11 Tori Kelly Covers That Will Make You Love Her Even More

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Tori Kelly has all the ingredients for a phenomenal popstar. She sings with heart and soul and her raw voice has the ability to melt listeners into a puddle. If you’re already a fan of the YouTube-turned-star, we have all the more reason why you should love Tori Kelly. She can cover any song and turn it into gold. From taking on an Ed Sheeran song to recording her own rendition of Annie’s Tomorrow, here are 11 Tori Kelly covers that will make you an even bigger fan…

Warning – these pipes cause serious goosebumps!

Thinking About You – Frank Ocean

Tori’s Frank Ocean cover has the most hits out of all her cover videos on YouTube and there’s no surprise as to why. Her riffs and runs over Angie Girl’s awesome beatboxing sound flawless. Only Tori can turn a tender ballad into something as cool as this.

Dear No One/No One – Alicia Keys

It takes talent to mashup songs like this. Tori combined her own song, Dear No One with Alicia Keys’ No One and showed off her incredible vocal range. She even threw in a few lines from Alicia and Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind because she’s that talented.

Roar – Katy Perry

We guarantee Tori Kelly’s voice will send chills down your spine after listening to her rendition of Katy Perry’s Roar. Her smooth and silky vocal is stunning combined with Scott Hoying’s in this super-cool video.

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

Ready to let Tori melt your heart? Watch her pour her heart and soul into the beautiful Ed Sheeran song. She never disappoints, does she? It’s amazing just how much talent this girl has.

Ex-Factor – Lauryn Hill

Not only can Tori sing pop classics like Roar but she can also smash a soulful hit, too. She proved that she had soul and great melody when she covered this Lauryn Hill classic. This cover goes down as one of our favourites.

Suit & Tie – Justin Timberlake

When Tori’s on her guitar, prepare for crazy talent! She effortlessly covered Justin Timberlake’s hit single Suit & Tie in the comfort of her own home and once again proved that she’s insanely talented.

Best Thing I Never Had – Beyonce

No one can sing a Beyonce song and get away with it like Tori Kelly can. Her voice will make you want to cry, in a good way as she belts out Beyonce’s big hit. This is raw talent right here, ladies and gentlemen!

Only Girl in the World – Rihanna

Tori’s take on Rihanna’s song is so good, we’re still watching it in 2016! The flawless singer turns this pop hit into an acoustic miracle. We never imagined crying happy tears to a track that we’re usually partying to!

Tomorrow – Annie

Tori’s level of vocal talent is way beyond any artist at the moment. She needs no autotune or backing track to sound heavenly. Her voice is so flexible that it even sounds amazing on a children’s song.

Stay With Me – Sam Smith

Tori Kelly’s voice really is the gift that keeps on giving. Just when we thought Sam Smith’s voice was a wonder of this world, wait until you hear Tori’s in this sensational cover of Stay With Me. You can listen to his awesome covers here.

Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen

Grab a tissue, you might shed a tear during this one. Tori Kelly and Jennifer Hudson’s cover of Hallelujah will blow your mind. The two may have different voices but boy do they blend beautifully in this performance. The harmonizing and Tori’s sweet tone will give you the chills…

And one for luck! In case you wanted more, here is Tori Kelly covering a variety of songs including Justin Bieber’s What Do You Mean:

Sometimes we have to question how Tori Kelly’s magical voice is actually real. She came into this industry like a breath of fresh air and blessed our ears with her singing talent. From covering songs by big names on YouTube to releasing her very own album, it’s safe to say Tori Kelly’s dreams have come true.

If this Tori Kelly marathon wasn’t enough, check out these 10 facts about the rising star.



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