What Kylie Jenner Looks Like Without Makeup

kylie jenner no makeup

Kylie Jenner is a world-renowned beauty mogul who always looks flawless with a fresh face of makeup.

Not a day goes by when the fashionista isn’t wearing coats of makeup or brandishing her cosmetics line. She’s all about glam, lipsticks, blushes and long lashes – it’s a rarity to see her makeup free.

Thankfully, Kylie’s natural beauty hasn’t gone forever, guys. It’s still there…under all that makeup!

Since the launch of her skin brand, we’ve seen Kylie don a new natural look from time-to-time. She adopts a unique style proving that she’s comfortable in her own skin, just as much as she is in full glam!

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So, if you’re looking for some reassurance that the billionaire really does look like the rest of us bare-faced, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 11 photos of Kylie Jenner without makeup looking just as stunning…

Embracing Freckles

Fans are always complaining that Kylie doesn’t let her freckles show too often. Yet in 2016, she posted this cute selfie showing her natural skin – and we love it! It’s nice to see Kylie looking her actual age for once, instead of 10-years older with a full face of contour, eyelashes and the rest of her glam.

A View From the Side

Kylie poses with a fresh face in this close-up for her 200+ million followers and we are stunned by how flawless she looks! Even though she has fake lashes on, her skin looks bright and radiant – probably due to the handful of treatments she gets done.

Morning Glow

The beauty mogul even looks perfect as soon as she steps out of the shower – unlike most of us who look like drowned cats. With immaculate skin, perfectly precise eyebrows and a full set of lash extensions, she is glowing. No-makeup Kylie is GOALS!

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Mom Life

We really can’t get enough of snaps including Stormi, and although we can’t see her face in this one, it’s nice to see the intimate mommy and daughter moment. Kylie also relates to other moms, showing that she just doesn’t have time for glam sometimes.

The Natural Pose

It’s great to see the popular star actually looking her age, with a bare face and a much more stripped-back look. Kylie looks like a goddess in this outdoor snap, which beautifully captures her very best features. Skipping her normal slew of cosmetics, she showcases just how great she looks without it!

Flawless Glow

Although Kylie looks like she’s just got out of bed with one eye more closed than the other, she still looks as radiant as ever without any makeup on. With the light beaming through the windows onto her face, she looks like a porcelain doll.

An interesting fact about Kylie? She’s admitted that she actually prefers NOT wearing makeup!

Kylie Skin

Kylie’s first press image for the launch of her skin scrub was effortless and makes us want to buy the product so our skin can look just as smooth. With no texture or pigmentation, she truly embodies the look of flawless skin.

Relatable AF

This paparazzi snap of Kylie makes us feel relieved that without filters and glam, she looks more ordinary and way more relatable. With tied back hair, glasses and no fake lashes, Kylie looks like your average girl next door.

Quarantine Vibes

Kylie was looking like the rest of us during quarantine – messy hair, no makeup and a few extra pounds on the face. But look at how happy her face is? She seems like a normal woman her age having a good ol’ time!

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Ashy Tones

In this short video, Kylie shows us just how perfect her skin actually is. Without a pimple or pigmentation insight, her close-up shots capture a smooth and flawless finish – and we are loving (and envying) every second of it!

Pajama Day

Looking like she’s just rolled out of bed, Kylie shows off her cute avocado PJs along with her luminous skin. Without lipstick or a drop of makeup on, this selfie has left us wishing we looked this good the moment we open our eyes, too.

kylie jenner without makeup

All of these picture-perfect images have left us wanting to try Kylie’s skin range to see if we can get the same amazing skin as the reality star. Besides that, it’s also inspired us to embrace our natural looks a little more.

Are you shocked to see Kylie Jenner with no makeup on? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below.

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