40 Cool Star Wars Gifts – BEST Merch for Fans

star wars gifts

Looking to awaken that force within you? Treat yourself or a loved one with one of these awesome items from a galaxy far, far away. These cool Star Wars gifts are ideal for friends, coworkers, family, and maybe even yourself…

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1. R2-D2 LED Alarm Clock

If you have to wake up early in the morning for work, at least do so in the coolest way possible with this R2-D2 LED alarm clock. Styled to look like a replica of everyone’s favorite robot companion, this clock uses projection technology so you can’t ignore the time. When you set your alarm, his cheerful beeps and boops will get you out of bed.

R2-D2 LED Alarm Clock

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2. Darth Vader and Stormtrooper Salt and Pepper Shakers

Flavor some meals with the force of the Dark Side. These charming ceramic shakers boast busts of your favorite bad guys; the Stormtrooper is for the salt and Darth Vader is for the pepper, appropriately. These are perfect for the cooking fan in your life.

Darth Vader Stormtrooper Salt Pepper

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3. Star Wars Monopoly

Who’s the best player in the Galaxy? Test your skills opposite your friends with this awesome Star Wars game of Monopoly. Don’t forget to choose your side wisely! Will you be on the Rebel side or the Empire side?


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4. Welcome to the Dark Side Doormat

If you’ve noticed that your neighbor’s current doormat is looking a little threadbare, surprise them with this deliciously evil gift. This black plush doormat features the words “Welcome to the Dark Side” printed in appropriately sinister dark font. A rubber backing keeps this doormat in place.

welcome dark side mat

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5. Star Wars Classic Trivia Game

Test your Star Wars knowledge against your family and friends with these super-fun Trivia cards. Who’s the biggest fan in the Galaxy? He who knows every answer to every question!

star wars trivia game

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6. Remote Control BB-8 Droid

Have you always wanted your own BB-8? Get your hands on this remote control BB-8 droid! Lead the robot into an adventure and enjoy the expressive droid sounds as it rolls around! With this piece of memorabilia, you’ll feel closer to the Galaxy more than ever before!


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8. Star Wars Wall Clock

Looking to decorate your home with some Star Wars merchandise? This wall clock will compliment any room with its sophisticated and modern look! Featuring silhouettes of all of your favourite characters, this is the best gift for him or her!

star wars clock

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9. Star Wars Character Encyclopedia

Learn the ins and outs of the Galaxy by owning this 224 page Star Wars encyclopedia! How tall is Darth Vader? Where does the Nexu come from? Who belongs in the Skywalker family tree? This book which has been updated to include new material and characters from The Force Awakens will give you all the answers!

star wars encyclopedia

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10. Funny Darth Vader Mug

If you and your significant other can never agree on the home decor, inject some Star Wars into the kitchen with his unique mug that you two will both love. This Darth Vader retro mug is stylized after the early films and features the funny slogan of “who’s your daddy?”

who's your daddy vader mug

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11. Han and Leia Pillowcases

Perfect for that newly married couple in your life, get them something that’s not on the registry but will still charm them. These Han and Leia pillowcases are romantic and will match any living room or bedroom decor. Both come in plush black cotton with silhouettes of Han and Leia’s logos. The cases say “I love you” and “I know” respectively.

star wars han leia pillow

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12. Darth Vader Toaster

If you find your friend’s lack of toaster disturbing, don’t go another day without giving them this Darth Vader toaster. With a fun design that would look fantastic in any kitchen, you put your bread at the top of Vader’s costume and it pops up with his helmet burned into it.

Darth Vader Toaster

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13. Chewbacca Slippers

Whoever receives these adorable slippers can stomp around and grunt just like Chewbacca himself. The cute and comfy slippers are ideal for any fan of the classic movie saga, and even better for those who have a soft spot for the giant Wookiee!


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14. Don’t Mess With a Princess T-Shirt

Tell everyone not to mess with a princess by donning this funny Star Wars t-shirt! With Princess Leia’s face perfectly on display, we guarantee you’ll be safe from harm when adding this to your outfit…

Dont mess princess leia

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15. Baby Yoda Plush Toy

For The Mandalorian fan in your life, this adorable baby Yoda plush toy is the perfect cuddly companion. Designed to look exactly like Yoda, any fan will look forward to going to bed when they have this sage little guy bedside to protect them.

baby yoda plush toy

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16. Darth Vader Apron

Show everyone who’s really in charge in the kitchen by slipping on this intimidating Darth Vader apron. You’ll be cooking in confidence and serving in style! It also makes for a perfect gift idea for any man in your life who likes to cook!


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If you really want to look like the villain, check out Darth Vader’s Halloween costume in our selection of Star Wars costumes!

17. Characters Glass Set

Cheers to the new movies! Next time you or your friends have a marathon, make sure to whip out these glasses, which measure 16 ounces each. Iconic Star Wars characters like Leia, Darth Vader, and Luke adorn each glass in this four-piece set. You won’t need any other drinkware.

Star Wars Glass Set

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18. Millenium Falcon Necklace

On the hunt for some super-cool merch that can be worn? Be a fashionable Star Wars fan by hanging this necklace around your neck. Who knew a Jedi could have so much style?

millenium falcon necklace

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19. The Complete Saga on Blu-Ray

Enjoy a marathon of all the Star Wars movies with this complete set. See Tatooine in realistic detail for the first time on Blu-Ray. This is one viewing experience that you don’t want to miss.

Star Wars Blu-Ray

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20. Storm Trooper Mug

No one will dare drink out of your coffee mug if you own this one! Want nobody to talk to you in the morning? This Star Wars mug imposes enough fear to make them run a mile!


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21. Jedi Dressing Gown

Stay warm and get cozy with this top-of-the-range dressing gown. Always wanted to be a Jedi? Now’s your chance…


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22. BB-8 Mug

Awaken the force within you every morning and sip your coffee in style with this super-cute BB-8 mug.  Suitable for every Star Wars fan in the Galaxy!


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23. Han Solo Wallet

Let Han Solo keep your money safe in this awesome wallet. Nothing screams “I’m a Star Wars fan” more than this item!


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24. Yoda T-Shirt

Spend the weekends in style with some fun and awesome Star Wars clothing! Your favorite Jedi Master is here to inspire you with some words of wisdom. With a classic and comfortable fit, you may feel tempted to wear this tee every day.

yoda wisdom shirt

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25. Star Wars Coloring Book

Often find yourself easily bored? Busy yourself with this fantastic colouring book. Bring out the child in you as you colour in beautiful images of your favourite characters!


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26. Star Wars Bookends

Need to hold your books together? Want somewhere stylish to display your Star Wars DVD collection? Place them on a shelf with this pair of bookends!

star wars bookends

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27. Darth Vader Steering Wheel Cover

Driving to the Dark Side? Make your ride worth it by wrapping your steering wheel with this stylish Darth Vader cover. It also guarantees to make your steering wheel more comfortable and warm to hold in the cold winter months!


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28. Star Wars Bedding

Know someone who’s a real Star Wars nerd? Are you that certain someone? This bedding makes the perfect purchase! You’ll feel like you’re in the Galaxy, in no time!

stormtrooper bedding

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29. Han Solo Shower Curtain

Only dedicated fans will remember and recognize this infamous Han Solo scene! Smile every time you get into the shower with this hilarious shower curtain!


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30. C3PO USB

Need a new USB? Need somewhere to store your most important data? Rely on your favourite robot – C3PO! This 8GB USB comes in the form of the beloved Star Wars character and promises to keep all your files safe!


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31. BB-8 Necklace

Adore BB-8 as much as we do? Hang him around your neck! You’ll be awakening the force within you in no time with this cute Disney BB-8 necklace!


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32. Star Wars Christmas Sweater

Everyone in the Galaxy must celebrate Christmas! Get into the Christmas spirit with this warm and wintery sweater. You can’t go wrong with its retro logo and bright colours! Even more ideal during a cosy night in and Star Wars marathon!


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33. Best Mom T-Shirt

Is your mom totally into Star Wars? Is she the best mom ever? This t-shirt should be hers! Gift her with this epic t-shirt this Christmas, or even better, her birthday!

best mom galaxy shirt

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34. Darth Vader Backpack

Do you belong on the Dark Side? Carry your belongings in this fantastic Darth Vader backpack. It’s spacious, it’s modern and it’s super-cool!


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35. C3P0 Purse

If you’d rather opt for the brighter and louder purse, get your hands on this super-special C3PO purse. You’ll be carrying your favorite droid everywhere you go!


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36. Interactive Action Porg Plush

If you instantly became a fan of those adorable birds from The Last Jedi, then it ultimately means you need to cuddle up to your very own version. This life-sized porg is just as cute as the creatures from the latest Star Wars blockbuster…

porg star wars

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37. Death Star Popcorn Maker

Make those Star Wars marathon nights even more exciting by cooking up some popcorn in this excellent Death Star machine!

death star popcorn maker

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38. Star Wars Masks

Let’s face it – masks are now a mandatory part of our lives. Make yours a fashion statement by wearing one of these Star Wars masks that have your favorite characters printed all over.

star wars masks covid

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39. Yoda Bluetooth Speaker

We all need a bit of music – and Yoda – in our lives. This Mandalorian Bluetooth speaker may be tiny, but it will be something extra special for those dedicated fans.

mandalorian yoda speaker

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40. Star Wars Music Box

This delicate and dainty gift is one of a kind for obsessed fans of the franchise! Wind it up, and let the Star Wars theme tune bless your ears!

star wars music box

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There’s a variety of Star Wars gift ideas available! Treat yourself or any fan of the epic franchise by bringing that galaxy “far, far away”, into their lives!

Can’t get enough of the saga? Want to fill your brain with more about the Galaxy? Check out our list on things you didn’t know about Star Wars


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