Movies have a way of tugging at your heartstrings. A good movie can tug so hard you can’t help but cry. We’ve listed a few of the top times we broke down while watching our favorite movies. Pat yourself on the back if you can even make it past the first one without sobbing…

Warning – grab a tissue! Emotional times ahead…

‘Cast Away’ – When Chuck Loses Wilson

We all feel like we’re on a deserted island sometimes, with only our friends to keep us sane in our cruel surroundings. Chuck’s only friend may have been a bloody volleyball, but that doesn’t make it any less heartbreaking when, during Chuck’s triumphant escape from the island, Wilson goes overboard. We felt the emotional torture just as much as Chuck did!

wilson cast away

‘Up’ – When Carl and Ellie Find Out They Can’t Have a Child

Told in a series of wordless scenes, the story of Carl and Ellie trying to start a family is one of the most tragic in any kid’s movie. The story catches you off guard, bringing tears so early in the movie and explaining why Carl is so bitter in his old age. Damn you, invisible onion cutter ninjas!

pixar up sad scene

‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2’ – When Snape Dies

It’s easy to regard Snape as a villain throughout the entire Harry Potter series, since he’s so cold and mean to everyone, especially Harry. But when he gives his life doing the right thing and we see his final thoughts of his unrequited love for Lily Potter, it all makes sense.

harry potter snape death

‘The Notebook’ – When Allie Can’t Remember Noah

In a way, The Notebook is about the important role that memory plays in our experience of life and romance. Noah writes Allie letters in his attempt to stay in touch and Allie writes The Notebook to remember him as she struggles with Alzheimer’s. When Allie finally seems to remember Noah, the emotional high turns instantly low as she forgets again. The ending for these two tragic lovers can only be bittersweet. Cue the tears!

noah the notebook

‘Wall-E’ – When Wall-E Loses His Memory

In a similar scene to The Notebook, but in animated, kid-friendly form, the robot Wall-E that we’ve come to know and love for his personality has a damaged memory chip. When Eve replaces it, Wall-E reverts to a boring robot just following his programming. It takes a spark from Eve to return Wall-E to normal.

wall-e eve

‘The Fault in Our Stars’ – When Gus Is In Pain At The Gas Station

The Fault in Our Stars is overall one of the most beautifully heartbreaking movies out there, but the gas station scene is a particularly painful moment. Augustus calls Hazel in the middle of the night asking her to come and help him. He’s covered in his own vomit, at a low point in his battle with cancer…Excuse us as we sob out loud!

gus gas staion

‘The Lion King’ – When Mufasa Dies

Even in a movie meant for kids, it’s possible that you’ll get pretty choked up. When Simba sees Mufasa go over the edge of the cliff and he screams out, “DAD!” we just fall to pieces. When the little cub tries to wake his daddy up, things get even more sadder. This moment emotionally ruined us for life.

mufasa dies simba

‘Hachi: A Dog’s Tale’ – When Hachi Returns to the Train Station

This movie based on a true story of a Japanese dog named Hachiko, shows how truly faithful man’s best friend can be. Even though his master dies at work one afternoon, Hachi returns to the train station where they used to meet every day for the rest of his life…You’re not the only one crying, we’re in this together!

Hachi train station

‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ – When Daniel Fights For Custody

Towards the end of Mrs. Doubtfire, Daniel has proven himself to be a good caretaker to his children, but only in the guise of Mrs. Doubtfire. The judge who hears his case for custody finds his behavior so disturbing, he only grants Daniel once a week visitation with his kids. When Robin Williams cries, we cry too!

daniel cries doubtfire

‘Titanic’ – When Jack Dies

Titanic is the number one tearjerker of all time. Jack, a hopeless romantic with no money or worldly possessions to give, gives his life for Rose, the woman he loves, as their doomed ship sinks into the Atlantic. Consider this the saddest few minutes in movie history ever!

Hachi train station

We’re pretty sure the tears you feared came rolling down as you read through our list of heartbreaking movie moments! Which of these heartbreaking scenes had you in tears? Tell us in the comments below…



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