Amanda Bynes ‘Ugly’ Twitter rants


Remember that goofy, lovable and innocent teenage star from The Amanda Show?  Well none of those complimentary words are owed to Amanda today as she goes on a name-calling rampage on Twitter.

Amanda Bynes has been storming the headlines for quite a while now about drug use, insanity and insults.

amanda bynes


The teenage youngun’ who is now 27 has taken to Twitter in the past month to slam and abuse celebrity heads naming them ‘ugly’.

It seems Bynes has a list of celebrity targets that she picks a day to brandish ‘ugly’. She has used Twitter lately to inform the media:

“Attention magazines: If you speak to a “source” who claims to know me, they don’t! STOP with your insanity! Tweet me! I’ll dm you my info!”

Amanda today stood her ground tweeting: “This is my twitter. I say whatever I want. Thanks!”

But does the actress who has been appearing rugged and rough recently really not see that she is attracting negative press simply by sending out these abusive tweets?!

Here are a few tweets that have been captured of celebrities Amanda Bynes has entitled ‘ugly’:

Bynes tweets a picture of Jay-Z with the caption ‘Ugly face’. Doubt many were in favour of this tweet.

Drake is another victim of Amanda’s ‘ugly’ rant: “Is that an ugly face or what?”

Bynes wrote some nasty comments about RiRi. How very dare she: “@rihanna Chris brown beat you because you’re not pretty enough”

Bynes thought she should blast someone much younger than her- Miley Cyrus: “Ur ugly @mileycyrus”

And…wait for it…

Yes, Bynes has dissed her very own father writing, “Haha look at how ugly my dad’s face is!”. Guess she’s not daddy’s little girl anymore hey?

Bynes also called Lance Bass and her Twitter enemy- Perez Hilton ‘ugly’.

We don’t know whether this is funny or worrisome for the ex-Nickelodeon star…

So what’s the verdict after seeing these irrational tweets?

Has Amanda lost the plot?



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