We live in a world where some women are afraid to show-off their natural looks. Seeing Kim Kardashian and other celebrities without makeup can be refreshing.

Kim Kardashian is mainly known for her gorgeous looks. Not even a little bit of Botox has stopped her from being deemed one of the most beautiful women in showbiz. Everyone’s favorite reality TV-star is usually contoured, lashed out, and glamorous in front of the cameras. Hardly a day goes by when her face isn’t covered in makeup.

kim kardashian makeup 2015
Kim Kardashian | Instagram

Sometimes however, Kim goes against the rules. She lets her skin breathe. There have been rare occasions when she’s showed-off her bare-faced beauty and Tell Tales has the photos to prove it…

This photo of Kim Kardashian without makeup will have you doing a double take!

kim kardashian without makeup
Kim Kardashian | Instagram

Believe it or not, Kim can look plain and pretty once in a while! She may create her own beauty products for a living (KKW) but that doesn’t mean she’s constantly covered in makeup. Kim looks a whole lot better when she’s not caked in lipstick, eyeliner or contouring!

kim kardashian before after contouring
makeupbymario | Instagram

The Kardashians and Jenners have surely made their mark in the world of beauty – the ladies have a duty to keep their makeup on point. But when they’re stripped back and relaxed, they actually look their best.

This Kim Kardashian no makeup selfie is stunning! Without her usual, over the top slap on, the 35-year-old looks normal, for once!

kim kardashian no makeup selfie
Kim Kardashian | Instagram

Woah! Kim looks…human in this snapshot! Wipe away that Kardashian kontouring and you get a radiant, beautiful woman who is comfortable in her own skin.

kim kardashian no makeup vogue spain
Kim Kardashian | Instagram

As revealed in our list of Kim Kardashian trivia, she spends a whooping $770 on products for her makeup routine! Here’s Kim without a pound of makeup on for a change! The brunette beauty doesn’t need a makeup miracle to look breathtaking. She’s confident in embracing her natural beauty once in a while!

kim kardashian without makeup image
Kim Kardashian | Instagram

At Paris Fashion Week 2016, Kim Kardashian did the unthinkable. She attended the event makeup-free. It’s one of the few rare moments that Kim stepped in front of the cameras without a drop of slap on and boy did she impress.

KimKardashian | Instagram

Sure, she uses the best skin care products on the market and has the best dermatologist. But before you haters start denying Kim’s natural beauty and begin to blame it on makeup or camera tricks, check out this photo of her when she was young and free of makeup! This snap was taken before the perks of photoshop and long before the days of applying mascara or blusher!

kim kardashian young
Kim Kardashian | Instagram

As you’ve probably gathered, we’d say Kim looks beautiful without makeup. But we want to know your opinion. Do you think Kim Kardashian is naturally beautiful? Does she look better without makeup on?

Kim’s sister, Kylie also looks like a different person when she’s not covered up in cosmetics! Check out Kylie without makeup in our post!




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As an avid blogger and someone who eats, sleeps and breathes entertainment, I decided to take matters into my own hands and establish a pop culture website. Ever since I can remember, I've been interested in the world of celebrities, have listened to the latest music, and watched the newest movies. My guilty pleasure is watching cheesy reality shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but I’m also a sucker for all things Marvel and DC - two entirely different worlds, I know.

4 Responses

  1. I think Kim look beautiful makeup free, the whole family is good looking. Why hate on someone it does not take from them, it take from you just you being insecure. How sad to be so evil. People say the most hateful things. Most of the people who hide behind computers and talk about people are the ones that look like little creatures. Big booty creatures

  2. What a,lot of whitewashed rubbish,you chose,the best possible examples,,which by the way are not 100% make up free,,,publish the pictures she,has Photoshop herself and the true make up free,,,,she is,very plain and ordinary,, which there is,nothing wrong with,,,her sisters are actually more naturally beautiful both in looks and in there heart ,,

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