20 Mind-Blowing Things You Missed In ‘Breaking Bad’

From that 'Reservoir Dogs' reference to the actual meaning of 'Felina,' prepare to have your mind-blown.
breaking bad easter eggs

This article contains spoilers for Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad is one of the smartest series to ever grace our television screens. Along with its intense and captivating storyline, and iconic characters, the hit TV-series has several other elements (see what I did there?) that contribute to its awesomeness.

Hidden details and secret references are scattered all over this series. They’re so mind-blowing, you’ll match Walter White’s descent into madness (well, sorta).

20 Epic ‘Breaking Bad’ Facts You Never Knew

Well, just when you thought you were out, I pull you right back into the world of drugs, crime, and all things Heisenberg. And, what’s better than that after years of experiencing Breaking Bad withdrawal symptoms?

After re-watching the show, and using my best Hank Schrader detective skills, I found these hidden Breaking Bad Easter Eggs that are bound to blow your mind.

The Best ‘Breaking Bad’ Easter Eggs

1. Walter White’s Trousers

Let’s take it back to the first ever episode of Breaking Bad. Remember when Walter lost his trousers when making his first cook with Jesse? Whatever happened to that beige pair, you may ask. Watch Ozymandias back, and you’ll see them sprawled out on the desert sand while Walter buries his millions.

Walter White's Trousers spotted in the desert

2. The Boeing 737 Crash

Remember when the Boeing 737 plane crashed at the end of Season 2? Well, that was something we all should have seen coming.

The 1st, 4th, 10th and 13th episodes of Season 2 all begin with black and white teaser scenes, preparing us and foreshadowing the aftermath of the crash.

But that’s not all. Each of these episodes are in fact titled: ‘Seven Thirty-Seven’; ‘Down’; ‘Over’; and ‘ABQ’. In other words, ‘Boeing 737, down, over Albuquerque’ – where Breaking Bad is set.

black and white plane crash scenes in breaking bad

3. Walter White the Air Traffic Controller

The plane crash at the end of Season 2 is very much like the 1986 Cerritos mid-air collision. The name of the junior air traffic controller who was guiding the DC-9 prior to this real-life crash was actually named ‘Walter White’.

That’s an eerie coincidence considering Walter was indirectly responsible for the crash on the show!

walter white looking at the plane crash in breaking bad

4. That Pink Teddy Bear

Here’s a Breaking Bad Easter Egg that might be up for debate. The famous, mangled pink teddy bear that falls from the sky into Walt’s pool in the premiere of Season 2 is basically a foreshadowing of Gus Fring’s death (at least I think so). The bear’s missing eye and half-torched face match Gus’ appearance when he’s killed in the episode (ahem) Face Off

the Pink Teddy Bear in breaking bad

5. New Hampshire’s State Motto

In the final episode of Breaking Bad, the camera focuses on a New Hampshire car plate which is branded with the state’s motto: “Live Free or Die.” Not only is this the name of the Season 5 premiere, it also relates to Walt and Jesse’s fate. Jesse “lives free” while Walt “dies.” Too cool!

New Hampshire number plate in breaking bad

6. The Meaning of ‘Felina’

The name of the final episode, Felina, is not just an anagram of the word “finale” as you might expect. It’s also a reference to a woman named ‘Faleena’ in the song El Paso, which plays throughout the episode, specifically in Walt’s car and while Walt is preparing his machine gun.

El Paso is about a man who returns to the town where he is “wanted” to find the woman (Faleena) he loves.

But wait! There’s more: if you separate the word ‘Felina’ into ‘Fe Li Na’, you get the chemical symbols for Iron, Lithium, and Sodium. Basically meaning blood, meth, and tears. Got goosepimples? Same. Same.

the meaning of felina in breaking bad

7. ‘Reservoir Dogs’ Reference

This iconic Breaking Bad scene is very reminiscent of a famous moment in Quentin Tarantino’s film, Reservoir Dogs. Not only are Walt and Jesse’s positions the same as the characters in the 1992 movie, but their names are, too. Steve Buscemi’s name is Mr. Pink in Reservoir Dogs and Harvey Keitel’s is Mr. White. Do those names ring a bell?

Reservoir Dogs reference in breaking bad

8. Walter’s Bullet Hole Reflection

This isn’t just an image of Walter staring at his reflection on a car in the episode Ozymandias. Look closer, my fellow Breaking Bad fan.

Walter’s head is in fact strategically placed behind the bullet hole. If that isn’t a warning of things to come, we don’t know what is. That’s some excellent foreshadowing right there!

bullet hole in walter white's reflection in breaking bad

9. Walter White’s Clothes

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan really has a thing for color symbolism. You might have noticed Walter White’s clothes getting progressively darker throughout the seasons.

As you can see in the below color palette (found via Imgur), Walter begins wearing beiges and yellows, but towards the end, he wears blacks and browns. This gradual change in color portrays just how dark and sinister his character also becomes.

walter white color theory 1
walter white color theory 2

10. Walter White Honors Crazy 8 and Gus Fring

Keep an eye on Walter’s behavior and you’ll notice that some of his actions are similar to those he hated the most. After killing his enemies, it’s as if Walter acquires their traits or somewhat ‘honors’ them. Serial killer stuff, indeed.

After killing Krazy 8, Walt is seen cutting the crust off his sandwich. This is a callback to the moment Krazy 8 is locked in the basement and is seen tearing the bread crusts off before eating.

I’m not reaching here, guys. Even showrunner Vince Gilligan validated this Easter Egg: “At a certain point we have Walt vomiting and he puts down a hand towel to kneel on. That is an exact visual echo of something Gus Fring did when he was vomiting to get the poison out of his system.”

Walter White cutting a sandwich in breaking bad

11. The End of ‘Walt’ and ‘Heisenberg’

Remember that awesome moment in Season 4’s Crawl Space, when Walt lies on the floor and laughs like a lunatic? If you read between the lines and recall everything that happens in the following season, you’ll realize that this scene represents “the end” of “Walter White.”

In the Season 5 finale, a dying Walt mirrors that exact scene, when he is spread out across the floor with a subtle grin on his face. You can say this scene represents the end of “Heisenberg.”

walter white lying on the floor in breaking bad
breakingbadlocations | Instagram

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12. ‘Breaking Bad’ Logo

You have to be eagle-eyed to notice this Breaking Bad Easter Egg! The show’s creators like to secretly add the show’s logo into particular scenes. Take for example this hospital scene. I’m sure you recognize that floor pattern from somewhere.

breaking bad pattern in hospital floor

This is also a pretty familiar wall design, too!

breaking bad pattern on the wall

13. The ‘Baby Blue’ Song

Vince Gilligan makes sure to pick out the most suitable songs for the show, the most stand-out one being Baby Blue, which plays as Walter dies. Thought this was just a cute little love song randomly picked to close the show? Wrong!

The 1972 Badfinger track is used as an ode to blue meth, aka, Walt’s creation and of course, “baby.”

14. The 62nd Element

Do we wish there were more than just 62 episodes of Breaking Bad? You betcha! But there’s actually a reason why the creators intended for the show to have just 62 episodes. The 62nd element on the periodic table is Samarium, which is used to help treat lung cancer. Oh em gee, indeed!

15. The White Chess King

Ozymandias is considered to be the greatest episode of Breaking Bad. It should come as no surprise, then, that it also features some of the show’s most intriguing symbolism. 

Another example some may have missed is in a chess match that’s taking place between two firemen in the background of one scene. The match doesn’t end, but its white king does wind up cornered, hiding behind a final pawn and nearing “checkmate.” The piece is a signal of Walt’s own end. 

Chess game in breaking bad

16. Skyler’s Maiden Name 

Even eagle-eye viewers who have watched Breaking Bad several times would be forgiven for never noticing Skyler’s maiden name. The name is revealed in a close-up of some of the divorce documents in the Season 3 episode Sunset. The name is Lambert. 

This explains (in somewhat heartbreaking fashion) why Walt later uses the name “Lambert” on a fake I.D. in early in Season 5.  

17. An X-Files Bank

Not all of the Easter Eggs in Breaking Bad are self-referential. The show also includes nods to other beloved pieces of entertainment. This includes, as I noted earlier, Reservoir Dogs. But there’s also a secret shout-out to The X-Files

“Cradock Marine Bank,” mentioned at various points in the show, was also a fictional bank in The X-Files. The reference makes sense given that Vince Gilligan worked on The X-Files, as well. 

18. Walt Jr.’s Breakfast Cereal 

Much of Walter Jr.’s screen-time in the first couple seasons wasn’t so important. So if you’ve forgotten his Season 2 tantrum about Skyler getting him the wrong cereal (Raisin Bran, when he wanted Raisin Bran Crunch), you’re forgiven. 

There is a nice callback, however, early in Season 5. Walt is at home, and the camera picks up a box of Raisin Bran Crunch. Maybe it’s meaningless; maybe it’s a subtle indication that in Walt’s relative absence, Skyler is actually (in some ways) doing better. 

To be fair, Raisin Bran Crunch is indeed way better then regular Raisin Bran.

Walt Jr's Breakfast Cereal in Breaking Bad

19. Tuco Salamanca’s Grill 

When Tuco Salamanca is taken down by Hank, the DEA agent’s collegaues gift him with the grill from Tuco’s teeth. 

Aside from the weirdness of officers taking kill trophies, what makes this interesting is that when Hank shows the grill to Walt, the camera perspective plays a trick: The grill fits over Walt’s mouth, foreshadowing his increasingly murderous future.  

tuco's grill on walter white

20. Howard Dean’s Scream

If you hate politics, you may not remember this. But once upon a time, a serious contender for the Democratic nomination for president, named Howard Dean, derailed his campaign merely by yelling, “Yeahhh!” in a goofy way. He was basically never taken seriously again.  

Bizarrely, when Walt uses explosive faux-meth to blow up Tuco’s building late in Season 1, the clip of Dean’s infamous exclamation is mixed into the stock audio.

Mind-blown, yet? Why not see things with your own eyes by watching Breaking Bad all over again? Doesn’t sound like a bad plan, hey?

Did you notice any other Breaking Bad Easter Eggs that I failed to spot? Let us know in the comments below.

Until next time, long live Heisenberg!


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2 years ago

After Jane’s death, her father looks through her sketches. On the wall behind him is a mural she painted that includes a pink teddy bear- like the one that fell from the sky in the plane crash caused by the father’s distracting pain.

4 years ago

In every scene, that I remember, that opens on Walter White’s house (interior or exterior) there is a dog barking.

And of course, there is Maria’s purple obsession.

7 years ago

In addition to Boeing 737 – At the start of season 2, Walter White decides he needs a certian amount of money to leave his family – $737, 000!