A List of Netflix Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen


So you’re browsing Netflix Streaming wondering what to watch next, but you have no idea what’s good and what’s not. Let’s face it, it still has kinks to work out with its recommendation system. You’ve seen every mainstream movie under the sun and now you’re probably on the hunt for something different. There are a bunch of flicks which haven’t received the attention they deserve and we’ve listed a few of them here at Tell Tales. Here is a great list of Netflix movies you’ve most likely never heard of, let alone seen before.

Sit back, relax, grab some popcorn and press play…

Blue Ruin

This tale of a troubled man living in his car turns into a bloody revenge fiasco before you can blink. The style is awesome and reminiscent of a low-budget Quentin Tarantino or Coen brother’s movie. It has a spooky moral, too, about how the cycle of violence and revenge is never ending.

blue ruin

The Lab of Madness


This quirky romantic comedy takes place in the near future, where the invention of the “Timer” tells men and women exactly how long it will be before they first lay eyes on their true love. The single impossible sci-fi element of the Timer is overshadowed by the moral and philosophical questions surrounding it. Do we choose who we love, or is it destiny?



History of Future Folk

This hilarious comedy is about a pair of human-looking aliens who start a folk band on Earth. Based on the exploits of the real New York folk duo Future Folk, this movie has excellent music and jokes, fun sci-fi elements, and an interesting story.

History of Future Folk

Maida Vale Films

The Babadook

Looking for an imaginary friend? This horror movie offers up the Babadook, a creature that hides in shadows and corrupts your mind if you let it in. Incredible effects, cinematography, and pure artistry make this one of the most nightmarish movies around. It also has a deep moral about allowing yourself to grieve when you’ve lost a loved one.

The Babadook

Causeway Films

Fish Story

This Japanese movie is about how a song written in the 1980s will end up saving the world from an impending apocalypse in the new millennium. Fish Story is a beautiful, funny, and creative exploration of the Butterfly Effect, following absurd parallel plots in different time periods and finally connecting the dots at the end.

Fish Story

CJ Entertainment


Butter is the story of a little girl in foster care who’s having trouble finding a family. Also, she has a hobby of sculpting butter. Can she win in a competition against the all-time butter sculpting champ and his catty wife? Jennifer Garner and Olivia Wilde both have stunning performances in this family comedy.


Michael De Luca Productions

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

A rare entry in the genre of horror-comedy, Tucker and Dale parodies the absurd notion that permeates horror movies: that all rednecks live in cabins in the woods and kill people. The eponymous nice guy rednecks Tucker and Dale help save an innocent college girl’s life, leading the other college kids to think she’s been abducted and maybe murdered. One by one the college kids die off in accidents, making it look like Tucker and Dale are killers. This movie is hilarious and will be getting a sequel soon if all goes according to plan.

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

Reliance Big Pictures

With our help, you won’t have to spend endless time browsing through a list of movies. Try one of these movies on for size and let us know what you thought of it in the comments below!

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