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Jurassic World

22-years later and fans are once again treated to yet another dinosaur- infested blockbuster. Jurassic World stayed true to its predecessors in terms of action, suspense and heart-racing moments. From the stomping indominus rex to the aquatic, colossal mosasaurus, we present the best Jurassic World GIFs…

Blue, Delta, Echo, Charlie

Remember those killer-velociraptors in the original Jurassic movies? Owen managed to train them and have them obey him in the latest dinosaur installment. They’re still savages, nonetheless. Just with a bit more personality.

jurassic world


The mighty mosasaurus leaped up into the air to catch its food in this visually stunning scene. The humongous aquatic dino and its powerful bite added some serious wow-factor to the movie.

jurassic world

It’s In There With You!

In the first heart-racing scene of the movie, Owen tried to escape from the indominus rex’s lair. Just when we thought the man-made dinosaur was out of its cage, it comes stomping after Owen. Thankfully, he gets through just in time.

jurassic world

Don’t Move!

Owen pulled a clever move by smothering himself in car oils to disguise himself from the indominus rex. We almost forgot how to breathe when watching the villainous monster look for somewhere to put its terrifying teeth into.

jurassic world

An Underwater Experience

Jurassic World seems like a pretty awesome fun-park to visit, doesn’t it? Well, that’s what we thought before all hell broke loose, obviously. The particular attraction that thrilled us most was the underwater observatory. The stands sunk down to show an amazing underwater view of the mosasaurus feasting on its prey.

jurassic world


We saw just how genetically modified the indominus rex was when he picked up one of the guys before eating him. Everyone totally saw this death coming. Those men didn’t stand a chance against that colossal creature!

jurassic world

Ride Closed

We totally wanted a ride in one of those gyrospheres…until it was flung around by the indominus rex! Gray and his brother almost got chewed and chopped to pieces by the dinosaur in what was one of the most tense scenes in Jurassic World. Not so much of a fun Jurassic ride anymore right?

jurassic world

jurassic world

If Something Chases You…Run!

The boys managed to escape from the menacing monster by jumping off a cliff into the water. Let’s just say we had heart palpitations during this particular scene. At least they took their mother’s advice!

jurassic world

Apatosaurus Down

Owen and Beth stumble upon a dying apatosaurus who’s been attacked by the indominus rex. This moment featured one of the film’s most brilliant special effects. The apatosaurus that allegedly took three months to create added a little bit of emotion in the otherwise action-packed blockbuster.

jurassic world

Up, Up and Away

Commotion commenced among the park’s visitors once the pteranodons got out of the aviary. One by one, the flying dinos seized the guests including Beth’s assistant with their huge beaks and flapping wings. Brutal!

jurassic world

T-Rex and Raptor VS I-Rex

The tyrannosaurus-rex got a lot less air time than it did compared to all 3 previous Jurassic movies. When it finally stormed through the gate and went head to head with the indominus rex, we were pleased to see the iconic dinosaur do what he does best. The velociraptor even got involved and helped bring the genetically modified beast down. What a battle!

jurassic world

Game Over, I-Rex!

The indominus rex is finally killed in the last scene, making it the highlight of the movie. The mosasaurus saves the day following an epic battle between the t-rex and genetically modified dinosaur. The ferocious oceanic predator unexpectedly plunges through the water and traps the indominus rex in its chomping jaw!

jurassic world

What were your favorite moments from Jurassic World? Let us know in the comment box below…

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