28 Justin Bieber Gifts Every Belieber Deserves To Receive

justin bieber gifts

Know someone who’s been diagnosed with serious Bieber fever? Perhaps you call yourself a devoted Belieber?

We’ve gathered up a tempting list of Justin Bieber merchandise that will send any fan into a frenzy.

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Choose a present for a loved one or gift yourself from a selection of items like a beautiful bracelet or a great t-shirt.

Here are 28 of the best Justin Bieber gifts that every Belieber deserves to receive…

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1. ‘Belieber’ Necklace

Complement a fan’s outfit by gifting them with this super-special necklace. This delicate and dainty piece of jewelry will declare a fan’s endless love for Justin, whether it’s for you, your sister or a friend.

belieber justin necklace

$20 at Amazon

2. Justin Bieber Bracelet

Consider this beautiful piece of jewelry for a dear friend, family member or girlfriend. This stunning bracelet is a great way to express your obsession with the Purpose singer…

justin bieber charm bracelet

$20 at Amazon

3. Coaster Set

What a way to spruce up your home! This set of four cool coasters features a silhouette of the popular star and makes drinking beverages that extra bit more special. Better yet, add them to a loved one’s Christmas stocking!

justin bieber coasters

$16 at Redbubble

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4. Justin Zipper Pouch

There’s now a cuter and cooler way to store all of your goods! Whether it’s for your makeup, pencils, or everyday necessities, this adorable Bieber zipper pouch is all you’ll need this Christmas and more. One of the sweetest Justin Bieber gifts on the market!

justin bieber zipper pouch

$20 at Redbubble

5. ‘Bieber’s Peaches’ T-Shirt

If Peaches is your favorite J-Biebs song, then this t-shirt should be yours. You can even treat it to a loved one for their birthday or as a ‘just-because’ gift. Official merch and of great quality, there’s no better way to rep your favorite music.

official justin merch

$25 at Amazon

6. ‘The Key’ Fragrance

Carry the singer’s sweet scent with you by purchasing Justin’s ‘Key’ fragrance. Designed with a slick and smart bottle with a key charm attached, this perfume unlocks the endless possibilities of believing in your dreams. Consider buying this gift for a friend as it will bring them more closer to Bieber than ever before!

bieber the key fragrance

$80 at Amazon

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7. Bieber’s Tattoos Sweatshirt

All Beliebers wish they could lay their hands on Justin’s tatted torso. Make their wish (kinda) come true with this cool tattooed sweater. This comfy and soft pullover is printed with Bieber’s impressive collection of tattoos. Buy this for a Belieber and let them wear his artwork everywhere they go.

justin bieber new tattoo sweater

$40 at Amazon

8. ‘Justin’ Pillow

Let’s face it; you may never actually hug Bieber, unless you’re lucky enough to meet him one day. Until then, cozy up in bed with this pillow at night and just imagine you’ve got your arms wrapped around your favorite male popstar.

justin bieber pillow case

$23 at Redbubble

9. iPhone Case

Worried you’ll scratch your phone? Protect it with this super-cool phone case. Nothing screams “I’m a Belieber” more than this does. Also one of the best gift ideas for someone whose phone needs some jazzing up.

justin bieber soft phone case

$28 at Redbubble

10. Justin Logo Cap

Looking to treat a loved one? Make someone a proud owner of this cap! Only a true Belieber would don this cute and comfy hat.

justin logo hat

$25 at Redbubble

11. Justin Bieber Socks

Surprise your best friend or family member with these cute socks. We guarantee they will put a smile on their face! The Belieber in your life will be thrilled to carry their love for Justin everywhere they go by simply wearing these!

bieber socks

$20 at Redbubble

12. Justin Bieber Air Freshener

Has someone’s heart been captured by Bieber? Treat them with this air freshener. Odds are, they will be thrilled to receive this! The car accessory makes a great gift for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday or Christmas present. Hang this in your car and see the Justice star’s beautiful face every day!

justin bieber air freshener

$10 at Amazon

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13. ‘Bieber Fever’ Sweater

There isn’t a single fan out there who doesn’t deserve to own this fab sweater. If you have ‘Bieber Fever’ or if you know someone who certainly does, make the right decision and score this trendy gift.

bieber fever sweater

$39 at Amazon

14. ‘Holy’ Shirt

Feeling holy, holy, holy lately? This t-shirt depicting Bieber singing his beautiful gospel hit is everything a fan deserves and more. Unisex, available in in black, blue or white, and multiple sizes, this makes a super-cool Bieber gift for anyone.

$26 at Redbubble

15. Singing Toothbrush

Looking for Justin Bieber gifts for kids? This singing toothbrush is perfect for his younger group of fans. If you know a little one who wakes up talking about Bieber and goes to sleep dreaming about him, gift them with this super cool item to have them singing the popstar’s best songs whilst brushing their teeth!

justin bieber toothbrush

$23 at Amazon

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16. ‘Belieber’ Clock

Counting down the hours until Bieber releases his next single or music video? You won’t even notice the time flying buy with this awesome clock. It will always be ‘Bieber o’clock’ with this hanging on your your wall!

belieber clock

$33 at Redbubble

17. Bieber Birthday Card

Do you have someone in your life that is unconditionally in love with the singer? This would be the best birthday card to accompany a perfect gift. Even after their birthday has passed, fans can display this proudly in their rooms.

bieber birthday card

$7 at Amazon

18. ‘Changes’ Hoodie

Keep warm with Justin Bieber…well, not literally, but you catch our drift. This soft and snug hoodie has your favorite singer’s album cover printed all over it. If you choose to purchase this as a gift for that special Belieber in your life, we promise you won’t look back.

bieber changes hoodie

$50 at Amazon

19. ‘Yummy’ Notebook

Bieber’s quotes are some of the best of all time. If you love the lyrics, Yummy Yummy, grab this! Out of the many Justin Bieber gifts for fans is this adorable item. Take your love for Justin and his big hit to work or in your office by purchasing this super-cute notebook.

yummy bieber merch

$16 at Redbubble

20. ‘Bieber’ Sweater

Looking for things to buy a Bieber fan? Seriously, who wouldn’t want to walk around with his beautiful face on their sweater? This warm item of clothing is great for those cold winter months.

sweatshirt justin bieber

$50 at Amazon

21. Collage Throw Blanket

This is the perfect gift idea for those who want to cuddle up to the heartthrob late at night whilst having a movie night in. This super soft fleece blanket guarantees to keep you warm during winter nights – and even features your favorite star’s face all over it!

bieber throw blanket

$26 at Amazon

22. Justin Bieber Bag

Wondering what stuff to buy a Bieber fan? Start with this! They can carry their support for Bieber everywhere they go, whether it’s school, university, or even a café with this cute bag. Dedicated to superstar, this drawstring bag is superb for all the Beliebers out there!

justin bieber drawstring bag

$40 at Redbubble

23. Justin Bieber Stickers

You or someone else can own this great collection of stickers. These super-cute stickers can be placed on laptops, notebooks, water bottles and even skateboards. Every Belieber should have these unique items pinned on their favorite things!

justin bieber sticker set

$11 at Amazon

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24. ‘Belieber’ Mug

If you know a someone who proudly calls themselves a Belieber, help them get hold of this pretty mug. You’d make that fan a very happy lady…

mug belieber

$21 at Redbubble

25. ‘Justin Bieber Secret Journal’

If you’re looking to treat a younger Bieber fan, then this ‘Secret Journal’ makes the perfect purchase. With over 90 pages filled with fun, room to draw and store secrets, this fun gift promises a time well-spent.

Justin Bieber Secret Journal

$14 at Amazon

26. ‘Belieber’ Bath Mat

Step out of the bath in style with this bath mat. This accessory will make showers that little bit more special thanks to its ‘Belieber’ print. Whether you gift this as an anniversary, graduation or birthday gift, we promise it’ll make any recipient smile.

belieber bath mat

$33 at Redbubble

27. ‘Bieber’ Shirt

Is Bieber your one and only bae? Wear this t-shirt and don’t let anyone else claim that status! You’ll tell the world exactly how much the Cold Water artist means to you.

$25 at Amazon

28. ‘Changes’ Gift Set

Whether your favorite song on Changes is Intentions or Confirmation, this gift set should be yours. Better yet, treat this hamper to one of Bieber’s biggest fans – lots of stuff included like his Changes album, exclusive boxer shorts, photo cards, tattoo sheets and more!

bieber changes gift set

$50 at Amazon

This selection of gifts for Justin Bieber fans is everything a fan could dream of and more.

Purchase some merch and give that Belieber in your life a buzz! Just remember to cover your ears, so you aren’t deafened by squeals of glee!

This post was originally published in September 2015.


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