Cool Facts You Need To Know About Tori Kelly

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You’ve most likely seen a lot of Tori Kelly on your television screens lately. Her cute curls and sweet smile are hard to miss. The Nobody Love singer has blessed our ears with her beautiful voice and impressed us with her insane guitar skills. From performing a tribute to Smokey Robinson at the BET Awards to dueting with Ed Sheeran on her debut album, it’s safe to say, Tori Kelly is well on her way to becoming a mega-successful popstar.

We’ve dug up some fun facts about Tori Kelly just so you can get to know her better…

She has a YouTube page full of amazing covers

At the age of 14, Tori opened a YouTube account and started sharing videos of herself covering big songs. One of her most popular is her rendition of Frank Ocean’s Thinking About You. Up until now, Tori’s personal YouTube account has over 1 million subscribers!

She got her first record deal at 12-years-old

Tori’s been trying to make it big for a long, long time! She got her first record deal at only 12-years-old but soon got signed with Capitol Records thanks to her manager Scooter Braun – the man behind Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber!

tori kelly age 12
tori kelly | Instagram

She started singing at the age of 3. She learnt to play the drums at 12 and the piano and guitar at 15.

Tori doesn’t need a band to smash a performance. She wows us with nothing more than just her angelic voice and a guitar. It seems years of practice is the reason why she’s so damn talented.

She won ‘Americas Most Talented Kids’ in 2004

Tori has been awing audiences since she was 11-years-old. She was announced as America’s most talented kid back in 2004. The soul in her voice at such a young age is truly incredible!

She auditioned for American Idol

Tori only made it through to Hollywood week on American Idol. Believe it or not, Simon Cowell told her that her voice was “annoying”! But now look at how far she’s come! Nobody brought Tori down, not even Simon!

She supported Sam Smith on tour

What better artist than Tori Kelly to support Sam Smith on tour? Only an artist just as phenomenal as him should guest-tour with him, right?

tori kelly sam smith
tori kelly | Instagram

Sam Smith cried during ‘Paper Hearts’

Sam Smith has admitted that he cried while listening to Tori’s Paper Hearts. We’re not surprised! We cried too! Her golden voice has the power to melt hearts.

Justin Bieber is a big fan of hers

It seems Justin’s got a really good taste in music. He’s actually a big fan of Tori’s and like Sam Smith, has admitted to “tearing up” whilst hearing her sing! Oh Tori, what you do to us!

She is of Jamaican, Puerto Rican and Irish ancestry

Tori was born in Wildomar, California. Her father is half Jamaican and half Puerto Rican, while her mother is of Irish and German descent.

After all these years of trying to make it in the industry, Tori deserves her big break. There’s always been room in the market for someone as gifted as her. She’s incredibly talented, very humble and immensely cute. We hope Tori stays herself and continues to make music that inspires us all.


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