Delena’s epic rain kiss is undoubtedly one of The Vampire Diaries’ most iconic moments. At this year’s Comic-Con, fans were treated to a viewing of this special moment once again…

Well sort of…

Ian Somerhalder and Chris Wood recreated Damon and Elena’s unforgettable kiss for a fun spoof at Comic-Con. The 6-minute clip began as a montage of the series’ best moments however it ended rather unexpectedly. Just when we thought it was Elena who Damon was kissing, the blue-eyed vampire pulls away and is in fact cradling Kai – the villainous hybrid who killed Elena in the season 6 finale!

Ian and Chris (AKA Damon and Kai) reenacted the romantic scene to a T. From touching each other’s faces to diving in for that big kiss, the actors managed to nail Delena’s passionate moment.


‘Promise me this is forever,’ Kai tells Damon. ‘I promise,’ responds Damon…

As strange as it was watching the show’s two enemies make-out, we have to admit that we totally ship Kaimon!

It doesn’t get funnier than Damon poking Kai’s nose! Who knew these two could have such chemistry together?!

kai damon kiss

Sorry Elena, it looks like Damon’s moved on…with your worst enemy!

Watch the full clip below:


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