Little Mix vs Fifth Harmony: Battle Of The Girl Bands

little mix vs fifth harmony

Little Mix and Fifth Harmony have a lot in common. They both came from the X Factor, they’re both signed to Simon Cowell’s record label and they’re both extremely talented. There’s enough space for both girl bands in the music industry but one will always outshine the other in some way.

Whether it’s Little Mix’s vocal ability or Fifth Harmony’s dance moves, each band is talented in their own right but it seems Mixers and Harmonizers will never see eye to eye. That’s why we’ve created this battle. So both fandoms can fight it out once and for all.

little mix and fifth harmony

It’s Little Mix vs Fifth Harmony, everybody! Let’s compare the two groups and let the battle of the girl bands commence…


Does Jesy’s strong vibrato give you all the feels or is it Dinah’s powerful vocals that give you goosebumps? Both Little Mix and Fifth Harmony can sing, there’s no doubt. They each have their unique vocalist (Jesy, Camila) and their strong leads (Perrie, Dinah) but what is it that separates each girl group from one another?

Collectively, Little Mix are superior but individually, Fifth Harmony conquer.

Fifth Harmony tend to shine individually. Each member has a distinct voice and they each bring something different to the table.

Little Mix on the other hand mainly stand out when they harmonize. When Perrie, Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Jade sing together, it’s pure magic. The girls’ voices blend brilliantly.

Dance Moves

From hair flips to hip rolling, Fifth Harmony can do it all. They make sure to incorporate some sass into every performance and nail every synchronized dance move. Their choreography is almost always sexy and imitates a lot of what the Pussycat Dolls used to do.

Little Mix’s choreography is a little more on the fun side and is similar to how the Spice Girls used to perform. They follow a synchronized routine and shake less booty compared to Fifth Harmony. Both girl groups can bust a move though, that’s for sure!


Who needs Beyonce when you’ve got Fifth Harmony and Little Mix? Both girl bands have released their own feminist anthem. Not only do Bo$$ and Salute sound eerily similar with their hip-hop beat but they also both encourage girl power. You can check out just how similar they are by listening to this awesome mash-up.

Other than Bo$$ and Salute, Little Mix and Fifth Harmony’s music is not so different from each other. Even DNA and Miss Movin’ On pretty much sound the same.

Fifth Harmony and Little Mix have both released stunning ballads, great feisty tracks and fun bubblegum pop hits. It would be difficult to choose one over the other in terms of songs.


Now this is where things get tricky. Little Mix and Fifth Harmony have both recorded some incredible covers. It’s almost impossible to pick one over the other.

Little Mix’s live mashup of Jason Derulo’s Want You To Want Me with Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody is certainly the video to watch if you want to be blown away. Perrie, Leigh-Anne, Jesy and Jade each demonstrate their undeniable talent in this live lounge session and almost have us wondering whether the Fifth Harmony girls can do just as good.

Then there’s 5H’s rendition of Taylor Swift’s Red which truly lets their talent shine. Lauren, Camila, Dinah, Normani and Ally take us to heaven and back with their sensational vocals. This cover will make any fan proud to be a Harmonizer.


In terms of the X Factor, Little Mix obviously hold the trump card. They won the UK show in 2011 while Fifth Harmony came third in the US in 2012. Nevertheless, 5H’s Worth It was a global hit, peaking within the top ten of the charts in 8 countries and selling 1.5 million digital copies in the U.S ALONE.

However the Little Mix ladies have broken a record that was previously held by the Spice Girls. Their debut album, DNA earned the highest debut U.S chart position by a British girl group at number four. It says a lot if you can beat the Spice Girls!

They’ve even made history with the longest reigning girl-group number one album (Glory Days) since the Spice Girls.

While Mixers and Harmonizers have a mutual dislike for each other, the two girl bands actually get on! Here’s a video to prove it…

Little Mix and Fifth Harmony get along pretty well but it seems the two fandoms will never Mix and live in Harmony. So after going through this article, who wins the battle of the girl bands?

Let us know which girl band you prefer in the comments…


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6 years ago

i so love little mix way than 5h. why? because their songs are originaly written, nice messages where most of us can relate, they are so good in love songs, hiphop and all. while 5h on the other hand are only good in butty dance but doesnt look nice they can twerk but cant dance. their songs are boring like duh! and little mix are all pretty :)

7 years ago

My opinion is Little Mix
I also love 5H’s songs but Little Mix harmonizes better together
it’s true 5H is better individually but they are in a group..
because it seems in 5H they’re fighting each other… (still sounds great)

Also Little Mix isn’t that popular since they’re in UK while 5H is in US in X Factor

Mercy denbe
7 years ago

Ofcourse i choose little mix!!fifth harmonys musics might have good beats but music is not all about beats its about z words nd da message u want da whole world to hear nd little mix have da whole package whether the world knows dem or nah!

7 years ago

I soooo much prefer little mix. Such a cool group

7 years ago

I love both of them but 89 % for Fifth harmony and to Little Mix is 90 % but for me that they deserved to win all of them

7 years ago

yolo i prefer 5h

7 years ago

I prefer little mix…….
No 1. 1st EVER group to win the X factor in HiSTORY!
No 2.Having stronger Vocals
No 3.Jade sweet voice,Perrie strong voice,Leigh Anne Hip hop voice and lastly Jesy vibrato voice….

Alexia Campbell
7 years ago

They are both amazing but if I had to choose I am a Harmonizer for life. But they are different in some ways. Fifth Harmony is more hip hop and r&b. They are both good but I am in tune more with Fifth Harmony.

7 years ago


7 years ago

Fifth harmony is WAY better!!!!!!!