AHS Hotel ‘Devil’s Night’ – A Visual Recap

hotel devils night recap

It’s Devil’s Night at the Hotel Cortez, and a new guest is checking in. It’s not long before it’s revealed he is a murderer who knows the former owner of the hotel…

Relive the events of the Halloween episode of American Horror Story: Hotel in our recap…

American Horror Story Hotel


After the opening credits roll, we are brought back into the world of Detective John Lowe (We Bentley), who wakes to find blood dripping down the wall in his hotel room (it appears to come from the ceiling). Upstairs, the maid tells him that she lost her son on Halloween years ago and now tends to make a mess on the anniversary. Naturally, she doesn’t tell him just what that mess is.

Alex Lowe (Chloe Sevigny) manages to bring Holden home. She measures his temperature and she realizes he is not exactly in a healthy state. After telling his mom “I’m thirsty”, Alex goes to bring him a glass of juice. She comes back and finds Holden sucking blood from her now, dead dog. He creepily tells Alex that he wants his “other mommy”.

american horror story hotel holden dog


The most interesting part of the episode actually comes from Alex’s experience in the hotel. Following her long lost son Holden downstairs to his vampire bed (or “coffin”, as people like to say), she stares after him while the Countess appears behind her.

“You must have a lot of questions,” she says chillingly. “I have answers.”

Turns out, the Countess believes she has “saved” each and every one of those children. The day Holden was abducted, for example, she saw how he was ignored while his father took a phone call. She then gave Holden an “ancient virus” that will be with him for life (aka, the kid’s a vampire now).

american horror story hotel


Meanwhile, John Lowe goes to the hotel bar to drown his sorrows. And who does he meet there? Infamous serial killer Aileen Wuornos of all people (perfectly portrayed by Lily Rabe).

american horror story hotel aileen


As Lowe soon discovers, she’s just one of many murderers invited to the hotel on that special evening– also dropping by are John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Twisty the Clown from Freak Show and Ramirez also joins in.

american horror story hotel twisty the clown


A fun little dinner party/weird serial killer family reunion ensues, hosted of course by ghostly former hotel owner James March.

american horror story hotel devil's night


All of this is a bit crazy, and even the alcoholic Lowe is fully aware of that. After insisting that his fellow dinner guests all died years ago, he is dismissed and instead subjected to friendly stories of how they all made their way to Los Angeles at one point in their lives and were tutored by March in the art of killing. The whole situation would actually be kind of sweet and nostalgic, but alas, the murderers just have to go and get their rocks off by sacrificing some poor victim brought in just for that purpose.

american horror story hotel


But did the whole scene actually happen? After passing out during the “sacrifice”, Lowe is woken up by Sarah Paulson’s junkie ghoul Sally (seriously, is she alive or dead?) She takes him back to his room.

In another dark area of the hotel, Alex is allowing herself to undergo the Countess’ “transformation” process. When issued warnings that it is going to be difficult, Alex expresses her determination and desire to not lose her son again. Will she become a vampire too? Or just another poor soul used by the Countess?

american horror story hotel alex countess


Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until the next episode to find out. Even if the episode was rather tame overall, this is by far the most captivating episode ending of this season yet.

Next Episode: Room Service

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