Have You Ever Wondered What “Minaj” Actually Means?

what does minaj mean

Not only does Nicki Minaj’s butt raise a lot of questions, her stage name does, too!

Ever since the rap star’s rise to fame back in 2010, many have questioned the meaning behind her name. What does “Minaj” mean? What does it represent and why did Nicki choose it?

nicki minaj

We attempt to solve this mystery!

Let’s get one thing straight – “Nicki Minaj” isn’t Nicki’s real name. To her nearest and dearest, she actually goes by her birth name – Onika Tanya Maraj.

So how did the Anaconda star come up with “Minaj”? Although Nicki has never announced the meaning behind her stage name, fans and various sources online have tried to interpret and decode it themselves.

Was it a random play with letters?

Perhaps Nicki was just bored one day and decided to reassemble the letters in her real name while adding in an extra few. Onika Maraj, Nicki Minaj – an anagram might be your best bet.

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Did Nicki take it from a French word?

It sounds pretty random and a little boring but maybe Nicki Minaj simply liked the sound of the French word “ménage”, which means “household”. “Minaj” could then in fact be the Americanized version of that word. Too basic for Nicki? Think there’s more to it? Check out the next possibility…

nicki minaj cheeky

Does it signify something sexual?

Let’s be real. It makes total sense that Nicki would want her name to have a sexual connotation especially considering the true meaning of Truffle Butter (one of her songs) as well as other naughty lyrics in her music.

Urban Dictionary believes “Minaj” is short for “ménage à Trois”, meaning to “have a threesome” in French. Is Nicki a fan of threesomes? That would explain her reason for choosing a similar stage name! Cheeky, Nicki, cheeky!

nicki minaj sexy

While there’s still no official meaning of “Minaj” out there, who’s to say we can’t speculate? What do you think it means? What was Nicki thinking when she created her stage name?

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