Kylie Jenner Looks Unrecognizable Without Makeup!


Kylie’s natural beauty hasn’t gone forever, guys! It’s still there…under all that makeup!

Believe it or not, there are times when Kylie Jenner goes makeup-free, ladies and gentlemen! That’s right! The fashionista who’s hardly ever spotted without her lipsticks, eye-liner or mascara is occasionally captured on camera looking au-naturel and boy does she look different.

kylie jenner no makeup


It’s great to see the teenager actually looking her age, with a bare face and a much more stripped-back look, for once! Kylie is usually covered in makeup and looking super-glam so seeing her like this is refreshing!

klylie jenner without makeup and with makeup

Kylie Jenner has been looking less like herself and more like Kim Kardashian this past year, what with her lip transformation and rumoured butt and boob enhancement! It’s a rarity to see her looking so natural and sadly, when she does, she’s almost unrecognizable!

Want to know an interesting fact about Kylie? She’s admitted that she actually prefers NOT wearing makeup and takes a rare no-makeup selfie once in a while. Can you believe your eyes?!

kylie jenner without makeup

How can Kylie change so drastically within minutes of removing makeup?!

kylie jenner makeup before after

kyliejenner | Instagram

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You deceive us Kylie! Are you telling us that without tons of makeup, you look as normal and as naturally pretty as this?! It’s amazing what a little bit of slap can do!

Here she is embracing her freckles, with hardly any makeup on…

kylie jenner freckles

kyliejenner | Instagram

kylie jenner freckles

Tyga | Snapchat

See Kim Kardashian with no makeup – the reality TV star also looks like a different person when she’s not covered in cosmetics!

Kylie shared a makeup tutorial on her website that proves just how much makeup she wears on a daily basis. The drastic difference between the first and last photo is shocking.

Kylie Jenner without makeup might just be the most surprising thing you’ve seen today! Makeup really is magic. Teach us your tricks, Kylie! Do you think Kylie looks better without makeup?

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