled it off during a fight scene. Now that would have hurt Bond’s ego!

sean connery james bond

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2. Bond Has a History…and a Family!

Ever thought about Bond’s past? Who are his parents and when was he born? According to an obituary Ian Fleming wrote for You Only Live Twice, the international Man of Mystery has an interesting history. Bond’s parents go by the names of Andrew Bond, a Scottish man who owned a weapons company and Monique Delacroix, a Swiss woman. They both died when Bond was 11-years-old. He ended up living with his aunt and studied in Edinburgh before getting recruited by the Royal Navy.

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3. Bond Has an Age!

Unfortunately, Bond isn’t invincible. How old is the famous fictional spy? In Casino Royale, Bond’s birthday is given as April 13th 1968, making him (or at least Daniel Craig’s version) 47 years-old. That’s the same day that the novel, Casino Royale was released and the same year Daniel Craig was born.

daniel craig james bond

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4. M’s House in Skyfall Belonged to…

That’s right. M’s house in Skyfall is the former home of John Barry – the Bond composer.

M’s house Skyfall

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5. Which Bond Movie Made the Most Money?

According to BoxOfficeMojo, Thunderball is the most successful James Bond movie. Up until 2015, it has garnered $480,389,487. Following that is Goldfinger with $392,080,106  and then Skyfall with $315,430,743. Let’s see if Spectre can top them…


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6. The Theme Tune Wasn’t Intended for Bond

You wouldn’t be humming the same Bond theme tune today if it weren’t for this significant event. The signature Bond theme was originally intended for a musical theater adaption of the V.S Naipaul novel, A House for Mr. Biswas. Thankfully, it didn’t make it into the play so the song was recomposed and handed to the James Bond franchise.

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7. Bond’s Kill Count is Astonishing!

With the use of his Walther PPK or the many gadgets that Q hands to him, 007 has killed hundreds of enemies. In 23 movies, James Bond has killed 362 people. Of course, with Spectre out now, the number has grown.

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8. Why is “Gold” so Special to Bond?

You’ve probably realized by now that “Gold” seems to follow Bond everywhere. It appears in the titles of three Bond movies and in Goldfinger, Tilly Masterson dies of skin suffocation after being painted in it. Well, Bond’s story actually began on a gold-plated typewriter. Ian Fleming wrote the Bond novels on a gold-plated Royal typewriter which later sold at an auction for £50,000.

Tilly Masterson goldfinger

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9. An Actress Almost Died to be a Bond Girl

Talk about desperate! Mie Hama, the actress who played Kissy Suzuki in You Only Live Twice threatened to jump from a window at the Dorchester Hotel after being told that her English wasn’t good enough for the role. Just as they were about to cast someone else, the producers decided to let Mie continue filming. We guess they didn’t want a suicide case on their hands…

Kissy Suzuki you only live twice

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10. President John F. Kennedy Was a Huge James Bond Fan

President John F. Kennedy viewed an early showing of From Russia with Love at the White House on November 21st, 1963. It was the last film he ever saw before being killed the next day in Dallas.

John F. Kennedy James Bond


11. Sean Connery’s Pay Check Made the Guinness World Records

Although it was good news when Sean Connery reprised his Bond role in Diamonds are Forever, at the same time, it seemed odd. Why would he leave and come back? Money, of course! Apparently, Sean’s paycheck for the movie was a whopping $1.25 million in which he later donated to his charity, the Scottish International Education Trust. That might not seem a lot now, but back then it was enough to deserve a place in the Guinness World Records.

james bond sean connery

12. There Have Been More Blofeld Actors Than Bond Actors

Believe it or not, more actors have played the role of the cat-stroking villain than James Bond. There are a total of 7 actors who have played Blofeld while there are only 6 who have played Bond. It’s even rumored that Christoph Waltz’s character in Spectre will turn out to be Blofeld.

blofeld james bond

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Who is your favorite 007? Check out our ranking of James Bond actors and let us know if you agree!

13. Roald Dahl Wrote One of the Bond Scripts

When Fleming died in 1964, other leading novelists were told to put pen to paper. Roald Dahl, the author of classics like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach wrote the script for You Only Live Twice.

Roald Dahl james bond

14. Maud Adams is the Only Actress to Appear as Two Bond Girls

Maud Adams was lucky enough to be cast in 3 James Bond movies. She first starred as Scaramanga’s girlfriend, Andrea Anders in The Man With the Golden Gun and later was cast as a rich smuggler in Octopussy. She also
happened to be an extra in A View to Kill, but you have to be eagle-eyed to notice that.

Maud Adams james bond

15. The Walther PPK Has a Link to Hitler…

Wow! The gun made popular by James Bond, the Walther PPK, is the same model that Hitler used to kill himself.

Walther PPK james bond

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16. Pierce Brosnan Was Married to a Bond Girl

It seems Brosnan was destined for the Bond role. He was in fact married to the Bond girl from For Your Eyes Only. Unfortunately the actress, Cassandra Harris died of cancer 4 years before Brosnan landed the Bond role in GoldenEye.

Cassandra Harris james bond

17. The History Behind M’s Name…

According to the novel, The Man With the Golden Gun, M’s full name is Sir Miles Messervy. Why is James Bond’s boss referred to by a single initial? Apparently, M, director of the British Secret Service was inspired by a real-life naval-intelligence officer – Sir Mansfield Smith-Cunning. He was a founder of Britain’s Secret Service Bureau and used to initialize documents with the letter “C”.

Bernard Lee james bond

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18. Men Dressed as Women in Goldfinger

Remember those sexy pilots flying the planes in Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus in Goldfinger? Well, those “ladies” were actually men wearing blonde wigs! Thank goodness one of them didn’t catch Bond’s eye!

Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus

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19. Roger Moore Never Ran!

You’ll be surprised to know that all of Roger Moore’s running scenes were filmed with a body double. Apparently he felt that he looked awkward when running and so gave the job to a body double in all of his 7 Bond films. Let’s just say he didn’t have Bond’s backbone and bravery in real life…

Roger Moore james bond

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20. Goldfinger’s Voice Was Dubbed!

According to Roger Moore’s book, Bond on Bond, Gert Frobe’s (the actor who played Goldfinger) voice was dubbed. The actor spoke poor English so Michael Collins ended up voicing all of Goldfinger’s lines, which were then dubbed over Frobe’s performance. Who would have known?!

goldfinger james bond

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21. Daniel Craig Can Take Any Aston Martin

Actors who are lucky enough to be cast as James Bond also get to live his lavish lifestyle. That includes traveling the world, wearing the smartest clothes and driving the nicest cars. Apparently, Daniel Craig has the privilege of taking any Aston Martin model from the factory to drive for the rest of his life!

daniel craig aston martin

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22. GoldenEye Isn’t Just a Movie Title

During World War II, Ian Fleming decided to name his plot in Jamaica, GoldenEye. It was on this plot of land where he created the legend that is James Bond and 14 of the novels. What’s even more interesting is, he later sold this estate to Bob Marley.


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23. Many Notable Actors Said No to Bond

There are a few famous actors who turned down the James Bond role. They included David Niven, Cary Grant, Patrick McGoohan, Christopher Lee, Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds, Adam West, Tom Jones, Liam Neeson, Mel Gibson, Sam Neill, Hugh Grant, Gerard Butler, Sean Bean, and Will Smith.

Liam Neeson james bond

24. Ian Fleming Was a Real-life Spy

Ian Fleming had a lot in common with his fictional character. Not only did he also like his Martini shaken, but he was a spy, too. Ian was recruited into naval intelligence and became the personal assistant to Admiral John Godfrey. It seems his experience inspired the icon that is 007.


Stocked up with 007 facts and inside information? We sure betcha!


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