There was once a time when Drake said he would Take Care of Rihanna but now ladies and gentlemen, he says he’s “too good for her”. OUCH!

Drake and Future have released their mixtape What a Time To Be Alive and one particular track that stands out is Diamonds Dancing. Some listeners are quick to assume that this song is based on Rihanna while others believe it’s about Nicki Minaj.


In the outro of the track, Drake goes on a rant calling someone “ungrateful”, “unstable” and “drained”. He throws shots at a certain ex-girlfriend who he hasn’t “heard from” and is “doing him dirty”. He also believes he’s “too good” for this so-called ungrateful person.

Was Drake talking to Rihanna during his shady verse? By looking at the title of the track, Diamonds Dancing, he could very well be referring to the Diamonds singer.

rihanna drake take care

Drake also goes on to say, “You should go back to a perfect match for you, unstable”. Fans believe this line fires shots at Chris Brown who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

But let’s not rush to conclusions. It’s also safe to assume that Drake’s diss verse is aimed at another of his rumored ex-girlfriends, Nicki Minaj. He did have beef with her fiancé last month, after all. The “unstable” person he’s ranting about may be Meek Mill.

drake nicki minaj

You can read Drake’s full Dancing Diamonds verse below:

Download Diamonds Dancing:


What do you think? Is Diamonds Dancing about Rihanna or Nicki Minaj?



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